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    Markman's NEW AND IMPROVED Dream Catalogue

    Not all of these dreams are Lucid Dreams. In fact, a vast majority are not. I still feel compelled to share them for whatever reasons and hope the community enjoys them.

    1. July 25th, 2009 "The White Stratocaster"

      by , 06-04-2011 at 02:39 AM (Markman's NEW AND IMPROVED Dream Catalogue)
      So it starts off in my local White House of Music, but it looks nothing like my White House of Music. There is an off white strat for sale with a rosewood fingerboard. I remember playing it and apologetically telling the man up there I'm already buying a strat at guitar center. I put it back on the wall and walk around for a little while. My cousin Scarlet comes in and gives the man a receipt that magically turns the stratocaster into a cigarette. In fact, I remember seeing the receipt. It said Deposit/1 Camel cigarette and Withdraw/ (Some word that began with an "A") Strat cigarette. She started smoking it which is weird because she doesn't smoke. I literally was thrown off the edge and started to yell at the top of my lungs.

      Next thing I know, I'm in my uncles' basement. I'm still seething about the recent destruction of the strat but there is no one inside to tell it to. I walk outside to a winter landscape in my uncles neighborhood. He was playing a wierd game that involved picking up trash cans and throwing them into a pyramid of trash cans, causing a mess. I start playing but stop after I tossed one can maybe 100 yards too far. I said in the dream "I guess I don't know my own strength" At that point I woke up from a serious Cliche but soon fell back asleep. For some odd reason, the whole road was set up to play this game and the last course had a large snow wall in between the throwing position and the pyramid. My uncle Steve tossed one can over, hitting the corner of the pyramid. Then he pushed over the snow wall, which must have been 30 feet tall and 6 feet thick.

      At this point, I remember being with some friends and getting into a fight at their house so we put in this game like GTA4 but its me against him in a death match. I'm in a White Mob Suit. By that, I mean I'm in a cape and rings and a fedora and black wing tips. He's in all black attire. My weapon is a 6 shooter that for some odd reason, I choose to fire from my hip and hold it exactly old west style. I remember battling in these really complicated landscapes that I am not up to explaining right now, but the general theme would be in a city, port side. After I do a lot of running and jumping, the game ends and the dream ends.
    2. July 23rd, 2009

      by , 06-04-2011 at 02:35 AM (Markman's NEW AND IMPROVED Dream Catalogue)
      I only remember a snippet of this dream and I may or may not be running two dreams together like they are one. So the dream begins and I'm in a hallway with some rooms. I think its 3 on each side. I go into the room on the far right, only to find out that it is a bomb shelter and a nuclear bomb is about to be dropped(It's a very scary feeling). This asian kid tim is there and he's huddled in a corner, rocking himself. I think some big shutters came down on the windows(an above ground nuclear bomb shelter, good idea, right?) So it happens, or at least I think it happens, I never heard the bomb go off. Everyone is still alive.

      I walk out and down the hall. My friend Tyler is in a room to the left, changing out of his bathing suit. I accidently walk in on him and then ask him where he was when he had to have swim trunks on. He didn't answer me. I walked out into a plaza type thing with a swimming pool and there were black torches and stuff so it looked vaguely like a loo ow. I don't know how to spell it so there it is phonetically. They say that there never was a bomb (Good joke, right?). Jake is there and he's the one talking. THen I remember walking out of my neighbors back door and its pitch black. I remember thinking to myself "I want to have a pirate dream tonight and just as I think that I'm on a pirate ship and thats where it ended.
      dream fragment
    3. Coming back Dream June 10th, 2009

      by , 06-04-2011 at 02:34 AM (Markman's NEW AND IMPROVED Dream Catalogue)
      First let me explain the dreams title. Throughout this dream, even in the small section where I'm fairly certain I had Lucidity, i had the strongest feeling of already being in these places before. I don't know how to explain it either, but I just felt like I was there before. So onto the dream...

