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    1. Another billionaire god like guy talking to me.

      by , 05-06-2013 at 05:34 AM
      May 05 - 8:56 a.m

      Sitting in a casino with lavish surroundings with a guy who looks like Birdman. He had rings on all fingers and lots of diamond chains on. He had diamonds in his teeth, i was sitting across from him in the casino environment talking with him and i got to see an in depth look into his lifestyle. At first i thought he was on hard drugs the way he was talking to me because he talked like he was putting little effort to pronounce the words, very quiet and mumblish. Once he took his glasses off and looked into my eyes i got the feeling he wasnt on hard drugs, he was just the most intelligent being ive ever seen, it was an intence feeling seeing his eyes, its even hard to describe. He had cataract looking eyes , they were very glazed , very bright light blue eyes, they looked like ice almost. He told me" Never take from the earth. Don't even touch it unless you absolutly need it, even if some1 is offering it to you. Crazy feelings. I woke up right after he said that because my window was open and i was freezing.

      i keep dreaming about the sun and sun related things, like his cataracts. Ive been looking at the sun for 2 weeks now and i have filthy rich people show up in my dreams recently.