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    Side Notes

    1. 12/10/11 Wednesday - Sark & The Arena

      by , 10-13-2011 at 09:55 AM

      Dream 1:
      I am on a mission. Sark is there. I am transported from my small plane to the water. I travel on some strange box-like boat that can only fit one person into a cave at the edge of the water. My father is behind bars on one end of the cave, and Sark is behind bars at the other. They argue and eventually some kind of agreement is reached. As I am leaving, I mouth "you're good" to Sark, and feel quite stupid about myself for saying such strange things.

      *Note: Sark is the villian in a series I am watching at the moment called Alias. He is quite a good looking villian

      Dream 2:
      I was in a fight between two teams in an arena. The arena appeared to be similar to the Colmen Centre at school (large indoor sports centre used for assemblies) and I was on the mezzanine floor near the far right corner. I played a very important role in the fight because I was the healer, and a very good one at that. I used my mind power to conjur coloured mists and lights around my fellow team members to heal them. I could also conjur red sparks to attack the other team. Sometimes I also summoned red clouds which caused intense itching. After a short struggle, we won the game.

      When I finished I went down the stairs and sat on the ground with these two little girls. The ground was covered in brown bark, trinkets and toys. We picked up the toys with chocolate balls in them and popped the chocolate in our mouths. I decided I didn’t want to go back to class, instead I would stay here with the girls. One of the girls left and I discovered that the remaining girl was quite intelligent, despite her young age. We talked in all seriousness for a short time. Much to my dislike, the teacher that had been patrolling the area spotted me and the girl. However, she only told me to sit on a chair instead of standing up. Shoving an extremely tall chair beneath me, the teacher made sure I was sitting down and then left.

      Eventually I decided I had to go back to class. But for some reason I was in Brisbane Grammar School (another school around my area) which was apparently connected onto my school. I tried to find my way out, seeing that there were many students that I recognized who were also lost and trying to find their way out. I followed them for a little bit, thinking it was better to stick with somebody I vaguely knew than to go off on my own in a foreign place.

      I vaguely remember there being love in my dream, but I don’t remember if I was the one feeling it or somebody else was. Or possibly I was, then I changed characters. I specifically remember being with my close friend Amsie and there was a couple kissing next to us. We were laughing about it and timing how long they kissed for on my IPod. We recorded 2 minutes and 34 seconds.

      I was in some kind of arena again. I was on one side of the arena, but I had to quickly get to the other before I became trapped by the water in between. The water was quickly rising and I had to race across the sand. There were others in front of me that seemed to have no problem with running across the sand, yet I was significantly slowed by it. However, I still made it in time.

      The scene changed. An evil rainbow, white gremlin/alien creature forced me to become a replica of itself. The creature in fact, looked a little bit similar in body shape to Squidward from Spongebob. I had to go around a shopping centre and dance with a line of people in pretty dresses. Or, to be more accurate, dance with a line of dresses with people. Some of them judged me on my dancing out of 10. I specifically remember receiving a 4 because I did not know I was being judged. The second score I received was a 7, which I was quite happy with. At the climax of the dream, the police/judges discovered what the evil gremlin thing was. I waved my hands and signalled that I was just a replica. I was not the evil gremlin thing, it was. From there I had to run for my life around the supermarket to escape the gremlin. I shook off my disguise as I went. It all turned out well in the end, although I do not remember the specific ending.

      Side notes: I woke up at about 2:00 am after my first dream, but did not wish to move and write it down. I regret this greatly as I can only remember a tiny fragment from this dream which at 2 am sounded amazing. I wish I remembered more from my second dream also, because I know there are exciting parts that I cannot recall.
    2. 11/10/11 Tuesday DILD - Aliens in the Institute

      by , 10-13-2011 at 05:25 AM

      I was at my Nanny’s house. There was a toddler/baby there that I was to look after. We had fun singing Fireflies by Owl City in the garage and playing on bikes and scooters in the driveway. But then it began to rain. The rain was torrential. My Nanny put the baby in a cot/box, but it began to fill with water and the baby began to drown. With little time to spare, I picked up the baby and held it upright, banging on its back so that it coughed up water. It was then that I was captured.

      I was in some kind of large building/institute. There were many people my age. I was waiting in line for something that everybody wanted desperately, but I was towards the back of the line. I decided to hop out of line and go sit in a corner by myself. It was just my luck that the head of the institute called random people close to him up, because I was sitting on the edge of his office/platform. With the selected few, he decided to send us on a mission.

