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    1. DJ Entry 12 9/15/16 and 9/16/16

      by , 09-18-2016 at 08:31 PM
      To start off, I put these two together because... Well... They both were dodrant-lucid dreams (as in they were a little more than semi-lucid, but not quite fully lucid)

      I woke up in a farm. I looked around, questioned my surroundings, thinking to myself "Ak I dreaming?" I just kinda shrugged it off a little and went into a random door that led to my bathroom(...?) And to which I noticed a slippery black sack was in my hand for some reason which to I reacted confused and *poof* I was in the farm again. At that point I was ALMOST sure I was lucid.

      I tried to shapeshift into a peice of bacon (don't ask why) and ended up just kinda ejecting from my "body". I went back in and tried to shapeshift into a dragon this time and ended up just waking up right before I was done morphing to which my school alarm (6:00a.m.) went off and I literally felt like smashing my alarm at that point and cursing it out for kicking me out of such an intuitive dream.

      Next day (night) I had dreamt I was in the Green Hill Zone from Sonic and I eventually ended up travelling to a giant bedroom... Only to realize that the bedroom wasn't big at all... I was actually a plush bear. I then saw a giant man about to chainsaw all the toys to which we declared war... Many lives were lost and I knew I had to go in (unfortunately I got cut a little bit but I managed to escape.) I ended up running to a salmon-colored room to which my dad came in and said "alright, son, we're leaving" To which my plush-bear self replied "okay" to which my dad walked out like it was nothing.

      I then shapeshifted into myself and began to wonder if I was lucid. I then realised "how would I have just done all that unless" and I tested flying. Seeing as I was in mid-air, I knew exactly what was happening- I was dreaming, wasn't I? So I decided I wanted to head out and explore. I tried to phase through the wall and... Well... Guess I didn't beleive hard enough and I ended up just kinda pushing into it until... Well... The dream kinda pitied me and just let down the wall for me. So I headed out into the stormy weather and felt my senses fading- I was waking up. I tried my hardest to avoid dark colors as that seemed to make my dream fade. I ran up to a random house to which a woman's face- maybe 21 or 22 greeted me.

      I hustled into the house to hold up a conversation about how their experience in dream world (my characters don't seem to mind me saying their in a dream as I seem to know they know they're in a dream) to which my dream faded in the first four words. I was very frustrated waking up as the dream had to stop at the worst time possible.
    2. DJ Entry 11Night Of 7/28/16

      by , 07-29-2016 at 09:38 PM
      Well... In a sense I went to sleep at 1 a.m. so... Let's just get to the point

      Not having any dreams worth mentioning for a while now, I haven't posted for quite a long time. Now this dream, however... This needed to be discussed.

      It was about 1:30 a.m. and I was tired so I went to sleep. Got comfy real quick, set my alarm to 6:30 in the morning, all that stuff. Now here are the first set of dreams:

      1. Oddly enough, I was a prehistoric animal (for some strange reason) and was in a cave when a... Tiger? Came by killing everything in sight. Now I still felt fear even though I knew it was just a dream. Maybe I wanted the dream to continue on? Either way, I stood against the wall and... For whatever reason the tiger just kinda skipped past me for no appearent reason. Knowing the big cat was still hungry I couldn't help but think it was some of my optimism. For example, I wouldn't've stayed still had I known I would get killed for sure. Anyways, walking out the cave I was led to my old bedroom for whatever reason. I then saw that same tiger waiting there, and at that moment when I walked out, I was my 5-year-old self with the same mindset as I am right now.

      The tiger then said "What were you thinking?" I just stood silent. We went to the bathroom to discuss some things (for whatever reason) and the discussion stood quite stable. I said "I just knew if I stayed optimistic then maybe chances were I'd be safe. The tiger asked "You know I just killed your entire family, right?" To which I responded "and you know this is a dream where I can simply bring then back, right?". The tiger kinda just stood silent. I left the bathroom and well what do you know? I'm back to myself again!

