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      Are you okay? It's been a long time
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      I second lucidbunnie on the concern. It's not rare to see people go inactive, but hopefully it's nothing serious that caused it.
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      Hope you are okay, you haven't come to the forum for like 10+ days.
    5. Hey, thanks for the heads up.
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      Like the avatar pics, I can't decide on what to keep my as :3
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      Thanks! It was just something I was doodling with during school. Even if it meant a couple of students heckling me at the library, it was worth it.
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      Thx! I bet you will do as great!
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      Nice job on the comp You should join expert league in future comps
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    Second Time Gyeongbokgung Palace

    by DawnEye11 on 05-09-2018 at 11:14 PM
    This dream started off non lucid at first but as i looked around, and observed a chibi(It looked like Eye)on a paper, my awareness slowly built up till i realized i was dreaming.

    I was in my old room and not in the palace like i wanted so i imagined the arches of the palace entrance and began feeling for it. I was interrupted by a television that appeared. On it a Gaster like character from undertale crept up from the ground and was telling scooby doo like characters to hush and stay back while he approached whoever was about to come. I wondered if this showed because i depended on my dream guide to become lucid this time.

    Other smaller dcs began to creep around the floor as they sprawled up as well but i ignored them. My goal was to connect with the use of the palace and to find someones symbol. I began feeling for the edge of the arch door again closing my view until i felt it. When i opened my view i felt a shift and i was now at the palace! It was different though.

    I could hear a faint ethic music coming from my right and the left side to the distance wasnt fully there. There was a black area and dim lighting.Above and behind was perfectly visible though. A statue was also on top of the gate that looked like a slightly chubby shorter silver buddha. But he was dressed like an emperor with a small blue hat on his head. An overpowering blue with red and yellow stood out from his open traditional garment as he sat on top of the gate. (That statue reminded me of the statue they used in the palace to ward off bad dreams in the palace. As said by a tour guide in a palace video)

    Anyways, I moved forward thinking to go through the arch when i i noticed i couldn't see well. As I pondered what to do, i decided to walk back remembering that lucid bunnie put her symbol around the entrance. I thought what if it shown within the arch as i walked but i couldn't see well. I felt a slight push after that and as soon as I got out I heard a growl and felt something pulling on my clothing.

    It was a lion. I kept pushing it back as it attacked me.I also thought what if my thought of a palace guardian made the lion appear but I wasn't going to let it stop me from finding the symbol. I smacked the lion hard till it eventually stopped. However, after all that the dream shifted and I appeared in my old room. "No! It can't be over yet!" I imagined the palace again after closing my view than felt for the arch. I felt it again so i opened my view to see i was under the arch but it was dark and blurry. A force pushed me a bit but i held on until....i was in my old room again. This time on my bed.

    This was the old room where my dream guide Eye use to appear a lot. I could see that there was a dim light in the hall way and decided to go into the wall for defense. Once in the wall i thought of what to do but i was pushed out. I leaned on the bed than heard a faint helicopter sound. (I just realized the helicopter sound is reoccurring. It popped up in my DreamyWB dream)A thing that looked like a oval lamp with antenna began to float down left to right. This creeped me out so i looked away.

    However, when i looked back cause i was still curious if it was a symbol, i saw a small bird cage, like the one from my first dream. It came out of the dark corner still with the helicopter sound flying close to me. I could also see that my bird was inside it! "Is this a tactic to try and get me to not look away again?"I thought. It did help. Not only was one of my bird in it, there was also a white post card attached to the side of the cage. The post card had a blue and orange wavy color design with a very small white signature.

    I was so interested now but I got nervous i wouldn't be able to read the post card in time. I watched as it turned open and saw on the bottom of the open card there were big wavy letters. It was written in red orange ink. I remember a N and C, M, O, I, N being in the writing. But i got too excited that my thoughts began to effect the writing and i couldn't read anything. TwT

    Notes- After looking at pics i realized that there are statues at the entrance. I thought they were only within the palace cause in the wide view pics i didn't see the staue. Either way i didn't figure out the symbol and the post card was just another distraction. >. <

    lucid , non-lucid


    by DawnEye11 on 05-04-2018 at 05:55 PM
    I was with my dad and brothers outside when we realized my father was taking a while to return.I ran to our old jeep with my brothers, where we found our dad dizzy. Helping him up a bit, i told my brother to drive him to the hospital.

    When we got there, my dad was already in the room with the doctor who said there was nothing he could do and he didn't know what to do. This frustrated me. Than my dad started to look loopy and began saying crazy things. I tried to keep him calm but than he tried attacking.

    In the next part of the dream, i was watching a girl watching tv in her yellow/light pink bedroom. I felt small and hopped onto the white curtains. I climbed it, looking forward to get away. Once i reached the top of the window, i pushed a smaller window open and felt a cool breeze hit my face. It was winter and snowing.

