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    1. A few lucids, an actual post

      by , 01-30-2013 at 08:59 AM (Alone With my Mind)

      Picnic Time
      I am sitting with a few friends on a cloth, and we discuss all these great things about school, life, and when I'm coming back to San Diego. A fire flares up in front of me, nearly burning me, but since I wasn't hurt, I figured that I was in a dream. Sweet. It's been a long time since I got a lucid I thought, so I immediately said good bye to everyone and jumped up into the air. I tried to yell a command, but something choked at my voice, and soon I felt like I couldn't breathe. I fell from where I hovered and faded away to blackness. I enter paralysis and try to shimmy my way back into the same dream. I 'wake up', in the cabin again, somewhat dazed, and find myself walking outside, only to see the fire once again. Bam, I try again. This time I could speak so I spun and attempted to command the dreamscape into something new. Nothing. Whatever, I flew up again and noticed a forest beyond the picnic area.

      I dashed close to it by a mountain, and shouted with will in my voice:


      Absolutely nothing. I give up. Why is the only thing I can do in a lucid is fly?
      I wake up shortly afterwards and grumble 4 letter words, hoping for the best next time.

      Naked dreams aren't always fun
      Underlined is me
      "So you're back in SD, it seems?"
      "Yeah, looks like it. Not sure if I'm happy about it or not."
      "Uh, that shouldn't be your main issue."
      "Your ass and then some is showing."

      No time for goodbyes, I cover my groin to the best of my ability with my hand and steal a backpack for my rear. I decide to ignore my bare ass and switch the backpack to the front while I sprint over to the nearest bathroom. I pull a friend in as nonchalantly as I can (hard to do when I'm naked), and ask him if he has he PE clothes or something. He hands me a glove, what in the fuck am I supposed to do with that? I hurry into a stall and think. I snap both my fingers in worry, thankgully the noise jerks my mental wakefulness, and I find myself lucid. The dream is stable, and I use telekinesis to break down one of the stalls and get myself a set of clothing. Two people fighting break in, however, and knock me down to the floor. I got hit hard enough to wake up from the dream.
    2. Obligatory Notes on last night

      by , 01-27-2013 at 12:46 AM (Alone With my Mind)
      I had a couple awesome dreams last night, so I figured I should note down one of them

      For some reason I was a female spy, and this lesbian chick kept on clinging to me

      Not today, I thought, and shoved her away

      So we end up traveling through a whole bunch of tunnels, shooting people as we pass by just for the hell of it

      I got trapped and betrayed by four other people that I knew IRL, they all wore the same outfits so I trusted them. When one collapsed I ran to help him, but then he flipped over and clamped my hands together with futuristic cuffs, next thing I know my feet are bound and they threw me and locked into a small cage where I was baked to death

      I find myself at the start of the dream, knowing what would happen if I get tricked again. One of the members collapsed, and instead of running over and trying to help him like I did before, I kicked his head and broke his neck. I threw the other chick at a group of people then sprinted by them into a nearby room. I look into a hole in the ground as I run by and see a shirtless man in the sewers running from something. I turn back, sprint down into the underground path, meeting up with the man. At that point I look down and notice I'm me, and the refugee was my little bro. I become lucid, but I failed to keep the dream stable and woke up, sigh
    3. Zombie-Cola

      by , 01-16-2013 at 05:59 AM (Alone With my Mind)
      [I nearly forgot about this one despite how vivid it was. Physics final OP]

      It's all hazy and stuff, but I think I see a conveyor belt. A large green tube of thin liquid hangs above it, and as food is pulled underneath it the tube releases the liquid at timed intervals. I wake up [in the dream] and realize that it was a kinda odd thing to dream about compared to my usual adventures.

      So after I got to school, I ended up talking to my friends in a cafeteria. They were discussing a new meal on the menu and how awesome it was.

      "Mike, have you tried this stuff yet? It's awesome!"
      "Doesn't look appetizing, what's in it?"
      "I don't know, chicken and some other seasoning. You have to have it with this punch too, it's delicious!"
      He lifts a bottle of green liquid.