      In this dream, it seemed as school has started up. The date was August 17th on the first day of school. I then kinda teleported to my old school ('cause I hate my new school) and was in the workout room for some reason. Oddly enough, I was the one to view the dream this time. I saw a discussion going on about the whole tiger incident and it seemed like everyone knew about it. Though oddly enough everyone came back alive after the tiger killed everyone. I teleported home and it seemed like my dad was doing some work on the floors (I was back in my present home at this time) and my bedroom floor was oak instead of cherry for some reason. I then woke up to my 6:30 alarm.

      I pretty much said "Screw you alarm, I'm going to find out what happens next!" And headed back to sleep. In the next dream I kinda saw a flashback on the things that happened and was in my old house again. Next thing you know the Tiger's a T-Rex this time. Oddly enough all is the same. This time we headed up the appalaichians Only to discover something was a bit off this time. We hit the tip and we were back in the bedroom.

      Then we discovered a telescope in my room which i couldn't help but look through. All's the same, except when I look back the T-Rex is just gone. I then Lie in bed for a few wondering where they went, and then all the sudden what do you know, there's a 7-foot tall robot in my room for no appearent reason just taking off. I kinda shrugged it off until the T-Rex came back as a Tiger and we had the discussion. We kinda said our goodbye to eachother and the dream ended. I got a fine 13 hours of sleep when I woke up and my thoughts about the dream still remain as I typed this.

      I woke up choking on phlegm as i saw it was 2:15 in the afternoon.

      Please let me know what you think of this confusing dream in the comments.
    3. DJ Entry 10 2/17/2016

      by , 02-23-2016 at 03:47 AM
      DEAR LORD I HAVE NOT DONE ONE OF THESE IN A WHILE. It took a while to get a good dream to remember, so here it is.

      I was in the kitchen and everyone except my mom was in the basement. I go down stairs and my oldest sister is calling me in. I go in the room, and I see the old computer in their room, on the opposite side of where the new computer is. I notice a dark haired figure in the room, and I figure to do a reality check. Sure, it pretty much didn't work anymore to look at my hands, but I figure I was still dreaming. I go outside to go and fly, but instead of flying, I end up teleporting.

      I teleported to princess peach's castle from Super Mario 64 for some reason, and decide to head on in. The castle is alot smaller, with just one room, and the walls are red brick. Then a dark figure appears at the doorway, and said "Don't run." He made his arm and hand stretch to grab me. It was pitch black, with nothing but a glowing face. I got teleported to the old house.

      In the house, Nothing much happened. My dad came home from grocery shopling, but everything is... normal... in fact, so normal, it wasn't. By the time I realised I was still dreaming, my alarm rung. I had to go to school.

      Though this might not have seemed like much, it was a huge experience for me. Short to read, but long to read. I'm sorry if it was kind of boring, but I promise more dream journal entries in the future.
    4. DJ Entry 9 1/2/2016

      by , 01-02-2016 at 10:17 PM
      I Can Recall A Fine Amount, So I'll Try To Write As Much As I Can.

      I Woke Up In The Dream And, I Don't Know Why, But I Already Knew I Was Dreaming. I Saw A Random Guy In The House That I Only Barely Knew In Real Life, And I Just Went Outside. I Went Flying After Being Thrown (Because I Often Can Fly After Being Thrown In My Dreams) And I Noticed That My Neighborhood Now Has A Sidewalk (No, My Neighborhood Does Not Have A Sidewalk, Some Idiotically Forgotten Thing That The Didn't Put.)

      Anyways, I Tried Summoning In A Dream Character, But That Didn't Work. Looking Back At My Most Recent Lucids, I Remember I Had A Hard Time Phasing Through Walls Because I Had Doubt, And Now Since That One Lucid Dream Where I Phased Through Walls Because Of High Anticipation, Now It's Easy As Simply Opening A Door. Maybe I Need To Do The Same When Summoning Dream Characters, Anticipation Is Key.

