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    Oh boy

    by , 06-26-2020 at 10:26 PM (35 Views)
    It's been some time since I last had a lucid dream. This morning I woke up in Hell.

    I found myself in a strange bed in a strange home. I don't know how I got there but I was not in fear because I felt I somehow belonged there. A person I didn't know came up to me and I felt I was with a friend when he asked me if I slept good. I asked him how long I was out and he replied it was for quite awhile. I said I was thirsty and would like some OJ, so he opened the sliding door out to a patio and said to follow him.

    There were large speakers playing odd music very loudly and he said he needs to collect a glass on a table in this other room across the patio to put the orange juice in. We enter that room and the glass he picks up is seriously filthy and he says "of course I'm going to wash it first." So I follow him to the kitchen and he only rinses the glass then fills it with OJ and hands it to me with a smile. "Enjoy!" he says. I take a small sip and began to feel dizzy. Spotting a day bed near a table, I had to sit down but instead I lay down and pass out. When I awake, he is with me and I apologize for napping there but he said it was not a problem and was happy to see me fully awake. "You like horses, right?" he asks, and I nod my head. "Come, I have something to show you."

    So I follow him outside and up a small hill is a dilapidated barn and going up the hill to it is his father on horseback followed by two small children. When I reach the barn with my friend, his father is bringing the mare to its foal. Hanging from the rafters by chains are two bleached skeletons of foals. "She's been spitting them out like rabbits" he says, "but we're not having much luck keeping them alive." I also see three mongrel dogs chained up near the foal just out of their reach but the way they were chained was bizarre cruelty.

    One had several meat hooks in its body, each secured to chains. Another had a large fish hook in the corner of its left eye which was swollen shut and a rope was fastened to it. The other was tied up by its collar but it had been beaten severely with bloody scars all over it. The foal attempts to take suck while on its back because it can't rise up and the mares tits begin to stretch and droop very surreal like. The children laugh from the entertainment they're experiencing.

    As I begin to say to my friend that he could end up in jail for animal cruelty, I realize he's not going to jail for anything but that I am in Hell. That's when I really woke up. I am in Hell. Just look around and see the whole world gone mad. Who is it fanning these flames? The authoritative mainstream media with the power of Hollywood under the direction of the CIA and DARPA which is all controlled by Communist Zionists, of course. Duh. How will this story end? Very ugly I'm afraid, because the poor sheeple would rather be slaughtered than take personal responsibility for allowing Our Garden and all the children in it be vandalized by these enemies of righteousness and workers of evil. The End.

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