      "No. Thanks anyway Zack."
      "You sure? Why?"
      "I just have a... premonition."
      "Whatever you say."

      We walked on, talking about school and random things, but soon we passed by a kid doubled over in pain. A couple of my friends kneel down to pick him up, but he turns around and jabs at one, barely missing. His face is in a snarl and his body looks engorged with fluid. Next to him is a shattered bottle, and we quickly put the pieces together.

      "Guys, we need to get outta here.
      "But I ate and drank that crap! What's gonna happen to me and Gloria? There's even more people in this school who ate this stuff!"
      "No clue, just run!"

      We end up sprinting out of the school and catching a car ride to the city. On the way we saw some violent things happening including stabbings and robberies, all done by mad people plump with fluid. Me, Zack, Nick, and Glo hop off the cab and find our way into an abandoned warehouse complex and make our way inside one of the buildings. Apparently this warehouse stored guns, there were plenty hanging around, but I hid most of them, knowing that Zack and Glo could go wild at anytime. I decided I could sneak Nick a weapon if necessary, and picked myself up a shotgun. I pull up a news article on my phone that reported a mass outbreak of mutated human beings as a result of a chemical substance that altered the external cells of the body. Pictures showed people with glassy skin, various different enlarged body types and other nasty stuff. I tell Zack and Glo to go up to the roof and lock themselves out until morning, and me and Nick will go to sleep hidden, guns by our sides.

      [Dream POV shifts to 3rd Person]
      It's daybreak, and on the roof lie two shattered bottles, no Zack or Glo to be found. Panning around, a large amount of vines are hanging off the edge, whereas two large craters remain on an adjacent edge. One roof over, a humanoid clad tightly of thorns and leaves is strutting atop the roof, hooking her vines to the ground every step of the way.

      (Much less exposed)

      On another, a Hulkish monster walks with his fists across the top of the roof, crushing the ground and anything in his path, stopping only to jump on the next roof.

      [At this point I woke up, pretty depressing ]
    4. B-Supplements work, but I suck at lucid dreaming

      by , 01-12-2013 at 08:41 AM (Alone With my Mind)
      So, during a WBTB I took a vitamin B-supplement and had three vivid dreams following it, waking up each time. I was sore from sleeping on my stomach (makes my neck crick and my arms go in wild positions) so every time I woke up I couldn't concentrate on DEILD, let alone WILD. I'm a bit busy so I'm gonna jot down a couple sentences of my dreams.

      1. Spent a lot of time at home, mostly doing nothing. For some reason I was constantly watching anime and porn, and checking the fridge for no reason.
      2. I irked my dad in some way so he tried to kill me through sending my through a labyrinth, where he preceded to shoot baseballs at me from a helicopter, drowning out parts of the labyrinth, and directly chasing me with a random weapon.
      3. I was in a post-apocalyptic sort of organization. It was me and three other dudes in a college dorm, rot out by bugs and stuff. I don't think I held the persona of myself, I swear I was a different person. The three other guys would lazily sit on the couch while I went out and did clean-up missions, only to see if they can round up the last survivors. Not surprisingly, whenever I came back most of the new inhabitants were girls.
    5. Failure :(

      by , 01-05-2013 at 10:59 PM (Alone With my Mind)
      School sucks.

      I've grown to be a pretty smart guy with some pretty bad habits. I'm thinking all of this with my head down, on my desk, staring at the ill-received semester report, wondering when I will ever climb out of this academic slump. Flash back earlier, I had turned in a portfolio that accidentally contained my friend's work for the same class, and I got a zero and a nifty little letter to my parents.

