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      Hey can you message me i just read a article you posted a few years back and i saw that you have a ability similar to mine where you can pull energy in from the universe in the astral and it surrounds you in a blue light you should also be able to control that energy and shoot it from your palms. Please private message me so i can give you my email so we can talk if you dont mind
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      Hi Psionik!

      I just saw you in chat, missed you by minutes : (

      Hope to see you there again!
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    December 12, 1972 (48)
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    I do mainly OBE for about 33 years(from my 12th year of life)- Astral projection. Since I don't know how to target the type of projection, I have only maybe 5 % of mental projections and one or two budhic projections.
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    OBE, LD, Reading, bicycle driving,
    Research worker, in the field of Inorganic Chemistry
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    Looking for help with shared dreaming, shared astral projection


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    OBE: darkness

    by Psionik on 05-25-2020 at 07:15 PM
    Today, when I left the body, I found myself in darkness. The feeling was still great since I managed to relax to greater extent than usually. The separation itself was felt as if I sublimed slowly out of body and condensed next to bed. Immediately, I went away. When I was about 5 meters from the body, I stopped to feel connections to it, which improved quality of vision. I made myself to see in darkness. I didn't observe nothing interesting for some time. After about 10 subjective minutes of my house exploration, I came to doors around which the light radiated. As if someone was behind them. I went through the doors and saw a group of beings looking as if they were animated using bright colours which also radiated that light... think of Simpsons but with more details. Those beings felt wrong... and I felt something like: I should fear them. Having none of that, I went to those beings. They saw me, darkened and changed to dark grey color scale. And they started to move toward me. I didn't stop and relaxed my mind. They vanished.
    I explored further. The surrounding changed... it looked as if I walked on long bridge without any support, and there was absolute darkness around it. The material of the bridge was metallic, shining and black. The walkway was covered by firm metal grating made of wire... There were side cuts branching from the infinite bridge... but I was unable to take a turn and try to go sidewise. Even when I turned to one of side cuts, I still somehow walked on the main bridge. I continued to walk for some time... till I lost consciousness.

    Updated 05-25-2020 at 10:38 PM by Psionik


    Dead and avoiding it by changing the timeline.

    by Psionik on 05-13-2020 at 10:05 AM
    I have died for some reason... because of something like over stressing. I tried to return to my dead body, but it was impossible. The body was brought to my house. I was there and waited what would happen. Nobody could register me.
    Then two priests came. It looked as if they felt my vicinity(they got nervous), even if they didn't see me. So I tried to touch them. They felt it and it looked like they feared the touch. One of them took holy water and started to follow me and tried to sprinkle the water into place I was present. At first I evaded the water... but then I told myself... what the heck, let them sprinkle me and lets see what it will do. It did nothing. I didn't feel it.
    After some time there was pulling feeling and my spirit was pulled and squeezed like through funel back in time... and I found myself in the bed. I followed the advice and was calm (I didn't stress myself like in first time). In the point of time when I had to die, I felt like I'm going to be separated from the body, but it didn't happen at the end.

    OBE: Unable to return

    by Psionik on 05-06-2020 at 10:07 AM
    I was very tired when I went to sleep today, still, I made the OBE in about 15 minutes after I laid to bed.
    There was darkness, but I saw my surroundings. Nothing was out of normal. I was feeling tired even in OBE, still I held my consciousness concentrated on searching of something new. I didn't find anything out of ordinary anywhere I went. I drifted slowly through air... After few tens of minutes I decided to return to my body and go to sleep. Only... My body didn't hold me inside... I kept drifting out of it. I was unable to connect to it. I tried to reconnect to body approximately three times. I found it interesting... there was no fear, I was just feeling mentally tired. So I let it be and loosened the concentration on existence there... this caused slip into unconsciousness after a few minutes. I have woken up morning as usually, inside of body.

    Very long WILD

    by Psionik on 05-05-2020 at 01:28 PM
    I had very long WILD today. I went to bed at 0:45AM and entered LD directly via flashes of the images. I remember only a little from this LD... It lasted for very long. It was basicaly travelling and exploring everything I saw.
    It started on meadow lit by the Sun. I was there with my second brother. I told him that we are dreaming together. He was looking skeptic, but he was still conscious enough to not look like dream zombie. Firstly we walked for tens of minutes through wood, then we came out to some old settlement. The houses were in bad shape. Old and decaying. I went from one house to other, exploring what was inside. My brother didn't want to do that, but he followed me nevertheless. Insides of houses was predominantly made of old wood. Everything was covered with thick layer of dust. Spider nets were everywhere. I tried to find someone, anyone there- I found nobody. After what felt like hours, I looked on my brother- he had vacant look in his face. His eyes were dark without white around pupils. He just stood there. Like dream zombie could. I asked him what was happening with him.
    He just told me: You don't belong here.
    I tried to wake him out... to no avail. So I said: I'm going to find my soulmate, there is nothing of interest here.
    On that he reacted: Again? Stop doing that. She deserves what she has got.
    Nobody deserves the suffering, even if it is reaction on something. She needs help. And I need her help. I retorted while I started to levitate. I flew to entrance and outside- my brother didn't follow, he just stood where he was.
    I flew for long time, searching. I didn't manage to find her.
    I have exited the LD at about 3:32am. Reentering the LD wasn't successful.

    Buzzing black filaments

    by Psionik on 03-11-2020 at 08:46 PM
    I had a bit problems to get away from my body, I guess, my concentration wasn't great today. But after a few tries I managed.
    Once I stood in dark bedroom, I have heard strange buzzing sound... So I followed it to the source. I got to bedroom of my older daughters... And over the second oldest sleeping body I saw something like black filaments, about 5cm wide, and moving a bit. The strange loud buzzing was emanating from them. I put my hands on them and pulled them with a bit difficulty away. The buzzing sound got louder at first and then it ceased... And filaments dissipated and I found myself back in my body.
    Immediately I went out of body again and walked back to my daughter bed. There were no filaments anymore. I put my hands on and then into my daughter body, trying to pull her out of body, but I didn't manage that.
    So, i went out of house through closed balcony doors(I wasn't able to open those doors, as usually..) I had fallen down from first floor height and walked without thinking about that concentrated on here and now...