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    1. Past dreams

      by , 03-01-2017 at 02:28 AM
      I have always had vivid dreams - especially when I was a teenager. Lots of LD, and even some precognitive. Unfortunately the older I got, the fewer 'meaningful' dreams I experienced. I still have LD quite often, oh and the dreaded SP which always makes me panic! I'm gonna try to write some of these, short form, here...past dreams.

      This one LD has always stuck with me because its kind of funny: I found myself in my room - where I went to sleep, and I immediately realized I was dreaming. I looked at my window and I really wanted to go jump out and fly. But I stopped myself because I was worried that I might actually be acting out the dream, like sleepwalking...lol

      This dream was beautiful:
      I was sitting on the back of a large turtle as he swam through the ocean towards a beautiful beach. I was amazed at how vibrant and clear everything was. It was as if I had spent my whole life looking through foggy glasses that were now removed. It was like being one of the first people to experience an untouched brand new world. There were only a few us here. We were being taught how to live here without damaging anything, like plants or animals.

      This was a SP:
      I was in my bed and couldn't move. The air was strange - like dark stuff floating around. Beside the bed were 3 dark hooded figures(lol so generic SP figures). They brought what I think were dogs over to me, and it rested it's head on my stomach. Then they left!
      Although I experience SP quite often, I rarely see anyone/anything.