      Anyways, I Woke Up In Real Life, Simply Drifting Right Back To Sleep. My Next Dream Involved Me Going To Some Laser Tag Looking Place, Except With The Fact That It Was Only Dark As Lasertag. Instead, It Was A Game Involving Flying On Some Kind Of 1 1/2 Foot Long Star Pillow Thing Which Came In 7 Colors; Magenta, Purple, Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, And Blue. Everyone Was Seated And Ready To Play. I Ended Up With A Yellow Star Pillow, And It Seemed That We Could Customize Our Flying Pillow Things.

      Appearently The Glitter Pen Did Not Create Glitter; No, Instead, It Caused Drawings To Display That Represented Your Personality, But Unfortunately, It Also Caused Ads To Display On The Back. For Some Reason My Star Was Very Heavy But Did Not Want To Drop On The Ground. Instead, The Star Was Trying To Fall On The Back Wall, As Well As The Stuff To Decorate It. The Decoration Stuff Managed To Fall, But Not The Star.

      I Woke Up Soon And Stayed Up For A Few Minutes, But Went Right Back To Sleep After. Next Dream Involved It Being Even More Foggier Than Usual, But I Didn't Care. The Dead Trees In The Front Yard Turned Pink And Green, And A Man Holding My Scooter In Front Of The Door (I Don't Know How To Bike, Okay, Be Quiet!) And Wanted Me To Open The Door. Unfortunately, I Had Bad Anticipation, And He Tried To Wack A Scooter At Me. Luckily He Wasn't The Smartest When It Came To Attacking So I Easily Dodged Every Move, Even Though One Of Them Slightly Got Me, Just Leaving A Scratch.

      I Ended Up Waking Up Soon, Doing A Reality Check. It Was Done, It Was A Dream. How Do You Feel About This Dream? You Don't Need To Comment, I Just Would Like You To Think About It.
      lucid , memorable
    5. DJ Entry 8 12/31/2015

      by , 01-01-2016 at 12:28 AM
      I Had Quite A Few Dreams Last Night, Can't Tell If There Were 2 Lucid Dreams Or Just One, Either Way All That Matters Is That I Can Remember.

      I Woke Up In My Dream Jumping Out Of Bed, However, Something Was Off. I Noticed I Was MUCH Smaller Than I Was Used To, So I Realized I Was Dreaming. I Decided To Get Out The House By Running And Phasing Through Walls, And Right Out The Door. I Went To Go Fly Straight Out, But I Couldn't. Maybe I Was Underestimating The Dream, Probably.

      Anyways, I Was Back In, Looking At My Hands. They Looked Completely Normal, With The Exception Of Having A 6th Finger On Each Hand. I Tried To Distort My Hands, One Time Making My Hands Having 14 Fingers On Each Hand, Etc. Etc., You Get The Point, Basically, Distorting My Hands.

      One Different Dream, I Remember A Mirror. I Went Into The Mirror, Spawning Things In There, Causing Things To Spawn On The Other Side. I Broke The Mirror, Which Led To The Mirror Being Accessable To Both Sides, Even My Mirror Side. It Turned Out The Mirror Actually Led To An Alternate Dimension In Which Everyone's The Same Gender, But Traits And Personality Are All Opposite.

      My Mirror Self Ended Up Attacking Me, Which Led To Me Running Away To Come Up With A Plan. I Figured I Needed To Patch The Mirror, And Doing So Led All From The Mirror Side To Get Sucked Back In. In The End It Turns Out That Many Things Can Come From Breaking Mirrors In Dreams, Even If The Supersticion Isn't So Lucky.

      Alright, That Pretty Much Sums It Up. Also, Happy New Year Everyone!
    6. DJ Entry 7 12/27/2015

      by , 12-27-2015 at 11:56 PM
      Sorry if I haven't been on for a while, I had hard times remembering, but I recall a dream today, so here it is

      I was once again starting out in the living room. I thought for a second "am I dreaming?" And did two reality checks. The first one didn't work, which was putting my fingers through another hand, but my always working time reality check, that worked. I became lucid and decided to fly out, and ended up exploring multiple videogame worlds.