      Aliens. Our mission was to investigate and befriend aliens. This went quite smoothly at first. My team and I continued along on foot and found a few aliens. Some of the team were given special upgrades such as wolverine claws or sticky gummy string that came out of their hands. But when we went on the boat to find a certain type of alien, it all went wrong. The aliens looked like red daleks with three heads. Not the robot daleks, the flesh on the inside. The aliens were in a red blimp in the sky. The girl with string powers tried to fly her string up, but it was too short. Somehow, she figured out how to stretch it, and wrapped her string around a tube above her from which she swung herself up like Tarzan would swing from a vine.

      I ran. I jumped. I was going to escape these terrible aliens. I don’t know how I knew they were terrible, I just knew. Somehow, I was teleported to the place in the institute where they held the trouble makers/evil children. I sat next to a girl with wolverine claws. There were lots of aliens around me that we had already researched. I got up to go investigate. There was a passage way with an adult and a small army in neat rows. Somehow I knew that the terrible red aliens would give an electric shock and do something to them, so I yelled out. But they wouldn’t listen, so I ran. It was too late. I was shocked by the wave. It appeared to be electric yellow sparks buzzing around everybody and everything. However, the wave only caused me to keep repeating my previous actions, like a glitch. I figured out how to bypass it, and then fixed the girl with wolverine claws. It was quite a task managing not to get cut by her claws.

      Time jumped. I was on the second level of the institute. My friend Amsie was bragging about what she could do in a dream. She was talking about going to the dream academy and air bending. ‘Pfft, I already know about that!’ I thought. Then she continued talking about finding the portal to the dream academy. That was what triggered me to become lucid. I quickly pinched my nose and found I could breathe in. My dream was becoming unstable so I rubbed my hands together which began to fix the problem. Racing down the stairs I held onto the cool metal of the stair railing, gaining awareness of my surroundings. I examined the person in front of me in detail, indulging myself in my surroundings. Forgetting my dream goals, I decided to fly. It was quite easy, but I had a nagging feeling like I was forgetting something. I decided then that I wanted to try something that I hadn’t succeeded with for ages. I went down the stairs and pictured my friend coming around the next corner. They did, but they ran away and I never caught their face. I kept chasing but they disappeared every time I caught a glimpse of them. I believe this made me lose my lucidity somewhat.

      All were called to arms. Everybody was in the institute and grabbed their backpacks from the massive towers that held backpacks. We all jumped up to the third floor of the institute. I followed an boy, even though he was slow because his backpack was heavy. I didn’t take a backpack because I figured it was a dream and I wouldn’t need it. We ran along a metal grid towards something.

      Side notes: This was the only night since discovering Dream Views that I did not attempt any lucid dream induction techniques. I recall briefly focusing on a dream recall mantra, but nothing else. Next time I will lay out in my mind very clearly what goals I wish to achieve in my next lucid dream. In relation to the friend who ran away, I have received advice from a few Dream Views members and believe that I will be able to handle the situation better next time.
    3. 10/10/11 Monday 4:00am-6:00am - Hockey Frustration

      by , 10-13-2011 at 05:06 AM

      I was at a shop on a cliff next to a beach. My hockey coach, Emma, and hockey manager, Kristina, was there. My close friend Amsie was with me. We were testing a certain dark brown perfume but we spilt it and had to go through this huge process of putting it back in the bottle by switching the liquid from lid to bottle. We lost much of the liquid down the drain of a bath that we were using for accidental spills. Everybody else had left the shop besides us and the coaches because we were so slow. Eventually we had to pay for the perfume, but we got a discount because there was not much left.

      I had bought a huge bowl of candy at the shop. I offered some of it to two old ladies when I sat down outside the shop, and they took some. I willed them not to take a specific piece of candy that I wanted, but they took it anyway. I hurried away because I had a hockey game. But when I got there I found I was dressed in my red stockings and sneakers. I ran down to the far end of the dark carpark outside the hockey place until I reached my parent’s car. They were there and listened patiently as I explained the situation. Luckily when I opened my school bag that was in the boot of the car, I found my yellow hockey socks.

      Time jumped. I was late for hockey again. This time I must have left my socks at the car and the car was no longer there. I decided to stick my bare feet in my shoes without socks.

      The scene changed. I was in a house and my friend D was there. He said he felt lonely. Strangely, I went in to kiss him, but he turned away.

      “I didn’t mean it. I know you’re gay,” I said hurriedly.

