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    1. Vacation / Coming home

      by , 05-30-2011 at 11:33 AM (cinema of the mind)
      My friends and me were on vacation in a hotel. I was having sex with my girlfriend (no details Later, i met an old schoolmate. I don't like him, we were having a conversation that i can't remember. It must have been something disturbing, because i got really angry and punched him as hard as i could into his face. Someone was asking me if that was really necessary. I said it was totally worth it.

      I was on my way home alone at night. In my street i met my neighbors. folk music was playing not far away.
    2. Searching for my watch / Festival

      by , 05-25-2011 at 01:35 PM (cinema of the mind)
      False Awakening, i see a fly on the ceiling.

      Searching for my watch
      I'm in a different school with some people, i pay 50 bucks to get my phone back from someone.
      The dream skips.
      I'm now searching for my watch and my phone. I'm in front of the school at the bus station. I check the time, it's nearly 14:00 i have to get the bus. I see that i have lost my slippers, but i don't care. Next i go into the school again, and at the end of a corridor theres a locked door. The man who i had payd 50 bucks earlier opens it for me. In there is his office. I ask him if he has gotten my phone and watch. He says he doesn't know. I'm pissed and i look for it on my own in all these cabinets. I find a lot of watches but not my one. Later he tells me he has already given me my phone. I'm searching further for my watch. A girl approches me, she wants to kiss me. I think thats not right i have a girlfriend. I turn away from her, but she gets sad and runs away. I didn't want to hurt her, so i run after her to explain my attitude. I run down some winding escalators, which are full of people. Then i see her. I yell after her: I'm sorry, but i'm in a relationship! People are staring at me, but i don't care. I'm going back to search for my watch when i wake up.

      Doing a 20 min WBTB.

      I'm in front of a creepy cottage. Special plants and shrooms are growing all around that cottage. I'm with 2 friends of mine. One convinces us to try some of the shrooms. After a short time i feel very dizzy. We go along into a marquee where a sort of festival is going on. We are at some sort of beer-bar, and i see a big poster advertising some special shroom-beer. I order some. The dream skips. The festival is over, the bar men are now disassembling their bars. I wonder how i will get home, I havent seen our driver for a long time. I think of phoning my girlfriend, but i only went out to look for our driver.

      I remembered my second dream during the breakfast, took some notes but lost this piece of paper during the day. Anyone who will find it will be like WTF
    3. Failed at stabilization / weird dreams

      by , 05-20-2011 at 01:28 PM (cinema of the mind)
      Today i've slept much better with the window open, didn't think of that before.

      A girl i know phones me, i wake up talking with her.

      WBTB after 5 hours of sleep, i went to the toilet and did a few RCs.

      Defect notebookcable.
      I'm in the room of my brother. My notebook is connected to a currency distributor outside through the window. After a storm it gets cut and i take the cable indoor. On inspecting the cable i notice its strangely damaged, this could never be caused by a storm. I turn lucid by all this weirdness. My current task was to stabilize the dream that it lasts longer. I rubbed my hands, i touched the walls and the doorframe. This made my dream instabil, i nearly lost it. I tried spinning to hold the dream, but everything went black.
      I didn't wake up, but experienced how a new dream formed. At first, it was all black. Then the image of the ground appeared. Still no interaction possible. Next, I'm drawn into the scene and it started living. I dont remember what i did afterwards.

      Very weird dream with childrens.
      We are small childrens. We observed a man, but we were hiding so he couldn't see us. Afterwards we got home to our boss. Now i'm the boss. I tell the children how well they did. At some point they changed to cartoon characters made of paper and i washed them in the sink.

      Weird detectives.
      My assistent and me are searching for someone. We are on a cruise liner and driving with a small vehicle around to get a overview of the ship. It's night and there are not many people on the deck. After one round, we stopped and sat down on stairs, to watch a show. I left our ketchup in the vehicle, because i knew there was one for us on the stairs.
    4. OBE / completing my first task

      by , 05-18-2011 at 06:01 AM (cinema of the mind)
      I've completed my first easy task, i wanted to tell a DC that i am dreaming and to prove it to them with a RC.
      I didn't sleep well but i managed to get lucid in 5 hours of sleep.
      Recently I started MILD and repeated the mantra "I will have a lucid dream tonight or very soon"

      Mum gives me a candle as a present. I find it not very usefull and lay it on my desk. Maybe I got to bed

      I was flying around in my grandparents house and got very excited as I realized that. This must be an OBE! (actually, it was not) I enjoyed floating around in the house. Then I floated outside into the court (it’s a farm) and saw my aunt with my cousine going upstairs. I checked my watch (Think it was 3:00) to check later if it was a real OBE.

      I started non-Lucid in this house again. (note: I thought it was my house the whole time, instead it was my grandparents). In the kitchen I randomly did a nose-pinch RC. Very surprised, I shouldn’t be able to breave, right? So this is a dream. I started thinking about my current task. It was not as easy to remember but I recalled that I have to tell someone this is a dream. I went outside to my aunt and told her I am dreaming. I was so excited, I wanted to write this down and tried to wake up.

      I woke up in the same house, and started doing dreamplot things. I was in the kitchen when my sister asked for a candle she needed. At first, I denyied. The I remembered, I had gotten earlier one from mum which I don’t need. So I went up to my room and couldn't found it anywhere! I was sure I had placed it on my desk! I went down into the kitchen to tell her I couldn’t find it. But this couldn’t be a coincidence, I must be dreaming! I just laughed for a while, because this was really a dream. Went a little around and thought over what task I have set. I haven’t completed the second part in the last dream, so I said to my father: “Hey we are dreaming. Let’s count my fingers”. He counted 8, when i counted 6. He seemed a bit silly and didn't understand what i meant.