      The first one I explored was Super Mario. I remember doing just one level. The next game on the list was Pokémon. I remember bumping into Red and getting into a Pokémon battle. Next up was Minecraft. I gathered a few resources to build a house and ended up making it really nice. Last on the list was Terraria. I was in my normal Terraria world as in real life and ended up defeating The Brain of Cthulu.

      As I finished, the twist was I was actually on the tv the whole time! Wait... if I started out the dream IN my living room, checked the time, flew to multiple games, NOW i'm back in the living room PLAYING games? was I even real in dream perspective? Anyway, I had a lot of fun playing in the dream. I hope you guys enjoyed reading.
    7. DJ Entry 6 12/22/2015

      by , 12-22-2015 at 09:20 PM
      I Think I Can Recall A Nice Amount Of My Dream, So Here It Is

      I Started Out In My Room As Usual, But Something Didn't Feel Right. I Decided To Do A Reality Check, And It Felt Barely Normal, Though I Forgot The Time Reality Check. When I Got Back To My Room, I Realized The Ceiling Was Sloped. I Thought I Could Be Dreaming, So I Went To THE Dream Room Which Has Been In My Dreams, And I Then Saw A Message. The Paper Flew Out The Window, Blowing Away To All The Other 12 Dream Continents, Landing In The Peninsula Continent I Occasionally Refer To As North Camirae (America's Name Shuffled Up) And End Up Following My Dream Guide of Consciousness (I Have Two) and End Up In A House Of Creatures

      I End Up With Both My Dream Guides Then And We Split Up, Only To See That We Need To Fight These Creatures Alone. We Eventually Have No Choice But To Join Up And Run Out The Building And Fly. Luckily I Was Concious And Knew We Could Do So. Once We Got Down, We Came To A Crowd Of 8 People, And one of them said "thank you." I felt great seeing a bunch others cheering, and that's when the dream ended. I felt that the dream was extremely complete.

      Anyways, in general, this was a fun experience for me. Hope you enjoyed reading!
      lucid , memorable
    8. DJ Entry 5 12/21/2015

      by , 12-21-2015 at 09:16 PM
      Couldn't Remember My Dream The Night Before AT ALL, But I Did Get Random Come backs after thinking about random things last night.

      I Started Out In The House As Usual, We Go For A Car Ride Once Again And I Hear Strange Voices. We Continue On, And Eventually Come Across A Jungle In That Dream. The Creature Voids In, And We Make A Run For The Canopy. I Remember We Were Safe, But I Still Felt Some Awe After That.

      I Lacked A Lot of Rememberance Waking Up, But I Have A Good Feeling I'll Remember My Dream Very Well Tonight .

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    9. DJ Entry 4 12/19/2015

      by , 12-19-2015 at 09:09 PM
      I Can't Recall Everything, But I'll Say What I Can Remember. I Surprisingly Don't Start Out In My House, But Rather In My Car. We're Heading Home, I Get OnMy Xbox, And Some Strange Guy Voice Mailed Me. It Sounds Like A Young Girl Saying "Hey, Glad Your Finally Back On After All These Days. Thought You Were Already Dead, But I Guess I'll Fix That.

      At That Instant, I Quickly Turned Off The Xbox And Ran. Luckily, My Family And I Were Going To Go On A Road Trip, And Go To A Festival. We Drove To Some Fall Festival (Even Though It's Winter In The Northern Hemisphere) And We Gone On A Hay Ride. When We Got Back In The Car And Back On The Road Trip, We Saw Some Strange Things.

      What We Saw Was A Forest, But Everything Was Painted A Warm Color, And Grass And Sand Was Even Orange! We Decided Not To Worry And Just Go Home. When We Did, My Parents And Sister Were Going To The Store Real Quick, So I Decided To Just Hang Out In The Livingroom And Chill. When I Did Though, I Saw That Behind Me There Was Some Sort Of Rip In Dream Time Continuim (Cuz I Can Call It That), And I Start Getting Lucid.