      I woke up scared in fear of this actually happening.
    6. Friends, Parents, and Democrats

      by , 01-03-2013 at 07:13 PM (Alone With my Mind)
      [want to emphasize all the things that should have triggered lucidity if i were on my game, so ill be underlining some stuff that wouldnt normally happen circumstantially ie. emotions, settings, people]

      As I walk out of school, I notice a familiar face looking pretty tired, probably after the long day we all had considering it was just after Winter Break. I can't quite remember his name, but he comes up to me and asks me questions about my own future, like "Do you ever plan on learning an instrument?" or "Why are you quitting many of your clubs?" I couldn't give him a straight answer - I don't know him all that well so I figured he didn't deserve one. Instead, we walked away together to a nearby strip mall, where we basically began talking about nothing.

      Surprisingly, for being well into twilight, there are tons of people there. In fact, some of the restaurants had to use outside patio chairs just because the indoors were packed with customers. I thought it was pretty cool, then two short strangers got up from their seats and stopped me.

      "Heyyyyy Michael! It's been so long!"
      "No it hasn't. What are you doing here anyway?"

      They are my parents. I'm not usually embarrassed, but I'm definitely pissed at them now. They begin walking with me and my friend, and my friend and I discuss nothing more seriously than before. When we get to a stairway somewhere in the city, my dad notices someone and gets infuriated by the sight of them. Next thing I know, he has a gun, and has shoved the man up against the wall where he emptied half a magazine into his chest. Dear God, I know that guy.. That's Alex's dad!

      "What in the fuck is the matter with you, dad?!"
      "This man is an awful person, and he doesn't deserve to live."
      "He served in the service, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!?"

    7. Throatache

      by , 06-03-2012 at 05:24 PM (Alone With my Mind)
      I pissed someone off by trying to shoot his hawk. Turns out this hawk was magical, and after I shot it, it came back alive. The guy held my hands behind my hat and beckoned the hawk over, to which it proceeded to tear out my throat. Not cool hawk, not cool.
    8. Forgotten Lines

      by , 05-13-2012 at 03:24 AM (Alone With my Mind)
      Gonna quickly joy down a note of a significantly long and relatively normal dream I had last night.

      So I had signed up for a speech tournament in what seemed to be in a bad area of Escondido, and I found the waiting room I was to get my extemporaneous topic assigned and researched. I saw a girl I despised with every atom in my body and walked away is disgust. In the other round I was entered in, someone had a very similar speech to mine so I forfeited and had no choice to go back to the waiting room and take with the hideous girl. The next day, awards were given and I saw a few familiar faces from previous schools going to get their awards.
    9. Rebellion

      by , 04-20-2012 at 05:20 AM (Alone With my Mind)
      There are so many occasions I could have gotten lucid in either of these dreams. They were really vivid too :/

      Break Back
      Just another sorrow day, and a quiet lunch. Idle chatter was the only lively thing in the grayness of this empty place. I rested my head on someone's shoulder and sighed, wondering when this boring day would end. A furious shuffling interrupted the near-silence, and an enraged, awkward girl emerged from the shadow. She muttered cusses under her breath and drove her fist into my friend's back. He turned around unscathed, and roundhouse kicked her shoulder, sending her sideways, but she returned back with a stomp the chest. They were later chased down by a third person I couldn't identify, mainly because I felt like I was just stabbed in the back. I pivoted around and noticed it was Alex, smiling.

      "What was that?" I asked her.
      "I injected you with my blood."

      She continued to smirk and for some reason I began to laugh uncontrollably, covering my eyes with my hand and I stared into the darkness as the dream passed.

      Ditching School
      I got ready for school, packed my bags, and ran out the door to my mom's started car as she shouted,

      "Let's go, we're gonna be late!"

      I couldn't care to notice that the house I was leaving from was the house I moved out of months ago, all that I had in mind was getting to school, except I had notice I forgot my book. I asked my mom politely to turn around because I forgot my math book, and she smirked in a very odd way I had never seen her do before. She made an illegal U-Turn and sped past the house at miles above the speed limit, taking the corners without caution.

      "Are you trying to kill me, Mom!?"
      "We aren't going to school, hun."
      "You're going to the theater with your friends, I doubt a single person that you know isn't there."

