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      06-06-2018, 07:30 AM
      Nebulus created a blog entry In pursuit of Happiness in Nebulus
      Slipping back into dream I found myself in a bathroom, somebody came to the door and I was worried about them coming in but then I became lucid and...
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      05-30-2018, 04:48 PM
      Nebulus created a blog entry bat man in Nebulus
      Looking after a load of kids thats wont tidy up. Next i'm wearing clothes of a special material so that i'm protected, I'm even wearing the clothing...
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      05-23-2018, 07:18 AM
      After a music concert an ex girlfriend of mine finds a nice guy and is happy. I am also happy for her. I note this dream as I havent had a none...
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      Hey can you message me i just read a article you posted a few years back and i saw that you have a ability similar to mine where you can pull energy in from the universe in the astral and it surrounds you in a blue light you should also be able to control that energy and shoot it from your palms. Please private message me so i can give you my email so we can talk if you dont mind
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      Hi Psionik!

      I just saw you in chat, missed you by minutes : (

      Hope to see you there again!
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    I do mainly OBE for about 33 years(from my 12th year of life)- Astral projection. Since I don't know how to target the type of projection, I have only maybe 5 % of mental projections and one or two budhic projections.
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    OBE, LD, Reading, bicycle driving,
    Research worker, in the field of Inorganic Chemistry
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    Looking for help with shared dreaming, shared astral projection


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    by Psionik on 05-04-2018 at 09:58 AM
    I arose out from my body in my bedroom as usually. It was dark as usually when I travel at night, but I adjusted that and I saw everything in soft gray light. First I had to do my task with my daughter- she asked me to try to wake her or pull her out of her body- I tried but I failed. Seeing that it doesn't lead to anything, I went out of my house... and I got totally lost. It looked as if I was dropped in some kind of dungeon with dangerous looking animal like more or less humanoid beings. I raised up my aura and as tired as I felt, I even became intangible(ghost like) to them. I went through this dungeon to nicer surrounding, then to some city.
    In this city I went to big building in which there was maze of corridors and stairs, but only a few rooms. I walked inside of this building for hours(subjective). I got to highest possible point and there was room where very shabby looking man slept... the room was stinking, it was full of rubbish. I accidentally switched the light and I heard murmur of that man as if he was disturbed from the sleep... I decided that it will be better to leave. After longer time I found my way out. I was in some kind of village where people lived in very small houses. Even roads were narrow. When I looked behind, the big building was no longer there. And I walked again. I felt tired, very, very tired of everything, of existence. I felt, that it would be nice to get back to my body and sleep. I probably overdid concentration on "here and now" because I was somehow unable to lose consciousness... I was staying conscious on inertia. If I wasn't so tired I would be very glad of that. It was morning, maybe alarm clocks will wake me up.
    I stopped to walk and started to meditate, to clear my mind more. And my surrounding abruptly changed. I was standing back in my bedroom. The very air was shiny, sparkling... it looked and felt like I went from astral dimension to mental dimension. I wasn't feeling so tired anymore. In my bedroom, I didn't see my wife sleeping there... But in mental dimension I didn't find anybody after more than 30 years of experimenting yet. I looked on my physical body and decided to go back- I went inside of it and woke it.

    Today I was going to sleep very tired and at that I tried to do OBE... Well it showed.
    When I looked on clocks I found it was only 00:30... I was out of my body for only about 20 minutes. Felt like 7-8 hours for me.

    Updated 05-04-2018 at 04:41 PM by Psionik



    by Psionik on 05-01-2018 at 09:06 PM
    I laid down and relaxed... my body was heavy in short time, and I stopped to breathe... I can stay that way for up to about 5 minutes when I'm that relaxed. The separation is faster that way- breathing can disturb me in time of separation sometimes. I felt touch on my legs, like hands and they went up my legs. I opened astral eyes and I saw exceptionally beautiful young woman with brown hair and brown eyes coming up to my body... She was naked, slim, with firm breasts of about B-cup with small nipples, slim waist... She was coming on all four limbs up, until her eyes were in front of mine. She held me down with her hands on my arms and I couldn't separate out of body. I felt no arousal and looking into her eyes, I had a feeling of falling toward her eyes... Then I needed to take a breath and since I wasn't separated, I found myself back in physical world.

