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    The Rebelion

    by , 04-27-2013 at 05:25 PM (310 Views)
    One of two lucids last night, the other one was way less interesting.

    Lucidity: 9/10
    Control: 7/10
    Vivacity: 8/10

    I'm in an amusement park, with my sister and my brother. They drag me in a deadly attraction.
    The rules are simple : you gotta pass several deadly traps. Only three persons can survive. If over three persons do, one' s gotta sacrifice himself and some people will come and kill him.
    We pass through all the trap; I specifically remember one where there was loads of (very) dangerous spiders.
    We pass through those, and we all survive. Oh, ok then.
    My mum comes and wants to do it with us. I' m all like " WTF ?! we' re four, one of us' s gotta die anyways ! "
    But they don' t listen to me, and once again they drag me into this shit. We pass all the traps, they all have some trouble passing through the spiders ...
    We' re four.
    Every one panics, and my brother decides to sacrifice himself. He gives me a letter in which he says that i' m a good sword fighter and that he' s got a key that opens some important things (I' ll have to find that important thing in another lucid).
    I become lucid.
    I think about dreamwalking but I feel an epic battle coming; I would miss that for nothing in the whole world - not even a shared dream.
    A wave of excitement hits me. I see a shadow in the nearby forest (under us, we' re at the sixth floor of a building).
    It' s fast. I look for a weapon. I want a weapon. I get to a carpet full of swords ... no shurikens. I wanted a shuriken to try my technique "duplication" out, but I' ll have to do without it. Dammit
    I get a sword, it' s got sharp teeth like butcher knives do. I come back in the room and I look through the wide window.
    Heck yeah.
    A tsunami of enemies is running to us. They won' t get us. I lock the door, break the window and jump in the scrimmage.
    I punch and cut everywhere, people are flying everywhere, that' s terrible. After some time fight I get that the only way to win the battle is to kill the leader.
    I jump back in the building and look for the most powerful guy. There you are.
    I fly to the cave in which he fight a guy; I throw my sword, hoping to use my technique ... I forgot the name. I try to duplicate the sword just by thinking of it ... but as I feared, it does nothing.
    The sword hits a ... Susano' o


    I land on the floor, hard.
    The guy looks at me, he was fighting another guy before, not anymore.
    Somehow I get pretty strong (really), and we start fighting ...
    but I wake up before beating him up - or get beaten up.
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