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    1. Adventure time!

      by , 10-16-2012 at 05:01 AM
      Once again I repeated to myself to become Lucid and have an adventure, right before I went to sleep. I continued to say it until I actually did fall asleep.

      The dream was partially lucid. It was an Indiana Jones environment. I had on the outfit, leather jacket, the classic hat and even the whip. The location was a Middle Eastern town with off white building all around. I was just standing there holding the whip. There was a rectangle hole in front of me that look only about 12 feet deep, I could see the bottom. The idea was to use the whip on a metal pole and swing across the hole via Pit Fall style.

      This is where it got cool. I was actually able to change the material of the whip. The dream went back and forth between what I was planning on doing (Swinging across the pit) and what I was actually doing (which was standing there).

      I was mainly focused on if my weight would be supported by the type of material my whip was made out of. (Any time I hang from anything I estimated whether or not I can be supported). As I was thinking about the type of material my whip would be made out of I focused on the whip and the whip actually changed to what I was thinking about. I thought about a vine and the whip turned from the classic leather to what looked like a long think plant root shaped into a whip. For whatever reason I thought this was sustainable and used it on the hanging pole. As the vine whip latched on I woke up.

      This was a great learning tool as I can feel the steps necessary to reach full lucid control. It's like I'm learning to walk or talk all over again, except learning this is ultimate for me.
    2. 1st/First Lucidicidy*!

      by , 10-05-2012 at 11:23 PM
      IT HAPPENED!!!

      After reading quite a bit of past experiences on DV and remembering some of the techniques used by fellow dreamers, I decided that I was tired of letting things be.

      I tried the Repeating word technique* (I know there's another name but adding the word technique at the end of what you’re doing makes it sound cool

      So any way, I'm getting ready for bed telling myself "I'm gonna wake up in my dream, I'm gonna wake up in my dream." I continue to say this while I'm lying down with my eyes closed and continue to say it until I stop I guess.

      Next thing I remember is waking up and having to go to the bathroom and I do, except right in the middle of me going number one, like right in the middle of it, I wake up! Two things hit me 1) WTF!!! 2) I gotta take a leak.

      While I'm taking a leak I'm thinking to myself. "I'm pretty sure I was dreaming the first time I did this." I have confirmed that this technique works. Before I even heard the term lucid dream I was using this technique to wake up at certain times in the morning. Having to be at work around 7am meant I had to wake up at 6am. So right before I went to sleep I would repeat the phrase, "I'm going to wake up at 6am." Sure enough without a hitch I wake up SECONDS before my alarm goes off.

      Repeating what you want to dream about right before your sleep is a damn good beginner technique. LucidLegend Approved! ;D
    3. 23 Sep 2012

      by , 09-25-2012 at 01:34 AM
      This particular Dream was very, long yet extremely simplistic in nature.

      I was running very fast, at a very high tempo, much like an anime ninja would run. Arms back jumping over people, through lawns, going in and out of first person and third person perspective, which is not unusual in my dreams.

      The neighborhood I was running through was my old neighborhood that I grew up in. You head south about a mile and there was my elementary school, you head north about a mile and there was my high school. In this dream I was running away from an old house that I used to live in heading south right past my old elementary school. I remember it being the last thing I saw before I woke up.

      I'm writing about this particular dream mainly because it has a large significance on a very troubling time I had in this place. This neighborhood reminds me of the worst period in my life. The fact that I was running away from the house which these remembered horrors came from tells me two things: 1) My Lucid dreaming techniques are improving and 2) This particular dream has a lot of significance with my dream research.

      My dream research has led me to the theory that we remember EVERYTHING, yet only a portion is stored in our subconsciousness and the rest in our consciousness. Reality and our consciousness 5 senses fill in the holes/fragments that our conscious mind seems to "forget."

      On the other side reality is not a factor on our subconsciousness because we’re very stationary when we enter the subconsciousness. With these facts in mind we are stuck with only what the subconsciousness has stored. Our 5 senses do work in our subconsciousness however because most of us use the crutch that is reality to guide our senses to make sense of our world, using our 5 senses in our subconscious world is very foreign and downright difficult to learn to use.

      Also! Our subconscious is where our consciousness "hides" very very bad and traumatic event memories in order to protect our physical well being.