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      Thanks! It was just something I was doodling with during school. Even if it meant a couple of students heckling me at the library, it was worth it.
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    3. Its my birthday today. Also, hope you all have a happy new year/new year eve~
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      Thx! I bet you will do as great!
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      Nice job on the comp You should join expert league in future comps
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      I hope you are doing okay. I'm sure you are busy w/ school. Hope to see your amazing lucid mind back on here soon. I miss Dawn & Eye too!
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      Nice new profile picture!
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      Love the new profile pic
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      Um ok...I rarely if ever watch TV in wl
      Does this mean I get to dare you
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      Hey, I saw you like my DJ about the wave pool. I hope school is going good & life in general. Miss reading your DJ with all of your creativity. Keep on being YOU!
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    A long Way Down

    by DawnEye11 on 04-08-2018 at 10:04 PM
    I was non lucid at first but I'm skipping to the lucid part. I had entered my old home yard after exiting the window and after I bid farewell to some guy.
    After that I flew into the sky. Once i landed I found myself on top of a curved black metal thing as I looked down below to see the height exaggerated. I was waaaaaaay up high and below me were dark buildings at different heights for me to land on. As I jumped and landed on the ones I chose I also took note of the crimson colored sky that also had various warm tints to it. I was enjoying the setting but than random women appeared and a race track formed. I decided to go for the race but I was pushed by one of the women. This led to me messing up her jump. Keeping herself from falling she held on to the track till the scene shifted.

    I was now sitting on a patterned floor looking at a guy who looks like vincent van gogh and another girl. As I was looking at the guy observing him, he got an attitude and told me that I needed to change the observant part of my self. I tried to get him to explain but he just seemed annoyed so I got up and began talking to a little Japanese girl. I tried out some Beginner Japanese on her and she corrected me saying that I had to end my sentence with desu ne. She wasn't entirely wrong since I was looking for an expression that meant I wanted a confirmation.

    Than thats when I saw a older Japanese guy step in front of us. Thinking he was her older brother I smiled as I watched him bow a little to greet me. I than shyly ran behind a pink wall as I watched the screen where my mother,the Japanese guy and my brothers were fighting in a game with their chosen characters.


    I was non lucid in a car with a teen who said that I would be poisoned if I ate the Jello made out of bee honey. I chuckled then dodged their attempt to feed it to me with a spoon.

    Next thing I recall is I was in a mall where I asked a woman about someone's power ability. They responded to me with a neutral stance that was kind of a let down though. Someone than started attacking the place and I became lucid.

    I wanted to leave so I stepped out a door but found myself still in the mall. My next try took some determination but I ended up at my old house room.Unsure what to do I began singing and looked out the window to see a full fledged forest in the yard with a ray of sun hitting the leaves. I liked it but than flew out and around. Didn't go far though

    A random group of people began fighting each other. Apparently for dream bases. I ignored it as I looked at a flower plant with gold leaves in a small pot on a window sill.

    Pic does not belong to me)

    Updated 04-08-2018 at 10:41 PM by DawnEye11

    non-lucid , memorable , lucid

    Golden Leaves/Acceptance Vs Expectation

    by DawnEye11 on 04-08-2018 at 05:47 AM
    These dream entries are longer than I expected them to be. I hope this means progress. I have a feeling long dreams still won't appear as much though. Hopefully the memorable short ones will still come.

    Golden Leaves

    I was living with a family who seemed asian. I was the adopted sister I think. The grandmother wearing a traditional comfortable outfit, lime green and yellow, entered the room and told my sister that the plane flight was ready for her so that she could escape and that her father would be picking her up soon. She replied with an "okay, thankyou Grandma"than stepped out the door. It made me feel unwanted to have to stay behind so I crawled onto my bed feeling disappointed.

    But than for some reason someone began drawing in the living room. This inspired me to finish my art project. I took a paper and brush and began painting what seemed like an orange tree or bamboo stalk. Than I got an epiphany and decided that golden leaves would fit perfectly. As i stroked the page with yellow paint leaves began to form kind of like they were growing on the page. When i felt it was complete enough to take a look i pushed the golden leaf stalk out of the page by feeling myself pick it up and it manifested. It was pretty tall, almost up to the ceiling but felt like it didn't have much weight to it. I stood it on the second drawer cabinet of a white small plastic table thing than admired the view of it within the room.

