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    Tuesday, April 28th

    by , 06-04-2011 at 02:30 AM (323 Views)
    'm outside, somewhere in my yard. I spot Grant playing in Gears 2 in his window. I'm guessing the dream takes place before the release of Gears 2 came out because I was amazed and went over to go play it. Just as I think it, i'm there, he's setting up a co-op multiplayer. As soon as the game starts, i seem to be in the game. It's a very strange game. There it is a very fat U shape that's more like an "L" with it's base on the ground and a second prong on the other side. If you were standing in the middle of the narrow hallway , the room on the left is larger, brighter and has a large observation deck in the upper right hand corner. It's almost like a second room. It clings to the ceiling as well like some sort of Experiment watching site. Apparently, I already know the rules to this game but I'm going to share them too so it makes sense to you. This is how the game works: there are 4 players. At random one is transported up into the deck. There they fight a monster or something. The other 3 remain in the cave to fight off a giant robot. The games begin!

    The games begin. The first person is chosen. I vaguely remember her being a girl. We fire sporadically. The robot fires randomly around in an effort to kill the other two players. He never seems to notice me. Eventually I'm sucked up and in the room upstairs. It's got a heavy yellow tint in it and arranged like a lab/classroom with desks lined up in rows. In the corners there are Counters that bend around and have a lot of loose papers and engineering parts on them. I've got a small shotgun on me and Gears of War type armor donned. The windows are a very opaque yellow and have horizontal bars on them. Before long, I spy a cloaked Predator/Licker climbing down a big support beam on the windows. I take aim, one handed with my shotgun and let loose. Tons of static electricity come from his armor and there is a noticeable absence of blood from the gunfight. After that I'm teleported back down into the canyon.

    No one is there. I see the robot in the distance. It sees me and I panic. I run into the other section of the U/L shaped canyon(there is an opening in the middle between the rooms). I run swiftly pass the opening and quickly climb up into the large cracks in the rocks. The robot is a dark gray color with a large brass blade on the left arm. She( in some part of the dream, I heard someone call her "Mother") walks away. I run out of the crack, dropping out into a changed landscape. there are only the two rooms there, no more long wall closing it off. To my left, There's a landing pad with a dark purple robot there. I saddle up on it and all of a sudden the "Mother" robot approaches me. I get the sense the man's my father. The scene then transitions from us running in open plains to a rag-tag settlement where there is a large celebration going on. Lanterns are hung, bon fires are blazing and spirits are high. I'm wearing a long brown duster with the sleeves rolled up and i'm dirty. I think there was a fight before the celebration. The last thing I remember is jumping 10 feet in the air to a loft in a barn to see some kids.

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