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      Hey can you message me i just read a article you posted a few years back and i saw that you have a ability similar to mine where you can pull energy in from the universe in the astral and it surrounds you in a blue light you should also be able to control that energy and shoot it from your palms. Please private message me so i can give you my email so we can talk if you dont mind
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      Hi Psionik!

      I just saw you in chat, missed you by minutes : (

      Hope to see you there again!
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    December 12, 1972 (46)
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    I do mainly OBE for about 33 years(from my 12th year of life)- Astral projection. Since I don't know how to target the type of projection, I have only maybe 5 % of mental projections and one or two budhic projections.
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    OBE, LD, Reading, bicycle driving,
    Research worker, in the field of Inorganic Chemistry
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    Looking for help with shared dreaming, shared astral projection


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    Travel through darkness and light

    by Psionik on Today at 06:24 AM
    After some time of mindlessness (concentration on nothing) my consciousness started to expand... I felt buzzing sound in my head. And my consciousness slowly shifted out of body. And I walked. It was pitch black place... I felt myself to move but I had no reference points to tell that I'm really moving.
    I came into light room. A few young women were chatting on one side of the room. I thought that I will come to them to hear what they're talking, but I was unable to steer to them. I was unable to stop walking. I had not enough will to do that. I walked straight to the wall and through it.
    I was in darkness again. I heard mumbling, talking.... In that darkness... So I was trying to go toward the sound. the sound was going louder, louder, louder .. fainter. So I reoriented myself and again tried to walk toward the sound again.
    After a few tries I got to lighted room with a few non moving women and men. I was walking straight again... Into wall. And I got stuck with head inside the wall. I thought that it was interesting and that to unstuck myself I have to walk backward... So I rotated my body and reversed into wall and through it without problem.
    I was again in darkness. I wanted to meet someone interesting. Even scary ghost would be interesting. I thought that being in darkness and thinking on such topics would materialize something. Then I heard some deep rumbling. Ach something is coming, I thought. And I cleared my mind. Nothing came... I waited for some time
    Then I walked again. I got again into lighted room. It was empty. I walked to window and through it. The glass was trailing as if it was transparent membrane. It didn't allow me to come through. Then it burst into bubbles and I was outside, in the nature.
    There was nothing but meadow behind me. It was night, lighted by big Moon. A diffuse ghost like figure made of tiny light particles was walking by my side. She looked like my soulmate. Then she dispersed. Then she condensed in front of me... And again dispersed. And I was walking forward tirelessly.

    I was listening yesterday this music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q02vovRNwFQ I heard parts of it through this experience.

    Rob Dougan- Nothing at all
    I want to be still
    I want to walk into your grave
    where I can shelter in peace
    until all our cares have blown away

    let the whole world fall away
    and fall into my arms
    stay with me
    I don't know how long we've got left
    and so I'm asking you
    to forgive me

    I learn as I go
    to float far away
    into silence
    and just watch your face
    and find some kind of grace
    in that quiet bliss

    can I stay and say nothing at all, at all

    where will we go when we get old
    when the bustle and the noise
    get too frightning
    when each and every angry word
    is banished to the past
    that when I think

    we'll learn as we go
    to float far away
    into silence
    and I'll watch your face
    and read of patience and grace
    in each line there

    work each day
    all for nothing at all, at all
    and the few words I say
    they mean nothing at all at all

    will you walk into the grave with me
    will you leave this empty world
    soft and wistfull
    to sink into the dark, dark earth
    and never reappear would be blissful

    to float far away
    into eternal space
    and God's silence
    where I'll watch your face
    and find patience and grace
    in each line there

    drift away into nothing at all at all
    find the grace to be nothing at all at all
    fade away and end up nothing at all
    at all at all at all

    Updated Today at 12:02 PM by Psionik


    Short meeting

    by Psionik on 06-06-2019 at 10:47 PM
    In this WILD I flew for about 15 seconds through dark tunnel into room which had mirrors all around. When I got into room a lonely woman stood close to one mirror. She didn't have any reflections in mirrors, nor I had reflections... I looked behind myself and there was also mirror... It looked like I got there through that mirror, without sensing it.
    I turned my attention back to that woman. She was tall, in simple dark clothes which were made from one piece of cloth... With dark about 5cm wide belt around her slim waist. She had brown hair and looked familiar from behind... As I was closing the distance she slowly turned... the clothes had deep cleavage... And I focused on her face... It was my soulmate... She smiled and waved her hand on me... and then everything pixelated into nothingness. Pity.

    The experience lasted for little more than one minute.