    I hopped out and flew to my freedom. However, i felt a dream presense still lingering somewhere. Watching me. When i landed on the ground i came across a dog that was made out of metal chains that were broken. I pulled him apart as i strolled on my path but than a huge almost chibi like robot entity appeared behind me.

    "Is everything okay? I wouldn't want the person i care for to be hurt..."she replied. "Yeah, im good" i said nervously. "Is that you?"she asked now coming closer."Yeah,I'm KarlaB18!"I shouted impulsively. "You are!?"she replied surprised. I didn't know if that was a good or bad response though so i changed my mind and said "no".

    The place than changed to a large blue cavernous place where she erupted and began to unleash hundreds of spirits on me.
    I dodged the white ghostly spirits as i felt her control putting pressure on me. More and more it started to feel like she was a7/10 hard dream boss. But than i got tired of her putting me in corners as i flew around so i shouted a battle cry and dodged the spirits more accurately and with less hesitation. I than changed my form into asriel dreamurr and began showering the place with star power until the spirits and the girl faded.I woke up with a heavy feeling as if i woke from a nightmare but i found it to be too cool to classify it as a nightmare.

    non-lucid , memorable , lucid

    First Time Gyeongbokgung Palace

    by DawnEye11 on 05-01-2018 at 12:04 AM

    I was watching a scene unfold of a woman telling someone how to do something correctly. She mentioned that you had to make a big circle with red and white string than put feathers in it until it ended up being the right scale. (Obviously my mind took this from the pi joke on Hukif Entry) I left her after that and watched a man holding a cigarette enter the now formed bathroom. He than lay in the tub totally out of it and dropped the cigarette. The flame grew big.

    I ended up where my dad was now somewhere inside the house. We were trying to escape when I remembered my birds. He followed me as I ran from room to room until I found them. He carried the cage out the room with me but than I remembered we could use a fire extinguisher. I didn't know how to use it but I picked one up and tried to get it to work. It ended up spraying the fire a bit but it wasn't enough. That's when mew aliens began to slowly come out of objects and tried attacking us with beams.

    We ran together until we came upon a door my dad opened. The room was filled with water but we had no choice. We went in and swam up coming across a door on the ceiling. I tried to get in the door after my dad but my movement was going on the opposite direction that I wanted to go. "I can't do it!" I shouted. "You can!" My dad replied. "NO, I cant! Help me!". Than I just buckled up and moved in the opposite direction i wanted to go until i got in the door.

    I and my dad were now right side up and in the living room. But the mews appeared too. We ran out the door, my dad still holding the cage. My dad ended up in the car with my birds faster, while I was halfway to it. The mews than went though the door, their eyes glowing yellow as they sent yellow energy balls at me. "Open the door for me!" I shouted. When I tried opening the car door it wouldn't work. I had to deflect a energy ball with a random shirt. That's when the door opened, I got in the back seat and than I woke up.

    Gyeongbokgung Palace

    I was laying on a bed in a small room, looking at the floor thinking to myself "Gyeongbokgung Palace".
    When I realized that the small room I was in had a peculiar small square window with red tape around it.

    "Gyeongbokgung Palace!"I said knowing that I was in a dream now. I flew out the window and ended up on a clear path that looked like urban Japanese style homes around me. However, as I thought about the palace again I soon was flown and teleported to on top of a gray mountain where I could see more mountains and the city way down below. It was daytime, bright, with clouds in the area. "The mountain is a nice spot but where I really want to go is the palace". I than thought of Gyeongbokgung Palace multiple times until I teleported into a crowded area inside what looked like one of the houses in the palace site.

    Hearing the sounds of people chattering as they pushed around me I got the feeling I was in a area probably where a cafe was. But since it was a dream it could be any area. I than walked to the side until the crowd lessened and looked at the wooden flooring to see a small black outlined square with kanji and hiragana in it.

    What I could read was "te, ii noni". It doesn't make sense and wasn't the whole thing but it was something. I than looked around. To my right side there was a counter where you could order something. It was interesting but than I moved into the next room where I became non lucid.

    My teacher was present and handed me a test back. He said to look at it than handed someone else their test. Afterwards he made an announcement that the trip was going well so far but for no one to get lost. Thats the last thing I remember.


    A dream where I became a dog with other people. A bear took over our house and kicked me out. My brother tried fighting me with a pencil. I was playing ds with my old best friend but I couldn't hear her and when she got close to tell me something she kissed my ear. I wasn't into her though and thought it was probably a mistake. At the end I was talking to my cousin who was getting facial hair like a guy. Oh and there was a time I looked in the mirror and saw myself as a guy.

