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    1. left in the dark

      by , 06-21-2011 at 01:56 PM (cinema of the mind)

      False awakening. I get out of bed. On my wardrobe, theres a leather jacket hanging. I saw it yesterday in our cellar, i think my mum must have hang it there. Now i'm on the way to the toilet. I turn off the light, it's absolutely dark for a moment, then i can see barely but enough to find the toilet room. I get in, close the door and try to turn on the light. It doesn't work, i think it must be broken. instead, a smaller light beound the mirror goes on, but it's very dim. I panic, this all is strange. I try to open the door, but get resistance.

      Then i think clearer, non-working lights have always been a dream sign, i don't have to worry it's all my dream. I stop pulling on the door and it opens. i let go every fear and something from behind the door drops on the floor, i can feel it on my feet. then i wake up
    2. Robbery / Visiting a friend

      by , 06-07-2011 at 08:20 AM (cinema of the mind)
      I get out of my car, iím in a small city i know well. My two accomplices, my father and uncle, are waiting already. We are going to break into a specific persons house. At first, we terrorize him. He is driving home with his car. My accomplices speak to him in his car going with him by the side. The tell him theres a ghost in his car. This is my part, I am now invisible for him and jump onto the car. I knock several times on the glass. He gets fearful and drives away. We are going to his house.

      accomplice: ďYou would never recog nize being in a dream, even not if it was level 4. At best you would recognize level 5.5 when your DG tells you!Ē

      he laughs and I feel offended. We debate if we should really break into this house. No, because itís really dangerous we could go into prison, it will also be not good for my future, I wonít get a job anymore. But why not, we have already planned everything. OK we do it!

      accomplice: ďBut I donít want to read books in prison againĒ

      it seems to me he has already been in prison for some time.

      The dream skips.

      We have robbed already, the loot is safe. We wonder how we get home. My accomplices are here by bike, Iím here with my car. But itís parked in the same street as this house is. So we let it be there, I will get it someday. Going home would be a really long walk, but anyways we begin walking. We stop at the next petrol station. I can see a police man standing in front of it, but we get into the shop. There are some more people, and also two police men. Also a teacher of mine works here, she greets me. While one accomplice does something on the surfstation, we get into a conversation with the police men. I donít talk anything, I think thatís better for us. I donít listen much to what they are talking. At some point I try to look one of the police man into the eyes, but canít hold it. I just put on a little smile that it doesnít look suspicious. I feel quite uncomfortable in this round. One of the police man gets a call. We can hear what they are talking.

      police man: ďAha. Have you seen them? Or maybe remember their voices?Ē

      He tells us what happened. We do a bit surprised and get into talking about this robbery. A woman wants to know where this is. The police man says right before a hill I canít remember. I look out through the glass door and can see a huge hill behind the city with a beautiful ruin on top of it. We finally say we have to go, and get out of the shop. We just go to the house next door. Itís not finished at all, but we can get under here. Iím the last who gets into the garden, so I lock the garden door. A police man walks by, he asks me if I want to come with him and inspect the scene of the crime. I say no thanks and go into the house.

      I wake up in sweat, this dream felt very real.

      A policeman is driving his police car, my sisters and me are sitting in it. He takes us to his home, he says he canít come with us, he has a mission. So we walk on our own to the house. The house is built on top of a huge hill, you have a great sight down here. I think we want to meet someone we know. We are sitting in the living room and drinking something. We talk about something and look out the window admiring the view.
    3. kingdom wars / lucid starting in my room

      by , 05-11-2011 at 11:38 AM (cinema of the mind)
      So now that i have finished the first part of my final exams stress decreased and i dont have to get up early.

      Our kingdom is attacked
      At first i see a plan of a city with buildings modelled by clay. At next the spaces between streets get colored, the seem to be forests and swamplands. Next, i'm in the city. We are a kingdom and we have to fight our opponent. So all of us go to war. I don't remember this part, maybe it has never really happenend. Next we cancel our fight and go home. The war is lost and only me and my sister are returning to our city. We had to pass a canyon made of grey stone, where historical cars stood on our right side. Theres no sense at all behind this. Back at home, we know the oppenents will atack us, we have to hide our gold and ourselfs. I take a big bowl with lots of golden coins to hideit in a building, but it seems to be not a good hiding place. As i'm thinking, the opponents arrive and attack us. I grab a sword and make a step backwards. But they are too many to fight alone. I see that its over, we have no chance. So i surrender and moments later they kill me. My sister and me are now watching them steeling our gold and finding our king and queen hiding in a chest

      Lucid in the morning
      The very last dream started in my room as i awakened. I become immediately lucid, because i always do when im in my room. I thought about my last dream. Then I remembered that i had to stabilize the dream, so i viewed the pattern of the walls, while i rubbed my hands. I listened for sounds or noises but it was absolutely still. The dream seemed stable and so i went downstairs into the kitchen. It was lunch time and we had cutlets, i nearly stayed for eating. I reminded myself that this was a dream and i could do better things than eating in my dreams. Then i woke up, because it was already 9 AM.