    After a dream shift I recall being inside a stadium or gym with a crowd of creatures and people all around me.There was a white bat like human pig creature announcing the battle between I and another being was about to start. I lept towards my opponent, knowing I wouldn't hurt them and that it was somewhat a dream but than after two attacks, block and defense moves btw my opponent,somehow it was over.

    The announcer than shouted who would like to battle next. I shouted for me next and ignored Gohans attempt to try and battle. But even after I made the puppy dog eyes and fell to the floor the announcer said no and picked someone else. Knowing that the battle didn't mean much in the end and that I had, had my go, I decided to leave the stadium.

    I was now in a huge school yard and remembered that I had to go to class. Once I ran up the steps, I saw someone order a robot to roll up the stairs. It was working on electricity and as I was going to class I heard others asking the guy questions. I began to ponder about them as I sat in the classroom till it felt like evening or late afternoon. I walked down knowing I was wearing a white shawl with my short white dress. But by the time I was outside it was gone. I ran back inside with someone who said they would accompany me but when we reached the classroom the building began to shake.

    A villain had attached a detonator to the school. Knowing those around me had powers, including I, I jumped out the small rectangular window and ran as far as I could from the detonation area. As I ran I saw a girl holding a baby and began to feel like i wish i could hold the baby but than i continued to walk towards the inside school garden, where light shone above the circular/dome glass.

    Next the dream shifts an I'm at my old house room. I see a rat on the floor and a girl's voice points it out. Than the rat becomes bigger and changes into a short black dog with a purple scarf. A man who looks like my old middle school social studies teacher walks in than snatches the dog."you can't see her anymore" he says than leaves.
    "That's not right.Don't worry, ill get her back for you". I'm fully lucid now and step out the room to see the living room is dimly lit. I stay put than feel a dark energy form as wind begins to push me back. "No way, im going back because of you!" I shout. Suddenly after focusing my view more I see a short dark shadow who looks like a stick figure alien with angular points for hands and wobbly arms. He pushes more dark energy my way.

    I step back than try manifesting light blue energy balls but it doesn't work. I try a boomerang as well but it didn't pop up. So than I go for my last weapon. Words and music. I sing a song hoping it'll change the shadows mood,( as if it was mermaid
    melody lol)The shadow slightly shifts than is out of my view as I step back further. I no longer feel him. I think this was the time I looked to the bed and saw someone with holes on their back and a smiley face. I tried to heal it but couldn't. They seemed fine though.

    Acceptance Vs Expectation

    I was in a apartment where people had gathered for a party when suddenly a invisible figure grabs me by the hand and begins to show me the way.
    I become lucid thinking that my intent to summon Dawn worked when I notice he walks me into a restaurant."I don't feel like eating dream food so why are we here? Can't we just sit down?" I think as I look at the people in formal dresses and the red carpeting. He than sits me down and I begin to ponder if he is not Dawn but has the other dream guide's personality. I see an outfit form than that looks like a light purple pants and tucked in collar shirt. But still no face. They than sit next to me and give me a hug. I hug them back but surprisingly they start blowing in my face softly. I don't know why but I begin to giggle for some reason. And as they laugh next to me, they than decide to blow harder till I'm pondering why they are doing such a thing. When they stop I see their form change and they become more muscled with blue hair that reminds me of Eye. I tell them to stay next to me and observe as scratches appear all over them. Seeing this as a opportunity to heal someone I manifest a cream ointment (ignored the lotion name on it) by asking it from someone. They hand it to me and I ask if I can put it on who I thought was Dawn. But as they touch their scratch they say no and seem like they are just relaxing within whatever form they are in.

    After waking up from that dream I came to realize that I really am expecting many stuff from my guides and in order for me to see true forms I need to be balanced and push aside my expectations and let in acceptance.