    Notes- It was interesting how my dreaming mind put kanji and hiragana into the square. Squares are common in waking life so it was probably a coincidence but i decided to do some digging and see if i could find anything in the palace that had language in a square. I found three pics with symbols on them. I dont know what they mean and i didnt know the palace had them. After looking at more pics of the palace im noticing symbols or designs on architecture. This makes me wonder if jewl symbol has something to do with the palace. Also do you have an idea what these symbols in the pic mean Jewl?

    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    Unclear With Some Disappointment

    by DawnEye11 on 04-29-2018 at 07:34 PM
    My dreams were consumed by another theme so much so that the palace just wasn't happening.

    Chance, Gamble, Shuffle

    I was in a golden box with a red carpet inside floating in the middle of the ocean. Invader Zim was present and talking to another character about how the situation presented was turning out to be ridiculous. I agreed with him but I wasn't just going to sit and mope. I climbed out and the scene began to form a ground. When I walked on it, I ended up in a purple dingy room that was decorated for a Halloween party.

    I could hear Teen Titans Go in the BG and thought that while the kids watched it, I would go ahead and eat some of the snacks. I went up to a old dusty reddish chimney where a black rectangular tray had some pieces left of a skeleton candy. But just as I picked up a small piece the wall and chimney began to shake. "He's coming everyone! Hide!". I saw a boy run under the small square table in the middle of the room. I didn't want to go far or somewhere obvious/cornered so I hid behind the near small blue sofa that had a black gaping hole behind it.

    As I crouched behind the sofa I saw a blurry spirit in the form of a man with a top hat come in. He slowly walked around the small table in the middle. It felt like he was looking down. Seeing through the sofa, I stepped carefully mimicking his movement so I can go around the sofa and keep out of his view. When he chose the person that was out of game and in his view, everyone in the party jumped up and ran in a line close to each other. I stood in between two guys and the one in front of me was wearing a waiter outfit. He had silver glittery cards in hand and began to shuffle the deck as soon as the spirit ordered him to begin. He didn't speak through words but we understood through feeling.
    I watched as the guy shuffled the cards. There were four that seemed like they could turn around the game.

    Moral Support

    I was laying on my bed when suddenly a guy approached me.He took my hand and put his other hand towards me, saying he would heal me. I felt others present around my now illuminated room and than gently pushed his hand away telling him I didn't need to be healed. He than asked me what was it that I really wanted than. I said I just wanted to understand why things were the way they are.

    After that I turned and looked at the other characters. They seemed like angels but I mentioned that they weren't. They agreed that they weren't and began to laugh together at my comment.

    The dream than shifted and i was now in a sandy large circular area where large arches had bars in front of them like jail cells. I could hear noises coming from it and felt like it symbolized restraint for wrong doing.

    After that the place changed again and I was in a room with what was supposed to be an evil person. My mom dc was present as well. While she was cooking the person made a small fire appear that burned my mom than summoned a larger fire. I blew out the fire and asked him why he was doing that. He said because he didn't care. I asked him why, is it because he lost someone he cared about and now no one else matters. He said yeah, kind of hesitating. I smiled feeling like we made a break through but this made him uneasy that he climbed out a window.The guy from the start than came back and told me that we would continue tomorrow.

    After that the dream shifted and the guy from the start of the dream came out again and brought me to a light blue hall where the others from the start were grouped together.(For a moment u wondered if it was tomorrow yet...^^")I was asked to try and help them in a short amount of time.As they began to walk around doing their own thing I walked up to each one telling them things they could do to better their situation and change their perspective to a more positive one. But even if it looked like it helped some slightly they all came together and began to laugh without facing me.

    I asked why they were laughing and why couldn't they just understand. It than got to the point when I wanted to smack one in the head but I stopped myself because it was not right. Instead I sighed and just watched them laugh. "Their obviously doing it to annoy me".The guy from the start than came back and asked me if I understood why things were the way they were now. I said yeah and understood that there were many opportunities for change but they didn't want to for some reason. He than brought me to a table with a yellow creature in btw us and showed me a metal with drawings on it that he drew. He said that I did a good job in changing some slightly or making them think even though I failed to make them leave the side they were on.

    Final fantasy

    I was trying to lend someone a pen but they were upset with me and didn't want to take it.

    After that I ended up in a facility where I zoomed up btw some escalators. I passed a repetitive dc than heard a dc singing a lovely song in an unknown language. "I wish I could make music like that" I thought than sat down to listen.

    The dream than shifted and I was in a room with green colored walls. There was a girl present who asked me what music I like. I said I like metal or rock but I do enjoy pop as well. She than put some rock music on and I left to find my younger cousin. She was in her room doing her best to ignore me with a poofy black short vest on. "Why is she wearing that?" I thought. I than flipped over a group of games in a basket where a final fantasy game was. This annoyed her so she flipped it back. Curious if she would do it again I did it again and the result was the same.