    Updated 06-06-2019 at 11:27 PM by Psionik


    Obe: Runespace

    by Psionik on 05-31-2019 at 10:02 AM
    After my relaxation and concentration training routine I fell into thoughtless state where only my consciousness remained. And I observed my mind. And I observed my body because I still felt it a little. I slowed my frequency of breathing further and further lengthening the time when I was exhaled... After some time I felt my consciousness to clear even more, to become light and bright... And I still only observed everything, I didn't try to separate from body.

    I maintained this state for immeasurable long time exploring the feeling of that state. My consciousness felt very fresh despite I felt very tired when I went to "sleep" at 00:30. And then, something strange happened, something which never happened to me: I felt as if my consciousness sublimed from my body and I stopped to feel the body. It wasn't like normal leaving the body, it was as if I left the body like some kind of vapor. I didn't loose consciousness as I became vapor like....

    And when it became whole again I had spherical field of vision... I was in space lighted inhomogeneously by weak violet light. There were points of light like stars... around quite a few of them there were rings made of violet ribbons. There were also ribbons connecting space between the stars with similar width as those ring like ribbons. As I observed those ribbons I became aware that it is not all what I can see. My vision cleared more... the space contained dull dust clouds which was forming those light inhomogeneities I saw in space at start... and those ribbons had shiny sides and dull center. In dull centers of ribbons something like runes shined... On each corner or crossing of the light line which formed rune there was point of bright light shining... And those runes moved, flowed inside confine of ribbons, sometimes mutating into something new... and I observed this for some time...

    And then I was back in my body, feeling that I'm breathing in- that was probably what distracted my vision... I didn't manage to get back and after some time I lost consciousness and I fell asleep.

    This experience was somewhat similar to projection into budhic dimension. The difference was that the space didn't feel to be overflowed by love. This space was completely neutral, careless, and very serene.

    Updated 06-01-2019 at 06:02 PM by Psionik

    lucid , memorable

    Strange research, then waking into weak DILD

    by Psionik on 05-20-2019 at 09:27 PM
    A had power to teleport myself and others or things with me. There were plans to use my abilities to make expedition to Mars. But we run into problem- I wasn't able to teleport there, it was as if there was some kind of barrier. I was doing some strange research to find way to circumvent the problem. At some point I got idea that I'm dreaming.
    Therefore I went away from there to do some scouting... There was dark forest outside of research building... and a clean new road was leading into distance. I started to run... as often in my LDs I either fly in prone position, or glide in vertical position. Here I was running effortlessly with longer and longer steps(tens to hundreds of meters long). After a few minutes I saw friend standing in front of me, she looked lost... Afraid of very dark forest.
    I stopped by her, took her hand and told her: "don't worry, this is only a dream, I will be your guide here. Lets run, its a fun!"
    She was reluctant to move from the place... but then started to walk with me, then we ran. I again elongated my steps to tens of meters length... and she did that too. She started to smile... It was so romantic to run this way, hand in hand... effortlessly and fast. Her brown hairs were waving in wind... The dream had lost stability and I had woken up... with the feel of her hand on my hand... strange.

    Updated 05-21-2019 at 09:48 PM by Psionik

    lucid , non-lucid

    Angel of death?

    by Psionik on 05-18-2019 at 01:46 PM
    I was gliding close to ground(about 20cm) in the hypermodern city. It was as if I was invisible to anyone... nobody paid an attention to me. My consciousness felt cold, glacial like, analytic, concentrated... neutral, blank... My sight was strange. I was able to see, not only normally visible things but I was able to focus behind walls, buildings...
    And I was looking for something. I was looking for something without having thoughts, without desire... it was blank purpose. When I glided to the large skyscraper I felt I was on the place I have to be. But there was nothing. I looked into sky- there was also nothing. Then I looked toward ground and focused below and deeper below... till I saw something like tunnel. A few people were dying in it. And I waited till they died.
    Then I submerged into the concrete, soil, a few hundreds of meter deep, till I was levitating in darkness of that tunnel. I extended my right hand with palm up and my fingers curved up. A shiny blue violet fire started to dance about 10 cm over my palm... the flame was about 30cm long and on the basis about as thick as mu palm. And I glided slowly toward laying bodies of a few men and women. It was as if the bodies were filled with shiny substance. I stopped close to them and said quietly: "You have died, go in peace." And those shiny substances evaporated.
    And I glided away to where I needed to go. I was unable to stay in dream longer than about 2 minutes longer after that.

    My consciousness felt strange... it was as if I'm there but I had nearly no control over what I'm doing. Still I was that.

    Updated 05-18-2019 at 01:57 PM by Psionik

    non-lucid , memorable