    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    Dream View Forum

    by DawnEye11 on 04-01-2018 at 01:18 AM
    The only part of this non lucid dream that caught my attention was that I was looking at the forum which now had a peachy colored background to it. For some reason Psoink was there and was writing to another guy on the forum. Don't think he was a real user. I don't remember what it was about but I recall someone writing no.


    by DawnEye11 on 03-29-2018 at 06:57 PM
    I was nonlucid in a grocery store with my family and other people. We were living in an apocalyptic world. Not totally trashed but taken over by other beings. I was looking for something to eat for dinner and found a salmon can that was from 2005 and another from 2007. Knowing I only had rice and some beans I contemplated eating. " Can I eat this?" I asked my dad. "When is it from" he asked. "2005 and 2007" I replied back. He said "no". " I don't care if its expired I really want to eat it...I haven't eaten any meat in a while" I mumbled to myself. I eventually put it down though and found a sausage can that wasn't expired. "Nevermind I'll just get this". I brought it to the store seller and put it down in front.

    The store seller ignored me though and was drawing something on paper for another customer. I than looked to the side and saw people hiding in the corner as if they were playing hide and seek. I was annoyed as I watched the store seller leave the front and watched the people to the side for entertainment. A presence than came through the door and the room began to darken.

    It felt like it was a dream world now but with real entities as if I was astral projecting. I flew out of the grocery store as the unknown figure began to blow everything in the store apart.

    The dream shifted after that and I was in a car with my dad, someone else and a woman with black straight hair. She came up cause I read nebulous dream before I went to sleep. I was listening to her talk to my dad in the black jeep as we passed by mountains below the night sky. "I was going to go to PR but than I decided to stay home because I wanted ro eat some of that delicious cake"(vanilla)is what she said. At first I thought "wow, thats what I would have done too" but deep down I knew it was that she wanted to stay with her family.

    There was also a scene of me coloring my character's eyes light blue, pink in the middle and light green. Forgot when it happened.

    The dream than shifted again and I was now in a really huge home fit for a king. It seemed like a Museum but also a church though. Mainly cause of the tall arched walls in the dream. It felt like I was dreaming again and as i looked around I took note of a woman who announced that I would be the one to stop the guy who was causing the destruction of the world. When I felt him get closer I tried to lose his attention by flying out through the window however the world was transforming in a way that didn't allow me to.

    He ended up seeing me and attacked with a wind like movement. I dodged than flew closer to the ceiling after I exited the room ro another one. It worked but he spotted me again. A female figure ended up helping me use my "clear" powers to distract him until I came up with a plan. My plan ended up being getting out of the place to go to a safer area to battle. As i exited the blocked narrow window the female figure changed into a fairy and began singing with me "row row row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream" in order for me to pass through the window smoothly and gain control. She showed how happy she was that i made it but than paused and asked me why i was tearing up. I wasn't crying though.i was a little disappointed i didn't defeat him quickly.
    Woke up after that.

    Updated 03-29-2018 at 07:03 PM by DawnEye11

    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    Smart Dawn

    by DawnEye11 on 03-25-2018 at 03:22 PM
    I was semi lucid during this part of the dream. I was in a room that was merged with an outside scenery, talking to a girl when suddenly Dawn came by and said he brought me a present. It was a big wooden connected ring that was made up of small wooden cubes that came in distinct colorful patterns. I thanked him for it but thinking it was supposed to be a bracelet i put it around my wrist. It was too big though so I took it apart, detaching it and putting it back together as a smaller ring.

    It was still pretty big though and i couldn't keep the cubes attached to eachother because of dream gravity. A big chunk of it fell apart. In order to save it i used dream control to put it back together. It worked well. After that when i saw him come closer i apologized for messing with it but told him i was only fixing it so that it would fit.He said it was okay.

    I than walked around and was looking for a green macaw female parrot that i felt was supposed to be present. I couldn't find her though. "Where is the green parrot that use to be here?" I asked Dawn
    We sat down and he told me "she died at four years old because she was only surrounded by indoor lighting and she needed natural sunlight" and something about them living less. I felt sad that she was gone but accepted that it was what happened.

    Notes:In this dream Dawn made me realize that i need to pay attention to my bird's getting the light they need more. The gift didn't need to be an accessory to be important either. I should have left it as it was instead of making it into what i wanted it to be.

    I tried painting the patterns but it's not coming out right, my memory is also failing me so I'll just leave it like this. I think its okay enough to give you idea of what it was.

    Updated 03-26-2018 at 12:18 AM by DawnEye11

    lucid , non-lucid , memorable