    Notes: Perhaps to get to the palace I need to try meditating on it so I can clear my mind and have more of a chance of it becoming a theme in my dream. Next week I know its going to be another place but I still want to see if I can get myself there. On the bright side I did get fully lucid but i got distracted and wanted to see the end result.

    Updated 04-29-2018 at 07:58 PM by DawnEye11

    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    Distractions Everywhere

    by DawnEye11 on 04-28-2018 at 08:44 PM
    I cant recall a lot. There was so much going on though.

    Laughed After I woke up

    I was with my brothers who were playing a mario game. They had to bounce mario on this huge plant until a burst of wind blew mario far away. While Mario tumbled in the air you could make different moves to help you catch the coins as you continued through the moving setting.

    I asked my brother to let me try than. After i bounced and was blown away i felt partly immersed and was having fun till I noticed the characters could change. Mario ended up changing to wario than waluigi.

    Next thing I recall is i was 12 and hanging around some other kids. One of the guys who stuck next to me looked like Eye's realism form. We were chatting together casually until someone shouted that a bombing was occuring. We ran as random characters began to pop up in our view. According to a man who was there we had to stay hidden from their view.

    As we sat at the bottom of a leveled sandy ground someone tossed a small technological bomb that was in the shape of a hexagon. It was lighting up in the middle about to explode.(Looked like the bomb fox has in melee)The man shouted for everyone to duck than covered me with his body to shield me from any debree. Knowing that a stranger was protecting me like that, made me feel so happy.

    But things died down after we went in a different direction. The guy who reminded me of Eye ended up handing me a present. It was wrapped in pink wrapper with red hearts on it and shaped like an envelope. When he unwrapped it though it changed into a pink maid outfit. He than took out a pink hair band for my hair and a short pink pants with red hearts on it. Everything was cute and reminded me of a design i had on a pink sweater when i was younger. After thanking him I took it.

    We were than approached by the other kid who asked me how he got a scratch under his eye. I laughed and replied " the catterpillars bugs and worms crawled on you when you were asleep. Than you stumbled upon a forest where you fell "and something else i cant recall. As i woke up i laughed at the absurd story i came up with.


    I was semi lucid in this dream and with my dream guide Eye. There was a baby shadow thing with a pointy head that ran towards me in the hall but Eye pulled me back than pushed it away. It tried to touch me again but Eye pushed it harder till it stumbled than dissapeared. He than showed me to my backyard where I saw a open carboard box that seemed like a small shrine but with flowers as the central object. There were many butterflys of different colors fluttering around. Ivy green, white, orange and another color. I didn't focus on it for long though.

    I followed Eye again till we ended up in a huge place with violet walls and i suppose a pillar/long stairs. It was an important place but my memory of the place is deteriorated now. Something ended up happening there but i can't remember. After whatever happened, occured, I went into the kitchen of my old home where Dawn showed up in a suit and tie. He than took off his suit top than asked Eye why he didn't make him something to eat.

    The way he was acting reminded me of how we use to roleplay in dreams when i was younger. I decided to go along with it and watched as he began to fry some peppers in oil and prepare vegetables/salmon. I felt excited to cook in a dream though. Cutting a pumkin and tossing it in I told Dawn that i would take over even though the dream limited my memory to cook vegetables and salmon. The frying pan began to overheat though. Not knowing what to do Dawn pushed me back annoyed and said to stay back.

    The next part i recall is that I had a false awakening. In the false awakening i heard people out the window and told them to shut up. (I was cranky in the dream cause I couldnít sleep)A man got furious in return and said he was going to kill me for saying that. I said sorry but he was still upset so i focused on summoning a guardian to protect me. I saw the scene change into a white place with colorful scribbles on the ground than i warped into the air where two anime girls sakura and ino were telling me how to summon Sasuke for protection.

    I became semi lucid there than they began to swing me around so i could get the flow of the motion of summoning. I went through the flooring easily until i landed on a bed where sasuke showed up. Eye was around too but the scene changed quick after that.

    I was looking at dream views but than my view zoomed in to a yellow background where someone replied to me.(Thought it might be psoink but i wasn't sure cause i couldn't see a username) I thought they replied after they read my dream but they said "I liked the part where the head was floating". With a smug emoticon and other random emoticons.(The smug emoticon probably occured cause i wondered when would anyone use that yesterday.xD) I didn't recall when that scene mentioned happened in my dream though and wondered if this had anything to do with my dream goals. (I didn't even recall the palace here.

    Notes- There was a scene where a cockroach appeared too but I donít remember when.

    Updated 04-28-2018 at 08:49 PM by DawnEye11

    lucid , non-lucid , memorable