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    1. Musical experience

      by , 05-14-2011 at 08:40 PM
      Well this morning a few minutes before waking up I had a dream I was at my college, and all of the buildings, interior and exterior, had been renovated and were very fancy, it made me feel like I was at Harvard or something. I was walking inside one building and I had a friend with me who I don't know in real life. He wanted help with his homework but he said he had to go the the bathroom, so he went in the men's room and I waited outside in this really lavish hallway that connected to a large lobby with a crowd of people. Set up at the entrance to the lobby was a band of three individuals, one on the drums, one on guitar, and one on the violin. The violinist was in my calculus class in real life that I just completed this spring, 2011.

      When I first saw the band, they were in the middle of playing the song "Cyanide" by Metallica, and the violinist was tearing away at the guitar solo in the song. It was so awesome to hear that solo being played on a violin. He was really getting into it, and everyone in the crowd loved it, including myself of course.

      Then after the first violinist concluded another guy from my calculus class picked up a violin and fumbled around with it. I think he dropped it once. He started playing but I don't remember what song it was and it wasn't any good anyways...

      After the performance the first musician who played the epic solo was sitting on a couch in the lobby and I went over and told him how awesome his violin solo was. He made a gesture of victory while saying "yes!!!". I asked him if his band had an album for sale, and he said "Yeah barnes and noble has our CD on sale 50% off". So I said "Sweet, I guess I'll have to look into it!"

      Then I woke up
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