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    1. 9-7-19

      by , 09-07-2019 at 03:21 PM
      Dream 1: I'm playing comet crash. At first I was making special units. But I delete the four unit pads, no idea why and I regretted it afterwards. I dont sse a choice to build anything else until I put something down. No idea what it was.

      Dream 2: I'm inside of another game, the atmosphere is depressing and I felt like i played it before. I was with a friend L in a car

      Dream 3: I am in a football game. I'm not playing I'm just inside the field. Which seems to be normal. Some big dude was throwing a ball and it was going straight to me aimed at someone behind me. I move my head to the left and it misses. It also missed the dude he was aiming for.

      He blames me and we get Into an argument.

      Time skip, I'm at school and it is very weird. Everything feels different except for the people. But it is an extremely different school. The cafeteria is completely different and the halls are strangely twisted.

      I am in. The lunch line and get a hamburger party with what looks to be gravy. I take a bite and it taste, mediocre, but for the school it was pretty good. I praise the lunch ladies and move on. I then go on to see my friends sitting in a weird group along the walls with other people. The dream ends there.

      Dream: 4: my friend Malikai, has killed someone during a football game. He shoulder rammed into someone and it stopped their heart. At least that's what he said. We're walking along a rode I've never seen. He tells me about it and I say, "it's not murder. You may of killed him, but it's not murder. This is the risk to football, he signed up knowing this could happen. Heh you all must have brain damage too. I wish I could play football."

      he chuckles and we go on. We see this house. We start walking too it. It is surrounded by scattered tree's, fairly short ones. We stop walking when we see 3 people at a gate. I think one lady and 2 males. They see us and we start walking away. About 10 seconds later the female yells at us.

      Me and Malekai get to this hill. All of a sudden we're old men and we shoot someone. We loot his body like you would in skyrim, weird, and we find lots of stuff. Armor and weapons. I tell the old man something like "we can't turn back. Join me." He says yes. I don't remember anything else
    2. Posting more, and need help.

      by , 09-07-2019 at 03:35 AM
      I like posting, so I'm going to try and actually post more. I'll find time somewhere.

      But I am just beginning with visualization. I havent had any progress until today in class. After doing my work I had about 30 minutes left.
      I first begin meditating, just a simple breathing exercise. I then go onto visualization. As usual I see only a slight amount of light(eyes were covered). I just stayed still and let it happen. Eventually I start seeing colors. This is the first time I've seen them.

      It is pretty vibrant, but there aren't many colors. I have very limited control. But I still have control. I can change colors(albeit extremely slowly). I could also move it a bit though it was hard. At this point I could take my cover off and I can still see and mess with colors. Just they are different.

      I dont know if I'm doing this all correctly, any tips? Or shall I just keep on track.
      side notes