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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Doctor / Comic-like mission and creating portals

      by , 06-20-2011 at 08:32 AM (cinema of the mind)

      Visit at the doctor
      My sisters, mum and i are in a city near ours. My mum is visiting somebody, but we stay outside to wait in the hallway. It's all grey and the walls are made of concrete. I notice two big stains on my right arm. I must have been hurt during my last night drinking xD. On the left arm there are two more stains. Some of them are colored black.

      We decide to go to the doctor, hes not far away and we will be back when my mum is finished. So we go along some streets and find the doctor. He has a shop with several assistants and shelfs full of products. We go through the shop and about in the middle we find someone who can help us.

      I show him my injuries. He mixes two liquids together, it's now colorless. He rubs in the stains, the black color vanishes. My arms look now better, we thank him and exit the shop.

      On our way back, just right before the house were my mum had been, we look for our car. OK, shes not back now, she must still be in the house. Because i notice, i have no shoes on, i decide to hurry back to the doctor, i must have forgotten them there. This seems odd to me and i turn lucid.

      I remember my current goal, and decide to use portals to get to the shop again. I go inside the house, there are much more people now. I take my right index finger and tap it against my thumb. After several tips it makes a clicking sound, now i draw a big portal on the wall. The line is colored black, when i'm finished nothing happens. As i try to get the ending of the line good, i focus too much and loose the dream.

      I wanted to DEILD to get this dream to an end.

      I'm back again in the hallway. I look for my portal, but it's now covered by a big metal plate. I look behind it and there it is: My portal. Theres no way in going through this portal. The dream starts to fade again.

      Another DEILD, but this time i didn't focus on the last scene in the last dream, because i wanted to begin a new dream.

      Comic-like movie with a mission
      In front of my eyes, the trailer of a movie begins. It give me an introduction to the mission. I can't read all of it because it disappeared too fast. I can't remember it's exact words either. Then the movie begins. It's all held in a comic style, but with a complex set of shades of colors. I am seeing a bar, two men are standing next to it. It seems rather dubious. There's myself, with blond long hair, white shirt and jeans, i know i will play this charakter.

      The camera moves to the right, to a bed with an really big lady. She gets up and points out to me, that i need really much money to start this mission. I say, i haven't got any money at the moment. Then it's done for me, she says. But wait, i remember, i wanted to use portals, so why not just teleport into a bank vault and steel some? I need some time to convince her, that i will get the money.

      So i go out of the barroom, i'm now in a lonely corridor. The comic look disappears and i'm now in ego-perspective.

      I try again to tip my fingers, this time it doesn't work so well, no clicking sound. I discard this plan, and try to use a closed door as a portal. I utter my desired location and open the door. nothing. Just another corridor. OK, lets try the portal drawing again, it must be working. I start drawing, this time, i can't see what i've already drawn. The new portal is more wider and in about chest height.

      After i've drawn it, i say out loud "In the name of my brother this portal will lead me to a bank vault with much money"

      It's like a magic spell, just in the finishing moment it begins to glow and blackness opens. I look inside, yeah there are some documents lying. I get up into it and look through the documents. They say something about credit items and cheques. I grab everything there and put it together, as i wanted to leave, i wake up.

      Got about 8 hours of sleep, had a DILD and several DEILDs. Really awesome and memorable dreams!