      I didn't ask any more questions, why deny a free movie? We got to the plaza extremely quickly, and I checked my phone for information. With none there, I texted Nick and Rachel that I was here, and needed to know which of the two theaters they were, which movie I was watching, and other stuff. I walked around some stores while I was waiting and noticed that the decorations had an... undead Christmas theme to them. I didn't bother asking the cashier what the hell this stuff was doing out in the middle of spring, and just left. Rachel was the first to reply, and it took a while for my phone to start working again for whatever reason and the text read:

      Edwards Cinema, Theater 4, Vampire Diaries, c u there

      Vampire Diaries? They must just be seeing it to make fun of it, or at least I hope. I turned around to go to Edward's and tried to ignore all the gossip as other parents drop off their kids at the theater front. I gave the man my ticket, God knows wherever it came from, and entered the surprisingly quaint theater for an Edward's Cinema. They stopped the movie while many others entered, and the only person I could find a seat next to Alex (not the Alex from the previous dream, this Alex is a guy) which was fine by me. I ignored the movie and put on these odd looking surround sound headphones with 3D... monocles?... attached to each earpiece. The monocles messed up my vision, so I broke them off, and I didn't wanna watch the movie, so I plugged the headphones into my phone and listened to music. I began to drift off as the movie bored me and the music lulled me asleep.

      When I woke up I whistled the song I had heard to remember it so I can SoundHound it, but I ended up forgetting it after listening to some rock music in the car :c
    10. Bleeding Reality

      by , 04-15-2012 at 07:23 PM (Alone With my Mind)
      "Ow, what the fuck!"


      Lucidity was literally punched into me, but my nose bled out uncontrollably. I pinched my nose, and disappated the man who lunged at me earlier, and I pinched my nose attempting to stop the blood. I stumbled and landed on my face, somehow stopping the blood flow, but the still blood remained in my throat and nose. I got up, unfortunately failing to restabilize the dream because I could not speak out and verbalize commands, and telepathy was ineffective and sluggish.

      I woke up choking on blood.
    11. Lucid Fail :P

      by , 04-03-2012 at 06:37 AM (Alone With my Mind)
      "Dude, c'mon, we're dreaming."

      I nudged my brother to signal for him to come fly with me, and forgot I was in a building. I jumped up and got stuck halfway through the ceiling into a dark room.

      The dream slipped away from me, along with the memory of what happened before I became lucid.
    12. Paralysis is Electric

      by , 03-17-2012 at 07:17 AM (Alone With my Mind)
      This really isn't a dream, but I just need to record something for tonight to get back in the habit of writing a journal.

      I had woken up from a dream that I no longer remember and immediately recognized the state of darkness I was in, then commanded myself into paralysis. I had pictured myself in a barren shopping market, and was immediately was immersed in the sensation of walking and picking out groceries, but I was still blinded from paralysis. There was an electricity surging between my eyes that prevented my sight. I had tried to regain control of the dream but ended up losing myself to the real world. I re-entered paralysis with little change in the dream, and eventually slipped into a light sleep by mistake.
    13. Awful Cartoons and Black Blobs of Doom

      by , 03-14-2012 at 05:23 PM (Alone With my Mind)
      Two dreams tonight, woohoo.

      The worst TV show is now even worse.

      Warning, this dream was gross.