      I begin my adventure outside of a factory. I think I'm with a black woman trying to show her this secret passage that's somewhere in or around the factory. It's nighttime outside, I'm fairly certain. We end up inside the factory, still looking for the passage. We run into a security guard. I feel different now. Like I have perfect clarity in my thinking and total control over my body. I suddenly think "Go invisible" and we do. the guard walks off, and I sigh in relief. We walk around the factory, I'm overturning boxes and sliding my hand across walls as I'm searching for this button. I feel very embarrassed because I can't find the stupid passage. Everything has since turned into daylight and the walls of the factory are white with a big red stripe running horizontally across it. I take one look around at this level and walk down some stairs. Sadly, this is where I lose control of the dream. I walk into a small house like the one Archie Bunker lives in but smaller, and darker. This is my paradise; there are hundreds of guitars and amps lined up like an arsenal from a big-budget action movie. I literally couldn't count them and below them are amps to plug into. For some strange reason, I don't even pick one up. instead I walk through a set of double doors and end up in a movie theater lobby. I don't remember the transitions but next i end up in a field of bright green grass, and my friend Corey is there too. We exchange a few words and I disappear again, into a desert. I don't know exactly why, but I felt like someone was going to kill me if I didn't get these certain crystals. I think in the dream, they were referred to as Kooper Krystals. The last think I remember is hanging from a safety harness like in Nick GUTS and trying to get this light dull blue crystal in the side of the rock wall.
    4. Tuesday, April 28th

      by , 06-04-2011 at 02:30 AM (Markman's NEW AND IMPROVED Dream Catalogue)
      'm outside, somewhere in my yard. I spot Grant playing in Gears 2 in his window. I'm guessing the dream takes place before the release of Gears 2 came out because I was amazed and went over to go play it. Just as I think it, i'm there, he's setting up a co-op multiplayer. As soon as the game starts, i seem to be in the game. It's a very strange game. There it is a very fat U shape that's more like an "L" with it's base on the ground and a second prong on the other side. If you were standing in the middle of the narrow hallway , the room on the left is larger, brighter and has a large observation deck in the upper right hand corner. It's almost like a second room. It clings to the ceiling as well like some sort of Experiment watching site. Apparently, I already know the rules to this game but I'm going to share them too so it makes sense to you. This is how the game works: there are 4 players. At random one is transported up into the deck. There they fight a monster or something. The other 3 remain in the cave to fight off a giant robot. The games begin!

      The games begin. The first person is chosen. I vaguely remember her being a girl. We fire sporadically. The robot fires randomly around in an effort to kill the other two players. He never seems to notice me. Eventually I'm sucked up and in the room upstairs. It's got a heavy yellow tint in it and arranged like a lab/classroom with desks lined up in rows. In the corners there are Counters that bend around and have a lot of loose papers and engineering parts on them. I've got a small shotgun on me and Gears of War type armor donned. The windows are a very opaque yellow and have horizontal bars on them. Before long, I spy a cloaked Predator/Licker climbing down a big support beam on the windows. I take aim, one handed with my shotgun and let loose. Tons of static electricity come from his armor and there is a noticeable absence of blood from the gunfight. After that I'm teleported back down into the canyon.

      No one is there. I see the robot in the distance. It sees me and I panic. I run into the other section of the U/L shaped canyon(there is an opening in the middle between the rooms). I run swiftly pass the opening and quickly climb up into the large cracks in the rocks. The robot is a dark gray color with a large brass blade on the left arm. She( in some part of the dream, I heard someone call her "Mother") walks away. I run out of the crack, dropping out into a changed landscape. there are only the two rooms there, no more long wall closing it off. To my left, There's a landing pad with a dark purple robot there. I saddle up on it and all of a sudden the "Mother" robot approaches me. I get the sense the man's my father. The scene then transitions from us running in open plains to a rag-tag settlement where there is a large celebration going on. Lanterns are hung, bon fires are blazing and spirits are high. I'm wearing a long brown duster with the sleeves rolled up and i'm dirty. I think there was a fight before the celebration. The last thing I remember is jumping 10 feet in the air to a loft in a barn to see some kids.
    5. May 2nd, 2008

      by , 06-04-2011 at 02:29 AM (Markman's NEW AND IMPROVED Dream Catalogue)
      This was a cloudy dream. I remember having to sleep in a dark house for two full weeks. Then, my friend Danny's dad was trying to kill me. I ran through dark suburbs trying to escape. There was a group of kids I joined with in order to stay alive. That was it.