      I See A Shadow Say In A Dark Voice "I Warned You" And He Tried To Kill Me As He Came To Life. We Got Into A Fight Where I Kicked Him Into The Wall Where He Returned To Shadow Form. He Said "I WILL RETURN" And Vanished. At That Moment I Woke Up Gasping.
    10. DJ Entry 3 12/18/2015

      by , 12-18-2015 at 10:38 PM
      I Can't Recall Much, But Here's What I Remember. I Was Waking Up In A Different Living Room Than Mine, Which I Might Have Been Lucid. In The Living Room, I Remember Seeing Lots Of Pets. For Some Reason, They Were Gone, But It Didn't Bother Me All That Much Knowing I Was Lucid. Few Minutes Later, I Saw A Human Sized Robot For Whatever Reason, I Thought It Was Just My Subconcience Probably

      Later I Got On A Computer, BTW, I Don't Think I Was Lucid BEFORE This, But For Whatever Reason, The Computer Was Not The Normal 8. Instead, It For Some Reason Was 2000. Tried To See If I Could Get On Minecraft, But All The Sudden, I See A Bunch Of Viruses And Adware Pop Up In An Old Styled Computer Fashion. This Is Where I Get Lucid. I Tried To Teleport To My School, Just To Explore Around A Little.

      For Some Reason, It Has Two Extra Floors And... A Walmart Behind It? I Had Earlier Also Remember Eggnog At The Back Of The Fridge. I Didn't Even Have That, But That Certainly Would Not Make Me Lucid As It Is Close To The Holidays. Anyways, For Some Reason When I Stepped Into The Walmart Area In The Back Of My School I Ended Up Waking Up (For Real)

      Sorry If This Dream Is Kind Of Boring :/. I Honestly Didn't Create Anything As I Just Wanted To Explore. Sorry.
    11. Repeating windows

      by , 12-17-2015 at 10:00 PM
      I went to sleep one night dreaming. In the dream, I had a huge desire to dream, so I went to check the clock. The clock showed the date, as opposed to the time. I blinked a couple times, only to get different results each time. I decided to go outside of my house, only to realize the door went to a clone of my room each time. I tried falling backwards, I either hit hard ground or phased through the floor and back to my room again. I tried phasing through the window, couple of tries but it worked. It led to a dark land each time. Said to myself "why not turn on the lights?" And it did, only to find my room every time. I could not escape my room, and would like to know why or what this means. This never happened before, but why is it happening now? Please leave a comment below. I also remember it was a dark minecraft world (I know, loads of minecraft antifanboys, thats bad too) and a secretwhite room with a ton of food there. BTDubs, I will start putting dates of the dreams that occured recently soon and the name of dreams for past dreams

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    12. Me And Dream Characters Meet

      by , 12-17-2015 at 03:34 AM
      I Went To Sleep One Night Hoping To Get A Lucid Dream. I Did, And It All Started In Some Strange Dark Realm. I Began To Fall, Only To See Black And Wake Up To A Group Of 5 In Cyan Armor. They All Were Fighting This Other Guy, But I Couldn't Tell Why. Later, I Was In Another Realm Again, This Time Back At My House, But Something Wasn't Right. I Found My Self Playing One Of The Games I Normally Play, But The Health Bar Was Different. I Found Out I Was Dreaming, Went Out, But Stopped For A Moment. I Looked At The Sunset Over The Trees And Thought "What If The Sunset In Waking Life Occured Like This?" And Then, I Started To Slowly Start To Fly And Said To My Self "I Can Fly", And It Worked! I Flew All Around And All Went Well, I Soared All Through The Sky Until I Saw A House And Bumped Into It. That's When I Woke Up And Thought "This Dream Will Never Be Forgotten".