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    1. TOTM. Vial of forbidde knowledge gave me diarrhea :O

      by , 12-25-2017 at 11:10 AM
      This is a rather long dream, and I don't have time to type it all out in detail...

      It took place at the train station, but we were having a biology lecture there. We also did some bowling. But weirder. I got into an argument with a childhood friend who was breaking an ancient sculpture for fun. I got pretty angry, but we hugged it out after. During the bowling we were supposed to do som multiple choice tasks and hand them in. I never did, because I didn't feel like it was important. The professor confronted me about it after class. I started looking through my backpack for some previous hand ins I hadn't done either. While he waited he looked through my notes and found a drawing of a flower. Quite psychedelic.

      He said it was OK. "No hand in-s for a fellow acid head" and smiled. I started explaining the flower, he wrote "lucid?" on one of the leafs. I didn't think much of it but we started talking about lucid dreaming. He asked and I told him that I lucid dream regularly. But that it hadn't been so good during finals.
      Suddenly it dawned on me that I had already had all my exams, so there was no reason for me to be in class. And further more it was weird that my professor was at my parents house... I realized that I was dreaming. He had a big grin on his face. I laughed loudly for a long time. But it sounded strange.

      The dream was unusually vivid and life like. I felt like doing some tasks of the month. I spoke to my sister, but I can't remember what. I went downstairs and sat down with my parents having breakfast. I asked my father if I could have the vial of forbidden knowledge he wears around his neck. He pulled it out from underneath his shirt. He did, it looked like a jewel. I was expecting a powerful trip, but nothing happened. It tasted OK, but far from good, more like OK for a medicine.

      After I realized that nothing was going to happen I decided that I would continue on with the tasks. First I would head outside and fly to a buffet in an ironman suit. But once I got into the driveway I suddenly got an overwhelming urge to take a dump.

      Warning. It gets a bit graphic beyond this point.

      Seeing as it was just a dream I just pulled my pants down right there. But nothing could have prepared me for the foulness that followed. It was coming out
      by the liters every secong and it lasted for quite a while. It got so messy I just took of all my clothes once I was done and decided to continue on in the nude.

      My sister came out. I showed her how the shit had bore a deep hole into the ground and now groundwater was pouring up cleaning it away.

      Then suddenly seemingly for no reason I woke. I suspect it was a sound in the house IRL.

      Edit: I got out of bed. Stomach was as is to be expected on christmas morning in my part of the world....

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    2. Lucid dream and TOTM. Asking an older version of myself for advice.

      by , 12-10-2017 at 01:12 PM
      Lots of trippy and intensely absurd dreams tonight, but I wasn't at home and had nothing to write on. I was a little too laxed on recall so memory is very limited. I know I was lucid at least twice though.

      I did MILD in the middle of the night and later noticed that I was about to fall asleep. So I just sat back and enjoyed an unusually smooth transition into the LD. (Best type of WILD. All the fun, non of the work)

      I headed downstairs and met my parents dog. She was super happy to see me and we played for a little bit in the hallway. I decided it would be fun to start the dream with one of the tasks. I also wanted to go outside. I tend to get this urge.

      I decided to bring the dog along. Once we got on the road I decided that I wanted to start with meeting an older version of myself.

      I looked around, but there was nobody around. I told the dog to look for me. She wen't out into the tall grass and started barking. I followed and found myself face down in the tall grass tied up into an uncomfortable position. I helped myself get loose.

      The older version of me: Didn't look much older. Horrible unhealthy skin. Looked weak. Scared.

      I can't remember a lot of details. But I asked for advice. All he told me was that if I was offered to go to the mountains in the next few days I absolutely had to refuse.

      I asked what had happened to him... why was he tied up? I can't remember exactly what he said. But I think it had something to do with that mountain trip. And he had gotten in trouble with some people. He suddenly got anxious and told me something like "oh no here they come" I turned around and he was gone. A humongous black dog approached. About the size of a hippo. There is also the image of a man in black, but I can't remember anything else about him.

      The dog was intimidating, but I just started playing with it. I lost lucidity while we were playing around in the street.

      I "woke up" hearing faint voices outside my room. Getting closer. There was a woman. I remained still because I wasn't sure if it was real life or a false awakening. And I was hoping to re-enter the dream. She leaned in and whispered my name into my ear and licked my neck. It went through my body like a jolt and I woke up completely. I am relatively sure it was a hallucination and not a false awakening..

      This could be a new trend. There is a part of my mind that has always been trying to stop me from entering lucid dreams during transitions. But it never had much success.

      Recently it seems to have given up and left me alone during the initial transition. But instead surprising me and waking me when I try to re-enter dreams. After a few times I know to expect it now though. So I doubt it will be much of a problem in the future..

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