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    11/10/11 Tuesday DILD - Aliens in the Institute

    by , 10-13-2011 at 05:25 AM (466 Views)

    I was at my Nanny’s house. There was a toddler/baby there that I was to look after. We had fun singing Fireflies by Owl City in the garage and playing on bikes and scooters in the driveway. But then it began to rain. The rain was torrential. My Nanny put the baby in a cot/box, but it began to fill with water and the baby began to drown. With little time to spare, I picked up the baby and held it upright, banging on its back so that it coughed up water. It was then that I was captured.

    I was in some kind of large building/institute. There were many people my age. I was waiting in line for something that everybody wanted desperately, but I was towards the back of the line. I decided to hop out of line and go sit in a corner by myself. It was just my luck that the head of the institute called random people close to him up, because I was sitting on the edge of his office/platform. With the selected few, he decided to send us on a mission.

    Aliens. Our mission was to investigate and befriend aliens. This went quite smoothly at first. My team and I continued along on foot and found a few aliens. Some of the team were given special upgrades such as wolverine claws or sticky gummy string that came out of their hands. But when we went on the boat to find a certain type of alien, it all went wrong. The aliens looked like red daleks with three heads. Not the robot daleks, the flesh on the inside. The aliens were in a red blimp in the sky. The girl with string powers tried to fly her string up, but it was too short. Somehow, she figured out how to stretch it, and wrapped her string around a tube above her from which she swung herself up like Tarzan would swing from a vine.

    I ran. I jumped. I was going to escape these terrible aliens. I don’t know how I knew they were terrible, I just knew. Somehow, I was teleported to the place in the institute where they held the trouble makers/evil children. I sat next to a girl with wolverine claws. There were lots of aliens around me that we had already researched. I got up to go investigate. There was a passage way with an adult and a small army in neat rows. Somehow I knew that the terrible red aliens would give an electric shock and do something to them, so I yelled out. But they wouldn’t listen, so I ran. It was too late. I was shocked by the wave. It appeared to be electric yellow sparks buzzing around everybody and everything. However, the wave only caused me to keep repeating my previous actions, like a glitch. I figured out how to bypass it, and then fixed the girl with wolverine claws. It was quite a task managing not to get cut by her claws.

    Time jumped. I was on the second level of the institute. My friend Amsie was bragging about what she could do in a dream. She was talking about going to the dream academy and air bending. ‘Pfft, I already know about that!’ I thought. Then she continued talking about finding the portal to the dream academy. That was what triggered me to become lucid. I quickly pinched my nose and found I could breathe in. My dream was becoming unstable so I rubbed my hands together which began to fix the problem. Racing down the stairs I held onto the cool metal of the stair railing, gaining awareness of my surroundings. I examined the person in front of me in detail, indulging myself in my surroundings. Forgetting my dream goals, I decided to fly. It was quite easy, but I had a nagging feeling like I was forgetting something. I decided then that I wanted to try something that I hadn’t succeeded with for ages. I went down the stairs and pictured my friend coming around the next corner. They did, but they ran away and I never caught their face. I kept chasing but they disappeared every time I caught a glimpse of them. I believe this made me lose my lucidity somewhat.

    All were called to arms. Everybody was in the institute and grabbed their backpacks from the massive towers that held backpacks. We all jumped up to the third floor of the institute. I followed an boy, even though he was slow because his backpack was heavy. I didn’t take a backpack because I figured it was a dream and I wouldn’t need it. We ran along a metal grid towards something.

    Side notes: This was the only night since discovering Dream Views that I did not attempt any lucid dream induction techniques. I recall briefly focusing on a dream recall mantra, but nothing else. Next time I will lay out in my mind very clearly what goals I wish to achieve in my next lucid dream. In relation to the friend who ran away, I have received advice from a few Dream Views members and believe that I will be able to handle the situation better next time.

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