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    Sergei Dragunov and the Towering Scrap-Amoured Alien of the Colosseum

    by , 10-22-2014 at 04:43 PM (319 Views)
    22nd October 2014:

    Not an awful lot of recollection tonight, but some. At some point I think I was in a sushi restaurant, one of those ones with the tanks where you can pick the fish out that you want to eat. The place was dingy and indistinct, and I couldn't really make out an awful lot of the place, but the arches and general architecture of the place reminded me of a seafood restaurant I had been in during a dream that I had last month.

    The next bit of dream that I remember took place in a towering, circular Roman colosseum; it was taller than it was wide, and its thick Ionic pillars were stacked on top of one another in ascending arches. The sun beat down from a blue sky above, and I don't remember seeing many clouds. The dream camera focused on a view of Sergei Dragunov (you can see him in my profile picture; I play a lot of Tekken and use him a lot, hence his presence); he was lying on the ground looking up at a tall, looming figure, crawling backwards as if in terror. His gas mask was missing (I have him customised in the game so that he usually wears one), and his hair was slightly longer, wild and unkempt, as if he'd been in a scuffle. The dream then focused on a view of the figure that was looming over him; he wasn't entirely discernible as he was cloaked in shadow; he was so large that he blocked out the sunlight streaming into the colosseum. He was incredibly muscular, with broad shoulders and arms as thick as tree trunks; from what I could see, he was wearing some kind of angular bucket-helm that showed only his eyes; I can't remember their colour, only that he had a disdainful expression behind his helmet. His arms and torso were covered in banded iron, and he had a short cloak with vertical purple and white stripes cast over his left shoulder. Something about his jumbled and disorganised-looking set of armour told me it had been assembled from a scrap heap or something, but its thrown-together look made him no less intimidating. He may have spoken, but I don't quite remember. He turned, his cloak billowing, and walked away slowly with large footsteps, towards a waiting flying saucer that was parked a short way away within the colosseum. The ship was made of grey metal, with a domed glass top. Very stereotypical, really.

    The colosseum briefly shimmered, and seemed to transition into one of the early maps from Half Life 2 where you are beset by Combine with machine gun turrets in a water-clogged junkyard, with the dream camera position at the right hand-side of the map, giving a sideways view. The helmeted figure continued walking towards his flying saucer, giving a look back, before ascending the ramp into it. It was at this point that I woke up.

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