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    Discovering connections

    by , 06-10-2015 at 07:54 PM (376 Views)
    Astral travel to find a relic... Connecting with many people telepathically, lots of shared dreaming... Have animated, agreeable conversation with a young man about what is authentic native teaching, and what is not. Another man, talking about how to move things around in my store for better energy flow... More connections, lost a lot of it when my son came bouncing in at 5:20am

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    1. Psionik's Avatar
      Just curious... Do you consider astral projection(OBE) superior to LD? Or do you think it is the same thing?
    2. Ixchel's Avatar
      Hmm...I think sometimes it is the same thing, and sometimes not. I wouldn't say one is superior to the other. For me, lucid dreaming simply means I know I consious that I am in the dreamtime while I am in it, which is great because of course then I can purposely seek out useful information or experiences. In my experience, dreams can be many things. Sometimes it's just my subconscious working out some issues, sometimes it's my guides or higher self trying to give me messages or communicate with me, and sometimes it's astral travel. For me, keeping a lot of records over the years has taught me how to recognize my own dreamscape vs. other peoples, and also how to tell the difference between what kind of experience I am having in the dreamtime. I do believe that we all astral travel at some point each night and that we each have astral jobs and tasks we do regularly. I can't tell you how many times random people, who have no idea I do any of this stuff, will come up to me and say "hey, I dreamt you were teaching me how to fly last night!" And yeah, right in my dream journal, there it is, I was. Sometimes it's one on one, and sometimes it's huge group lessons, but it seems to be a regular event for me. I think most people do their astral work during the delta wave state, the state where we don't remember anything because it's so deep -- or, more likely, because we simply aren't there. The more you do it, and the better you get at remaining lucid, the easier it becomes to remember this portion of the night's experiences... But then you have to have the time to write them all down! Robert Monroe and Robert Peterson have both published some great books on this topic. Robert Moss also has good books, I did some great classes with him... Now what I want to know is -- why are they all named Robert??? lol.
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    3. Psionik's Avatar
      I did notice that Robert first name

      It would be very interesting, if there are two different people writing the same experience. If they don't read other one's first.
      In my experience, time is very relative by OBE... So I can write what I experience with someone... and he will experience that with me some time in future. But if it has to be an proof, that second astral traveler must not know about first one's experience before he writes down his. Very difficult.
    4. Ixchel's Avatar
      The first person I shared dreams with was a couple ho away and used to write down our dreams in our journals and then compare whenever we would meet up on weekends... it was amazing receiving the written confirmations that we both experienced the same things, and also seeing where our experience differed
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    5. Psionik's Avatar
      Amazing is a weak word . Now I need to repeat your feat Of course, I read about sharing dreams... but after tens of attempts... I'm unsuccessful. Nothing what would stop me from trying more. After all it is one of best things one could achieve... closest to telepathy
      I teached my brother how to do OBE. Even if he is not as good in it(he lacks of dedication) I had maybe one meeting with him. It looked like I projected a few months into our past. Or future... it is uncertain. But in real time he has experience sooner than me. We met close to his home. We talked a little and then he left(vanished). I continued to fly to my friend, to examine some dark energy copula... I didn't manage to break it.
      That meeting was closest brush with shared experience. But it was not exact. There were things I remembered and he was not. For me, this was no confirmation, only possibility.