    I would say it was OBE to astral projection, but I managed to open my eyes only.
    I got aroused once I was back in physical but in that state it was asexual for me.

    Updated 05-01-2018 at 09:38 PM by Psionik



    by Psionik on 04-26-2018 at 08:15 AM
    I had no interesting OBE or dream for longer time.
    Yesterday I went out of body only to be immediately stabbed be someone without any warning... some woman like being materialized in front of me suddenly, as I was rising from body- I found that curious. I didn't try to defend myself. Then she stabbed me repeatedly again and again... and after short time that woman like being evaporated away. When I looked on myself to see the wounds, it looked like there is a sword running inside of my body where spine is located up to my head(handle was over my head). I pulled that sword out from up of my head... it had sparkling gems of different colors in the blade... Then i was pulled back to body because my daughter stirred in sleep.
    I went out about 6 times more, but all I was doing was only walking and observing, nothing interesting happened there. I have met my older daughters but they don't remember meeting when I asked this morning.

    Updated 04-26-2018 at 09:00 AM by Psionik



    by Psionik on 12-27-2017 at 02:49 PM
    As I was walking around a big goat like creature with horns attacked me: Fear me, for I'm great Krampus!
    I laughed on that. As I walked it ran against me... and I slapped it and one horn had fallen from its head broken. And creature vanished. I tried to find it, but... well I was walking around for some time and I didn't find it. When I was in one house I saw a man who was looking on window where flies flew. And that man told me: You are looking for Krampus- one of the flies saw him, we must extract it from its brain (as if fly has any brain) I tried to catch the fly but I squashed it accidentally.

    When I got out I was in my city so I walked to bus station to take a bus to my village. But on the station I saw some crates full of clockmakers tools close to garbage bins. When I saw that I quickly started to look any usable tool I saw there not wanting to let those tools be wasted... Sonia walked around me, while calling, that I will miss my bus home. I told her to take that bus, that I need to save those tools, that they are unique and precious. So she went with the bus and I was left on the station, searching through crates till the end of dream.

    I saw a film on TV named Krampus(2015) and when my 5 years old daughter told me that she fears that monster, I told her, that it is more laughable than scary.
    My father was clockmaker and I was repairing clocks in past too... and I still have tools for repairing of clocks.
    My friend had shoulder long hair here- she has about 15cm longer hair in reality. I wonder whether she got her hair clipped


    by Psionik on 12-03-2017 at 02:41 PM
    It was late when I went to sleep, therefore I was quite tired. After a while I saw static image before my mind eyes... An big bush, looking like willow... but it had nice red roses. I started to fly toward it... slowly... and then I lost anchor and picture disappeared. And after a while I saw a house... and it again disappeared... Then I felt something similar to what I feel when I do OBE. And I arose from my body- it wasn't astral I found myself in. The feel was different. It was lucid dream. I went on exploration. Firstly my house- I couldn't open door to go out, only inner doors were operable. At the end I went into darkness of basement. I thought that I hear something there... but I didn't find anything. I went to room where garage doors are. It was not dark there, a small light was emanating from fluorescent lamps above. And there in front of the garage doors my brother was standing.
    I asked him: What are you doing here?
    I can't go out, it is impossible to open the garage doors.
    I tried to open the doors myself, but it wasn't possible to move them. So I told my brother that the only way to go out is going through the doors, and I did so. I expected my brother to do so to, but he didn't come through. After short waiting I put my head through the doors and saw my brother on the other side, in the house- he was standing there as statue. Come through, we will walk together! I told him.
    He repeated: I can't, it is impossible to open the doors.
    So I left him there and went to explore the dream village, walking alone. I didn't met anyone else during long walk through houses, streets and fields. Nor there was anything interesting.

    Even though it wasn't astral travel this LD had some characteristics of astral.