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    1. A fragmented LD sad I can't remember

      by , 07-06-2019 at 01:52 PM
      Bad recall last night. I had to stay up late, due to friends forcing me. I had all of these plans to do wbtb.

      Dream 1: I have started dating a dc. I have no idea as to why or what process but we did. The dream scene cuts and I'm in a car with my crush and another girl. That I do know and irl. We have a love, hate relationship. So we are definitely competitive in a way, and are enemies.

      Me and J(what I'm calling the person I know irl) are getting all flirty, and she eventually just shoves me on her lap in anger(I have no idea. But she's mad) My guilty conscious makes me take my head off of her lap, which also makes her mad. Then the dream ends. I noticed the scenery while in the car. The dream lasted way longer than it sounds. But I'd rather not say on how we flirted. I was on a road that was going to my house.

      Fragment:I am getting chased by some weird alien creature.I know this dream was on the longer side I just can't remember, I think I may have become lucid in this dream. It's just that weird feeling. It sucks that I can't remember.

      I just remembered that I had a FA: I woke up on my bed at night disappointed that my alarm didn't work. I put the phone to my ear and i ear something playing very softly.It's sad I didn't realize this obvious sign. But oh well
      I have realized something, I keep on having dreams about developing romantic relationships. Does that say something about how I'm feeling irl? Probably. If it wasn't for the fact that I had to stay up late to help my friend I'd of probably remembered my dream

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