      EDIT: I may sound very snappy in this post because I'm going through a Drought in my Dream Recall.
    6. Words from Shift-Dream Signs

      by , 06-04-2011 at 02:28 AM (Markman's NEW AND IMPROVED Dream Catalogue)
      Well there aren't a whole lot of dreams up, try to get one or two per night and it'll be easy to find dreamsigns and consistency. But here are some that jumped out at me. The ones on top seem especially to be dream signs, the other ones are just things that showed up more than once:

      Friends (RC when you see your friends, pictures of friends, get a text from a friend, make plans with a friend, think of a friend)
      The facade/outside of buildings (try to notice every time you are outside of a building what kind it is, if it fits its location and time period, make sure to RC every time you see a building)
      Working for people, having some sort of job (not sure if you have a job, RC every time you think of it if you do, and also any time you think in general of other people having jobs)
      Macabre/fantastic stuff (blood, flesh, ogres, wow, zombies) (rc when you see or think of these things and play games/see videos that have them in them)
      Music, esp guitars (I'm guessing you have a guitar... RC to it!)
      Computer stores & video games (RC when you see, use, think of these things)
      basements/caves, beings living in caves (RC when you see/think of these things. If you have a basement, maybe go down there a couple of times a day and RC)
      drugs/druggies/drug dealers
      political things (republican calling you liberal, Obama)
      side notes
    7. April 26th, 2009

      by , 06-04-2011 at 02:27 AM (Markman's NEW AND IMPROVED Dream Catalogue)
      I'm incredbly late for school. My mom offers to drive me and I accept. We go through an urban setting and she makes a stop down a utility road. She's working on some pipes with some other people. I become very frustraed as a green car pulls up. It has 5 people in it, 4 black chicks and a bald white dude. They offer to drive me to school and my mom trusts them to take me. One of the black girls asks me to drive and she will give directions.

      The car handles very weird and I take many e-brake turns. One of the ladies takes over the car and we end up at this house. It has a green tinge to everything. There were may attempts to find a phone. One lead me to an old women playing a wierd video game on the computer. Finally I find a phone. It's interface is very strange and I can't dial it. The man takes the phone from me. He dials the number and rips a parasite slug out of the phone. I yell at him "YOU KILLED HER!" and he replies "I've HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR SHIT!" He charges me with a knife but I stab him in the lung. DREAM END.
    8. April 22nd, 2009

      by , 06-04-2011 at 02:25 AM (Markman's NEW AND IMPROVED Dream Catalogue)
      This dream seems familier. I'm in a workshop warehouse. I believe I'm a guitar tech or repair guy again. My boss and CoWorker are there too. I have a beautiful red guitar in my hands and i'm fixing it or putting it away. I'm walking out and I get on a boat and take it across a lake. I land at a small lake house but i dont think its mine. Someone is there and I'm trying to show them all of these cool secret passages but I can't fit. I see a movie preview type thing roll in my head. 2 guys and a girl are tied up but the guys escape and go get help for the girl. After this, i play basketball under a pink purple sky. DREAM END
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. April 21st, 2009

      by , 06-04-2011 at 02:23 AM (Markman's NEW AND IMPROVED Dream Catalogue)
      It started at McDonald's. I was walking around for a bit but an Indian lady yelled at me. I then started walking towards the play place which was replaced with 2 sand quarter pipes and sand in between. In addition to that, there are two BMX'ers poorly BMXing. I see my bud Max and he's wearing a swim suit. We walk towards a door to the play place but I see my other bud Puppy lying in the sand. He is talking about how BMXers cant ride on cold sand. I walk into the door.

      We are preparing for a game of Spies and Mercs in the play place and there are a lot of my friends there. The game starts. I do some amazing acrobatics and dodge some tags. Its weird because Spies and Mercs isn't a tag game. I get cornered by this kid Corey. He is just about to tag me when I do a backwards jump to an island play place.

