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    1. It's Like Aflac

      by , 09-08-2020 at 06:48 PM
      Dreams from September 3, 2020

      For some reason, Curtis and I were living separately with our parents, but we were still married. He was suppose to move with me into my parents house on Silver Street, but decided it would be best if he stayed in Barnstead.

      I was in a student in school. I'm not sure if it was high school or college, but I didn't want to go to my math class. This is bit of a reoccurring theme in school-related dreams. I'm enrolled in a math class, but I always skip the class because I have no desire to go to it.

      I'm not sure where I was coming home from, but when I drove up to the house, there was splintered wood and debris in just our parking area from the construction crew working on the roof. I had nowhere to park so I parked in my landlord Greg's spot. It was his crew who left the mess so I didn't care if I took his parking spot. It was on-street parking anyway and he didn't own the street.

      I remember wearing Curtis's green long sleeve Ponderosa shirt and really missing him. I also remember going to my bedroom at one point to change because I was hot and sweaty and I struggled to get the shirt off because it kept sticking from the sweat.

      Lisa and Cassie, my sisters, were also living there and Lisa had a male friend visiting. I went into the kitchen and heard noises coming from the basement. I walked halfway down the basement stairs and peeked across the room to see a thick, green liquid flooding a ten foot section by the basement window. I went back upstairs and noticed that the back door in the kitchen was missing and covered in plastic. Greg had ordered the crew to move the back door about six feet to the left.

      I had to go to the bathroom, but when I went in there, the toilet and floor around it was covered in wood shavings. There was also a golf-ball sized, drilled hole in the wall above the toilet -- the wall that was also shared with the exterior of the house. I went back into the living room and complained to Lisa, Cassie, and Lisa's friend. I went out back to knock on Greg's back door. Roxanne, his wife, answered and said that Greg wasn't home. She said she may be able to answer the question for me. I asked if the construction crew was supposed to clean up after themselves and she said no.

      "It's like Aflac," she said. "We'd have to pay more for them to clean up." She walked away as she was still talking to me and I shouted thank you to her back.

      I went back into the living room and they were all drinking coffee. I was sad there wasn't any for me and so I went into my room to try and call Curtis to complain. Lisa came storming after me and gave me $1.25. She was raising her voice and trying to force me to buy myself ice cream at the convenience store. I told her I was fine and didn't want ice cream or her money. She argued with me and eventually said how it's not fair that she eats healthy, but she's still getting fat like Cassie and me. I got really angry and started yelling at her. I said something along the lines of so you're upset with me for not wanting to eat ice cream because you're unhappy with your own weight. I kicked her out of my room, threw the $1.25 at her, and shut the door. I leaned on the door to make sure she couldn't come back in since I didn't have a lock on my door.

      I tried to call Curtis again. We hadn't seen or spoken to each other in a week. I left a voicemail asking him to leave work early and to come pick me up. I was so upset and needed my husband. He never called back before I woke up. In my dream, it made me feel like he didn't want to be with me anymore.

      Dream fragments:

      1.) Thalia came up to visit. There was no COVID. I remember driving to her Airbnb. It was dark. I think we went to a mall because I remember shopping bags.

      2.) Lisa and I were extras on the set of Supernatural. It was lunchtime and we were standing in line to get food. We were giggling about how hot Dean is and then realized he was standing right behind us. I blushed and asked him if he heard what I said. Assuming he would joke and tease, he was surprisingly cold and awkward. He insisted that he didn't hear anything and nor did he care.

      3.) This is from the long dream or at least it was part of that same dream setting. The construction crew replaced the front door, but they didn't put a real lock on it. There was just a sliding lock on the inside of the door. I remember thinking to myself how would my parents be able to lock the door behind them when they leave for work each morning.
    2. Lady of the Mansion of all Mansions

      by , 08-27-2020 at 04:58 PM
      I remember the dream taking place in the biggest building I've ever seen. It seemed to be at least 30 stories tall and a mile wide. I cannot remember much of the dialogue, but I remember feeling rushed and a sense of comedic chaos. Like most of my dreams, I was hiding and running from people.

      At one point, I was in what appeared to be a Christmas wing -- Christmas decorations and celebrations all year long. I found a dark, little room that had two small pianos/organs and a manger figurine display. The Virgin Mary was about 8-inches tall to put it into perspective. A mob of people were looking for me and I crouched down as if I were praying at the manger and hoping no one would recognize me. When the mob was gone, I looked up and saw an elderly lady sitting in a chair dressed in a nun's habit. I apologized for intruding and told her that I just wanted to pray in peace and that I hoped I didn't disturb her. She seemed pleased at my devotion although I knew it was just a lie so I could hide.

      I remember running up and down stairwell after stairwell. Escalators, elevators, secret passage ways. Grandiose, dark oak staircases covered in a thick lacquered finish.

      Then the dream shifted and I was suddenly married to the man who owned the house. I didn't have to run and hide anymore.

      I was the lady of the mansion. Queen of the castle.

      My sister, Lisa, appeared and I wanted to show her around. I asked her if she wanted to see my bedroom and I told her that my bedroom consisted of 44 rooms. Then I asked her if she wanted to see the kitchen. I no longer had to cook for myself or anyone else since my mansion was fully staffed, but as a commoner, I figured she would love to see my elaborate kitchen. We went to the basement level, which is where my kitchen apparently resided. We encountered Callie -- from Grey's Anatomy -- and I introduced my sister to one of my closest friends. Callie, for those who are unfamiliar with the show or her character, is a tall woman. My sister isn't even 5 feet tall. They were friendly toward each other, but they were joking around puffing their chests out at either other. Almost like a cock fight to see who was the better friend. In real life, my sister is one of my closest and best friends. They laughed and then I woke up.

      Other dreams from the past few days:

      I had another dream about being at my grandmother's house for a family gathering. One of my uncles was being a real dick and I told him so. My husband, Curtis, disapproved of my behavior and wouldn't speak to me.

      I'm not sure if this was part of the same dream or a separate dream all together, but I remember walking through a neighborhood where I lived back in 2012 with my brother-in-law. We were making out and it was the weirdest kissing experience of my life. Think of trying to force the same sides of two magnets together. They repel, but you still try to force them together.

      One of my other dreams consisted of Curtis wanting to divorce me for some unknown reason and I was begging him to take me back.

      Overall, none of my dreams have been lucid, but I have been experiencing more vivid and lengthy dreams.