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    1. Lucid To Multiple False-Awakenings

      by , 05-09-2013 at 12:49 PM
      So I started the dream off in the middle of the night. I had woken from a previous set of dreams which are now out of memory. However.. They didn't matter because what was to come was marvelous.

      I started the dream in the city, my home city. I was with a friend talking but I'll skip boring and needless chatter. We were walking down a long hill and I had to walk past someone but we were about to clash so I moved out of their way by turning. Something bugged me though, when I turned I hadn't quite made full contact with the ground. I had sort of just turned my body but not using my feet, I had simply rotated as if by magic. I realized that I was dreaming, I felt floaty, not attached and my environment wasn't correct. The buildings were new. To skip to the point, I was now lucid and began enjoying the scenery and attempting to keep my eyes open. They would slowly begin to close and I would force them open rapidly. A technique I use to keep lucidity and stay asleep, to focus on my dream eyes and dream body. I felt I was going to wake up so I created a focused small ball of energy between my fingers and promptly threw it at a building imagining something spectacular to happen. Unfortunately it wasn't very big because I had used up most of my energy walking around and exploring. The building sort of opened up but that was it.

      I awoke from this dream in my bed, although it wasn't really my bed. * I didn't know *. I went downstairs and was thinking about how amazing my dream was as I descended. Also something popped into my mind, what if I had accidentally thought of my nightmare? I have a recurring nightmare about a witch who has haunted my dreams since I was a child. For some reason that I didn't understand I felt very scared and I felt like she was entering. I didn't understand how that was possible though, I wasn't dreaming! So it stopped when I told myself this is real and I'm 100% confident that she's not real so I can't see her in real life.

      I reached the bottom of the stairs and walked past my front door which is at the bottom of the stairs. I got this feeling that because I thought the witch was entering from the right hand side, by the door, maybe she was being linked to my neighbors who live in that direction, in front of my house. They have occult items all over the place in real life and are Pagans. I brushed it off and I knew they were lovely people. At that moment their daughter, a little girl walked through the front door and I turned around when I heard her footsteps. I've said hello to their daughters on occasion so it made sense to me that were probably playing around or something. So I said hi to her and then her mother called out, I heard her and she quickly ran back out and to her mother. I was like, "Alrightly then..." and I believe I closed the door. I went to make breakfast but felt tired. I thought why the hell am I making breakfast when I'm this tired? I'm going back to bed. So I used the loo in the dream bathroom of mine. Which was strangely refreshing. I then went back to bed and felt all the sheets around me, my pillow, everything. I huddled up and went to sleep.

      I awoke now a second time, although I was still dreaming! This time I got up again and walked downstairs. No one at the door but a strange thing happened, I felt that an evil energy had entered again and I thought god dam it, evil entities can't enter real life! How the heck is that even possible for me to know she's here?? This is real and I never questioned myself, the feeling calmed down again and I was more relaxed but she was still there and it bugged me. Thought I was going crazy. I walking into the lounge and looked at the curtains where I saw this image of the witch but in like symbols. Hard to explain but then I quickly snapped out of it and now I thought I was really going mad. So I walked to the kitchen to get breakfast. As I turned I see these legs and feet around the corner and they're not of anyone who's supposed to be the house! I freak out as I see them but as I turn the corned they disappear. Now I'm really freaked out but I can't really tell anyone cause they'll think I'm nuts. I go into the fridge to get something to eat, I was expecting there to be a piece of pie and I don't know exactly why I knew that but I just did. It was gone and turned around when I heard "Oh sorry, I ate that." My dad was sitting at the table, as if he was always there. So was someone else. He said there's more pie at the back, I looked and there was! I was hungry.

      Right then I listened to who my dad was talking to, it was someone who repeated something I had learned in a lecture that day, a quote. It was Albert Einstein who repeated a famous quote of his, I can't remember what sorry. I then instantly agreed and talked about it, not thinking about how stupid the whole situation was. Albert is dead, my dad doesn't live with me, he's miles away, the witch can't enter real life and there was just so much wrong.

      Still, I didn't notice I was dreaming. I went up to my room, forgetting the pie and in my room was a computer. It apparently had a program on it that I was dying to build and had been building for a long time, when I saw it I said "Yes, this is it!". I still don't understand what the program did, bunch of flashing lights and graphs. Just nonsense really. I then woke up in my real bed, in real life.

      When I woke up I was ecstatic. I instantly understood that I was never really awake, and what the dreams actually were. I just laughed about it. Still I had a scary experience where I remembered my mother once saying that she brought something back with her from the dream world. I'd done it before and I knew that while I was happy that maybe there was something I brought back. I kind of freaked out and I felt the witch. I huddled into bed and closed my eyes. Trying to ignore the growing feeling of fear. It was really becoming almost unbearable. Then I started hearing what sounded like breathing in the room. It was strange... I thought maybe it was the air fan on my laptop but my laptop was off. It was just weird.

      I stayed very still and ignored it. After 10 or so minutes I got it together and breathing stopped in about 2 minutes but it was dam scary. Still, it made an amazing dream, even if I got closer than I'd like to that witch.

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