      I then jump off of the Island and climb some wooden poles. The first one, I can climb no problem but the second one tilts and falls after I jump off of it. Someone tattles on me and I'm sent to go see my Gym teacher about it. Instead, a weird man catches me and gives me a shovel and a new pole for the ground. I take a second to notice the beautiful transition from McDonalds to a beautiful prairie and meadows and hills. As I get closer to the broken pole, It gets grayer and grayer. Eventually it's pouring rain and I'm 150 feet away from where the pole is. It has since moved out into the middle of a long grass prairie. There is a tractor spraying high power water water jets towards the pole coming at it from my left. Think of it like a cross. I'm coming to the center from the middle and the tractor is coming at it from the left wing. The dream ends as I'm racing against the tractor.
    10. April 20th, 2009

      by , 06-04-2011 at 02:22 AM (Markman's NEW AND IMPROVED Dream Catalogue)
      I'm in an unfinished basement with a friend. We are playing Rock Band. Im on drums and we are playing a weird song with a beautiful choir part. I'm improvising a fantastic cymbal solo to it and it is coming out great. Before I finish, I'm teleported to a movie theatre and am arguing with a friends dad with Obama. He storms away and I'm left to sit on a chair and the dream ends.
      dream fragment
    11. Date Lost

      by , 06-04-2011 at 02:21 AM (Markman's NEW AND IMPROVED Dream Catalogue)
      I'm in New York. The streets are empty, totally. There is a large, empty theatre like building. The windows are out and open and there are no doors. I walk into the building, straight to the basement which is large and expansive. I turn around off the stair case and walk into the back of the basement.

      There is a long, infinite series of unfinished basement rooms filled with either torture devices or bubbling potions on the table with many many leaky pipes and screams emanating from down the line. I walk the gauntlet of terror. An important thing to note here is that all of the lights are off an it's pitch black in each room.

      After many rooms, I get to an old surgery room. It's very dirty and grimy. There is a surgeon operating on a conscious victim on the table. He turns around and looks at me with very squinty eyes. He's wearing goggles that are frosted so you cant see in his eyes. He chases me through more of these rooms until I eventually escape into a dark aquarium. There are no fish in any of these tanks. I find a bright red door, kick it down and lie in the street. dream end.
    12. April 3rd, 2009

      by , 06-04-2011 at 02:19 AM (Markman's NEW AND IMPROVED Dream Catalogue)
      I'm in a computer store located in Times Square. I'm wearing a light blue flannel and jeans and no shoes. My friend Zach is in the store with me. He's wearing Black Rasta print shoes. I'm trying to get the shoes but whenever I put them on, they disappear so I can't wear them. I walk out of the store wearing slippers.

      Now I'm in front of a light brown cave system with a bunch of people I know. There's large, rodent-like creatures living in the cave. We storm through the cave, killing the creatures in the cave. It's now nightfall and we are outside of another cave. This time armed with torches too, we do the same thing killing them all. After a short victory celebration, we demobilize. There are still few in small camps with torches still burning and people chatting and discussing the cause and why we do what we do. There is also an acrobatics course set up there.

      The sun is rising now. It's early morning and me, Cody s. and Logan w. are walking through a tree tops like suburb. We are talking about something important. Cody splits off the group and me and Logan keep talking. We both split up and I'm walking back to my house. It's a tall, 3 story Victorian. As soon as I get up to the door, someone pulled me in. I'm rushed up to the 3rd floor and learn that there is a zombie-flu spreading about.

      And just like that, the dream changes. I'm looking down at a 9X9 farm square that looks like it's besieged by the zombies. This scene is short lived so I'm going to continue the paragraph onwards. It turns peaceful with many green rolling hills. It turns back into the Victorian again as me and many others are arguing as to if we should plant dynamite in the caves to make a base camp for ourselves so the Zombies wont get in. I vaguely remember us planting charges on the mouth of the caves.

      Next thing I know, I'm in a strange police station. The ceilings are very tall with sloped, quarter pipe like edges. I'm sitting in the lobby waiting for something. I get up abruptly and go into the back. There's one hallway. A way to the left and a way to the right. There's a conference room a little down the left and an exit maybe 100 feet down to the right. I walk 3/4 of the way right and walk into a room. I think it was my friend Brenden in there. I go back out into the reception room. More waiting...waiting...waiting. Finally I go back and he still isn't ready. This time I walk down to the circular conference room. I do a wall run an jump about 20 feet in the air but mess up the landing.

