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    Krikkit’s Dream Journal

    Not a comprehensive journal, that’s offline. Just a place to post my LDs and most interesting NDs. :)

    1. Short LD

      by , 06-30-2020 at 11:39 AM (Krikkit’s Dream Journal)
      I’m gonna skip the first part; it was a boring non-lucid about checking my reddit messages.

      Then I woke up and decided to check my reddit messages for real. I logged on and didn’t question why I wsn’t logged in already, or why it said “pepper” instead of “password”, but I did question why the site switched to French when I logged in. I fully believed I was awake and this was just a silly website glitch, but I did a reality check anyway. I struggled to count my fingers (I blamed sleep deprivation for my sudden inability to focus), but I thought I counted six. This didn’t seem right, so I repeated my RC: six fingers. I was dreaming.

      I didn’t get my usual rush of excitement, maybe because of the confusion and difficulty surrounding the RC, but that was a good thing, because it actually allowed me to stop and think instead of running around and acting on impulse.

      I asked myself what my goals were for this dream (first time I remembered) and recalled that one of the DV beginner goals was to look around and describe my surroundings. I began with my pillowcase (which looked almost like in real life except the circles on it were brown and only one shade of blue) and described it out loud as being “black and tan”. Then I realized I’d got the colors wrong and tried again, though I don’t remember what I said the second time.

      Suddenly, my vision went black. I was afraid I was waking up but reminded myself to keep calm. I could still feel my dream body, so I walked across the room, hoping to anchor myself in the dream world. It worked, and my vision returned briefly. I don’t remember what happened next, but shortly after, my vision turned black again and I could feel my body in bed. I knew on some level I was still asleep, but I also knew I was waking up. I could hear birds chirping outside, so I figured I’d reached the “point of no return” of waking up and opened my eyes.

      Funny enough, the birds turned out to be part of the dream. When I woke up, I couldn’t hear any birds, just the neighbors talking.