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    Adventure time!

    by , 10-16-2012 at 05:01 AM (377 Views)
    Once again I repeated to myself to become Lucid and have an adventure, right before I went to sleep. I continued to say it until I actually did fall asleep.

    The dream was partially lucid. It was an Indiana Jones environment. I had on the outfit, leather jacket, the classic hat and even the whip. The location was a Middle Eastern town with off white building all around. I was just standing there holding the whip. There was a rectangle hole in front of me that look only about 12 feet deep, I could see the bottom. The idea was to use the whip on a metal pole and swing across the hole via Pit Fall style.

    This is where it got cool. I was actually able to change the material of the whip. The dream went back and forth between what I was planning on doing (Swinging across the pit) and what I was actually doing (which was standing there).

    I was mainly focused on if my weight would be supported by the type of material my whip was made out of. (Any time I hang from anything I estimated whether or not I can be supported). As I was thinking about the type of material my whip would be made out of I focused on the whip and the whip actually changed to what I was thinking about. I thought about a vine and the whip turned from the classic leather to what looked like a long think plant root shaped into a whip. For whatever reason I thought this was sustainable and used it on the hanging pole. As the vine whip latched on I woke up.

    This was a great learning tool as I can feel the steps necessary to reach full lucid control. It's like I'm learning to walk or talk all over again, except learning this is ultimate for me.

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