      I walk all the way down to the right. I walk out of the EXIT sign and I'm in a parking lot. I see a convoy of a drug mob driving down and they're going to assault my friend Jordan's house. They take up fortifications as I'm jumping a fence into his yard. I do a mega-jump on his roof and grab a grenade launcher. They fire at me and almost hit me but I fire off two or three shells while jumping off of the roof. they flee and the dream ends.
    13. Friday, April 17th 2009

      by , 06-04-2011 at 02:15 AM (Markman's NEW AND IMPROVED Dream Catalogue)
      I work for this weird electronics store. It's a lot like Best Buy, but it just isn't Best Buy. I think I'm a new employee at this store because I always seem to be following someone around and asking them questions. There's a guy who works with me, his name is Mike. Mike seems to be my best friend at the store but he has sporadic outbursts of him just being mean to me. This goes on for the next two days I work there.

      So we close shop now.Instead of closing shop at 11p.m., we close at 1 because Mike says that's when we close NOW. I agree with him and go to my bed in this arcade in the store.

      I wake up and it's a new night. It's already past 11, so me and Mike pal around a bit, running around, throwing things, things of that nature. I'm swinging around on some bars and Mike's talking with another man who looks like a customer. I yell for him but he snaps back at me, meanly. I then just go back to my bed. There's this black girl who I mistake for a girl at my school but it turns out that she's her sister. I ask her to leave so I can sleep and she does.

      Now it's the Third day. We are again closing down shop. I'm walking around the store, doing something. Mike closes at 2a.m and I'm pissed. I confront him and this time, he really goes off on me! I walk out of the store then, strangely though it is Twilight outside, not the bitter darkness of early morning.

      I'm just off store property and I am stopped by a woman running out from the store. She hands me a tupperware container filled with Salvia and money. She reminds me to visit Kate Rhode at her college dorm. I heartily agree and jump in a car that has just pulled up. We drive around town in Bel Air and then we were in the Swiss Alps. We took a cable car towards a building in between two mountains and we got to the college campus. I noticed on the bulletin board a paper called "Runaway Students" and there was one student named Candice and one student named Rhodes. I thought it was funny and moved on towards Kate's room. I got there and knocked on the door. No one came, so I knocked again. Getting mad, i went inside and no one was home. I then woke up.
    14. Entry 4, April 5th, 2008

      by , 06-04-2011 at 02:14 AM (Markman's NEW AND IMPROVED Dream Catalogue)
      'm at my old middle school. I'm walking around the stage becuase I feel like i'm either performing or i'm a guitar tech for someone. I think I may have been a tech for Steve Vai (which is pretty cool). The show is starting, but I was too busy jammin before hand. Steve yells at me to get his gear up on stage, so I scramble to grab amps and stack them onstage.

      As i'm doing this, there are two other people playing, one has a white guitar but I don't know who either of them are. The next trip I make backstage, I disappear and am in the mouth of a cave where a troll in the style of World of Warcraft asks me if I have found his ring yet. His name doesn't come to mind but It began with an "H", I know that. I reply "no" and I'll get it for you later. he storms off into the cave. i decide to follow him. I turn a corner to see a tall Aztec pyramid with two hot baths midway up at either side.

      I climb into one bath only to see one of my friends is in the bath opposite myself. We are relaxing and talking when a very Republican person who dislikes me walks in between us and starts calling us liberals. Then the dream ends as I fall out of the tub to fight him.
    15. Entry 3, 1st Lucid

      by , 06-04-2011 at 02:13 AM (Markman's NEW AND IMPROVED Dream Catalogue)
      This dream, proudly was my first Lucid I could remember. I had been sleeping until 6 o clock but wasn't feeling well. My mom called me in sick and I went back to bed. I woke up in my 8th grade English Classroom.

      I was sitting in a desk where the teachers desk was supposed to be. On top of my desk lay hundreds of unraveled guitar strings, very thin gauge which means they hurt alot if you happen to stab yourself. I tried my best to pick all of them up in one grab. I missed and transfered the bulk of the strings over to my left hand but as I had been doing so, I stabbed my left hand.

      The second this happened, the veiwpoint snapped from third person right into first person. I was thinking this MUST be lucid. I wanted to go to the park and all of a sudden, everyhting disappeared in black and I could only vaguely make out the park. It disappered and reappeared again but a little fuzzier.

      I don't know what happened but I felt great when I woke up, like I just scaled Everest or something.
      lucid , dream fragment
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