      Side notes: In real life, I only like D as a friend. He is certainly gay, and I only had feelings for him four years ago when I first met him and thought he was straight. So I am not going to make a big deal about the strange things I dream about. I had this dream/dreams after WBTB when I woke up at 4:00 am and went back to sleep. Haven’t achieved any lucids so far since joining, but I will keep trying :D
    4. 9/10/11 Sunday Afternoon Nap - Mansion adventures

      by , 10-13-2011 at 04:37 AM

      I was camping in a tent with my dad, mum and grandma. Visitors had just begun to arrive. I am not sure if they were human or not. I went outside with one of the visitors, and when I came back in it seemed that the people inside had aged significantly. I could see the lines in grandma’s face and I believe that their clothes had also changed.

      “How many years has it been?” I asked in wonder. My mother replied, “1.(9?) days.”

      The scene changed. I went to some kind of mansion place with my sister and her allocated visitor. It was constantly raining. Even when we were inside it was raining on top of us. I decided to travel up the flight of stairs that lay in the middle of the entrance hall. I travelled up the stairs with Sarah (one of my very good friends), and was afraid of her getting left behind because it took her a little bit of time to get up the stairs. When I reached the second top level there seemed to be gummy bears lined in a row, but I ignored these and went straight to the top. At the top I thought there would be another flight of stairs to climb, but much to my surprise, I had reached the very top. When I reached the top Ashleigh, a girl from my school, was there with some other people. The other people were rocking the stairs which had somehow turned into some kind of hot air balloon, but I had to remind myself that they were still stairs. Ashleigh was sitting on the floor because she hated it when they rocked the balloon or jumped up and down. I felt the same as her. When the others wanted me to lean over the edge, I just wanted to sit down next to Ashleigh out of fear of falling.

      “Good logic,” Ashleigh said.

      I went back down one flight of stairs and realised that I had missed my friends on the way up. I chatted for a little to my close friends, Emily and Amsie. I was annoyed at the rain, and wondered why it was raining even though I was inside. I waved it off however, completely forgetting that I had set my iPod to rain music before I fell asleep.

      At the mansion there was this strange ride. At first it seated many other people, but I ended up on my own in some sort of baby seat that was attached to and travelled along on a wire above my head. I must have dropped something out of my flimsy bag and pockets because I forced the ride to stop by gripping onto the white banister on the side as I picked up my phone and other belongings (including a white material bag with two tight pockets and a top that didn’t close; my grey jacket with brown buttons; my old blonde curly wig that my Aunt Rosemary gave to me). In this time, a teacher had come up behind me, but I willed her away. I put my belongings in my seat.

      I had finished the ride and it was time for the small group activity. Me, a boy, a teacher and another girl was in a group. We all had bicycles and our mission was to coat the path in as much chocolate brown looking liquid as possible. I was travelling up the front with the boy in front of me. The girl and teacher were far behind us because they didn’t have much skill in riding a bike. However, I supposed they had trouble because the path was slippery as it was coated in the brown liquid that we had rolled on it.

      When I was waiting for the people behind us to catch up, I saw a large group of kids and a ranger. The ranger had auburn dreadlocks with a touch of leopard patterns, a blue crumpled uniform with brown boots and a stern face. She was ordering the kids to play with hockey sticks and balls. One kid lost their ball in the bush and scrambled to retrieve it, but the ranger/teacher figure did not take much notice and made no attempt to help or scold the child.

      Note: Everybody else in my dream mansion seemed to be very happy, but I didn’t feel happy. This may be reference to Uglies and Pretties by Scott Westerfeld because Tally lives in a world with mansions and everybody is unnaturally happy whilst she does not share their happiness.

      False Awakening:
      I woke up in my bed to find that the wall behind me did not exist and sunlight was streaming through into my eyes. However, there were workmen and women and my family that were all removing my furniture from my room and putting it outside leaning against my bed. They took away my three pillows, one of my pillows having things inside it like the things I put in my pillow when I go camping. I was outraged by all of this, but it was not within my power to stop them.

      Side note: I was attempting WILD in my nap at 2:00 pm in the afternoon. However, I was constantly being disturbed by other family members so I gave up WILD and just fell asleep as I normally would. I put on a rain/storm track on my IPod whilst I fell asleep. At first it was an anchor for WILD, but eventually I just used it to lull me to sleep. Funnily enough, it actually passed into my dream. I may use this in future. Sadly I could only recall the dream from my afternoon nap on Sunday. I did not remember having any dreams in the night. This made me pretty frustrated, but there is not much else I can do but keep writing down as much as I can remember.

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    5. 8/10/11 Assortment of dream scenes

      by , 10-13-2011 at 03:55 AM

      I was in a dark room sitting on my bunk bed. I was talking on my computer to a mother on drugs with young kid. She was asking me for advice. She sent to my laptop a picture of a white, fluffy ragdoll cat sitting on the sand at the beach.

