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    And thus it begins.

    by , 11-27-2010 at 05:33 AM (624 Views)
    I find it very interesting that the moment I decided to dedicate my waking life to the understanding of my dreams and my subconscious, I began to dream... a whole lot more. I mean, sure... the marijuana detox probably has something to do with it as well, (7 days and counting), but it's honestly been YEARS... long before I started smoking weed... that I have dreamed this much. On top of that, simply dedicating my self to the art of dreaming has increased my lucidity as well.

    In these 7 days alone, my dream recall and control has made exponential progress. I'm already lucid dreaming practically every night at some point (the ability to realize you are dreaming and control your dream), and by virtue of the same token, I've started waking up in the middle of the night and falling back asleep... consciously. These experiences are among some of the most memorable and interesting... when they don't slip away from my memory as quickly as they came. This is one of the reasons I've gotten so serious about writing everything down. Not only do I want to remember my dreams, but I want to show my subconscious/Higher Self that I'm finally serious about understanding all the parts of me I don't yet. I'm not afraid of me.

    I rarely have nightmares. The last true nightmare I can remember having was at age 12. (I have had several out of body experiences as a teenager that scared the SHIT out of me because I didn't understand what was happening, but I don't count those as nightmares.) I do occasionally have moments of fear in my dreams. When they occur, I tend to confront the challenge quickly and not run from it (last night, for example, I had to deal with a snake and a wolf. I wound up severing the heads of both creatures.) ... I don't like experiencing lingering fear in my dreams because I know all it will do is hold my mind back. In a sense, I guess you could say I've been doing a lot of work at mastering my dreams over 25 years of life...whether consciously or not. I've just finally gotten serious about taking it to the next level and becoming a conscious, active part of this process.

    Nothing interests me more than the workings of my mind at night. I think there are great mysteries to life that can be unlocked in the dream world and beyond, and I find it kind of interesting that so many people just take the 1/3 of their life they spend in other states of consciousness for granted. This journal will be dedicated to the pursuit of... understanding and exploring my dreams, and their connection to my waking life and my Self.

    My comments will appear in BLACK.

    My dreams will appear in BLUE.

    When I become lucid and an active, conscious participant in a dream, I shall use the color RED. Nothing beats realizing you're dreaming and becoming God-like in your personal world.

    If I am led to believe that my experience may have been more than a dream, or if something in my dream world is incredibly vivid or important to me, my RED will appear bold. I have a strong connection to the color red. The more vibrant, the more I resonate with it.

    Here is wishing you all pleasant dreams... and beyond!

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