      The scene changed and I was at small shop with James and Claire, my 9 year old brother and 13 year old sister. It was still night time. There were different teams of kids attacking me. Each wore different colours to signify what team they were in (white/black striped, pure black, ect.). There was lots of yelling and shouting, but I realised very quickly that they were just playing. I scrambled to hide in the kitchen area against the counter, but it was not a good hiding place. I was spotted instantly and shot by some kids. However, the bullets were not real and did not harm me.

      The scene changed again. I was at some kind of strange airport on a runway. For unknown reasons, I grabbed a trailer that was on the runway and dragged it at an impossibly fast speed. I felt as if I was going faster than I have ever travelled in my life. But I couldn’t stop. Fear built up in my chest as I put my feet to the ground in attempt to slow myself. The trailer and I had not slowed in the slightest. All of a sudden, I swung the trailer around on its side with impossible strength. I had saved myself just in time.

      The scene changed once more. I was about to enter a pool resort with my hockey team. My hockey coach told me that I had to have the first ice bath and gave me a bobby pin made out of white cotton to signify this (at my previous hockey tournament we had to take ice-baths after each game. I always dreaded these). My coach (Emma), said that I had to have the first ice bath because she noticed on the last day of the hockey tournament that I looked at her and then pretended I didn’t see her because I didn’t want an ice bath. When we entered the pool resort, I noticed that the whole ground was covered in pools of different sizes and shapes. However, all were the same light blue pool colour. They seemed to be mostly undercover because there were shade tents permanently strung up above the pool. There were a couple of ice baths floating in the pool area. They were very strange white buckets that seemed to already be filled with pool water because they were mostly submerged. I looked around, but when I looked at the ice bath I wanted to go in, there were suddenly many guys surrounding it. I wanted to be with my hockey team, so I looked around for a different ice bath. Sighting one near my team, I swam over to it and hopped in. I was quite surprised when it was not cold in the slightest. I realised that it had been in the sun and all the ice had melted and turned into warm water. It was almost like a spa. My hockey manager (Katrina) came along with a glass of red cordial. I let it rest in the pool water and the pool water filled the cup.

      The scene changed again. I was at a Woolworths store (grocery store) and I entered through the side door near the back. In front of me there was a flour packet that was labelled strangely. For some reason, I knew in contained some kind of illegal drug so I opened it and tipped it out into the bin. Then I picked up a newspaper and placed it in a red Woolworths basket with the empty flour packet. Suddenly, a grouchy Woolworths employee came along and asked what I did. I confessed, thinking that I would be congratulated, but he gave me a piece of paper that meant I was to be fined $1. I didn’t pay it, instead I ran out of the shop.

      The scene changed into some kind of starry room or theatre. I suddenly realised that I might be dreaming and I attempted to jump off the ground. However, the ground wouldn’t let me and instead it made me become heavier and I got a sinking feeling. It felt a little bit like trying to jump on a trampoline when somebody else is jumping in a different rhythm. My thoughts were somewhere along the lines of ‘oh I have to make sure I don’t lose lucidity and stay focused’, but I still got distracted easily.

      The scene changed once more. I was in this huge U shaped area with two round sections on either side with a joining at the bottom. There were all these curtains and holes in the wall around. I knew that this was a bad place. The fear did not creep up on my slowly, instead it hit me instantly. There were these alien/evil tentacle things that were slowly braiding themselves into plaits from the holes in the wall. Somehow all the DCs around me and I had seen this dream or situation before and we knew that we had to find the right plait and pull it from the hole. But the plait we thought was correct was in fact, incorrect. It was a risk to pull the plaits because you didn’t know what would come out the other end. Although most of the plaits led to nothing, there were some that lead to not-so-nice things. But we didn’t realise this until later. It was also difficult to pull the plaits as they were heavy. But I was quite strong, sometimes pulling three at once. It was then that we realised that some plaits had very bad creatures at the end called Furies. They were very large witches/hags that came in different colours. I same a splotchy turquoise one and a deep pink one. Once we realised we were pulling a Fury, we stopped pulling and backed away. However, the Fury still inched slowly forward, and eventually it would be free of the curtain. We had to find the right plait before it was too late.

      Side note: I suspect that this wasn't all one long, continuous dream. It was probably several dreams, but I wrote this in the morning when I woke up so I could not distinguish where one dream ended and the next began. I am quite impressed with my dream recall for this night. I am going to continue to copy and paste my entries from previous dreams until I catch up to the present.

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