      For the life of me, I could not find a single damn thing on TV today. Most of the channels were out, and what remained were crappy cartoons. I flick to Cartoon Network, hoping I would find something half decent, only to find the awful teenage rendition of Ben 10, but I have no choice since there was nothing else on. It seems to be a fight between Kevin and some alien, while Ben 10 and the other girl (whose name I always forget) stand back, powerless for some reason. The alien is about six times taller, muscular, with yellowed skin and a wrinkled red face. He has spikes on his knuckles, which he was currently using to impale Kevin, as he struggles to find a surface he can duplicate. This is what kids my brother's age watch these days? I thought in disgust. Kevin, now lying on the floor, is grabbed by the alien by his shirt collar and pulled up. One near fatal punch to the chest, and he was floored. Ben and the girl looked away in disgust. Kevin somehow stands up, but the alien sticks a metal disc in his chest, and the cavity begins to close up. This was not good news, as Kevin stood silently as the disc inside of him began to whir, and severed his internal organs. His skin turns a pale gray, and the disk emits a gas that somehow breathe life back into him - or rather unlife. His eyes sink the back of his head, he stretches out his lips to reveal rotting teeth. The metal disc had turned him into a zombie. This is the most poorly developed show I have ever seen. I pick up the remote and change the channel.

      The Terror of the Black Blobs named Ike

      I slammed the door behind me, gasping for air. It was too dark to see in this room, and the only source of light was from the sun - if only it had not been covered with clouds earlier. I prop a chair under the knob and sit on the bed, trying to get a grip of myself, and the closest weapon of course. My brother entered through the back door, slamming it in a much similar fashion as mine. He sat down opposite of me, and we both began to listen for the movement of a collection of black, legged, slime.

      "I see Ike hasn't got'cha yet," he said.

      "I could say the same for you, it was on your tail for a second there.."

      A whoosh and slam caused both our heads to turn to the direction of the door. The hall to this room was airlocked in a sense that there are two doors to the room, and the being had made it through one, and is now slamming down the other. I looked through the window by the door as I jumped to hold it down, ant the being was rushing, back and forth, pounding against the door on the other end of the airlock.

      "RUN!" I yelled to my brother as I held the door against the pounding force behind it.

      I had forgotten that the being had glowing red eyes, which beamed through the cracks of the door and lit the room with a crimson light. I planned out my escape, and rushed out the back door and slammed it shut, finding myself by the pool in the back yard.

      I had heard my mom pull up to the home and yell, "I'm hooome!"

      "Don't go in the house mom! It's not safe, get back in the car!" Her door slammed without hesitation.

      The slamming at the doors had stopped. I had started to walk back into the house with relief, but then heard a noise that sounded similar to the scraping of jello off a plate.


      The blobs turned the opposite corner of the house, and for the first time exposed their true self by separating into many different beach-ball sized things. I turned around the corner to run, but the dream had faded to black. No! I thought. This dream isn't over yet! Visualizing my surroundings, a landscape had erupted from the darkness, and I was back in the dream.

      My intentions had changed, and as I turned the corner I picked up the double-barreled pump-action shotgun (lol) I had expected to be on the ground and aimed. The shotgun was too big and clunky to aim accurately, but I disregarded that as I cocked it back. I shot both barrels, taking out a couple blobs, but noticed that the ammunition was ineffective and seemed like it was shooting powder rather than buckshot. I threw it aside, as it was more fun to use other means of disposing of the problem. I grabbed a slimeball telepathically, and with all my mental strength, hurling it upward for it to land and disintegrate in the pool. Rinse, wash, and repeat with about forty other slimeballs, and you get a pool blackened with the scum of an unknown force. The plague kept on coming, but they were easy to dispel, so I decided to escape. I propped myself up ready for flight and the-

      "They deactivated my account!!"

      What? Thoughts stirred in my groggy mind, and I slumped down in bed, cursing at whoever yelled that silently.
    14. Dining, Demons, and Demo.

      by , 03-05-2012 at 07:49 AM (Alone With my Mind)
      Going to school is usually a painful experience, but today it wasn't as saddening as usual. Something about the air made it almost enjoyable. I walked by the performing arts center and called out to a friend ahead of me:

      "Hey, Gloria! Wait up!"

      I began to speed up, but something had stopped me in my tracks and made me look up at the sky. The horizon around me was not it's usual blue, in fact it was nearly completely black if it weren't for the many stars in the sky, but the area around me was twilit with an eerie orange tinge. I pinched my nose and as breath came through solid skin I also noticed, for once, I wasn't deaf in my dreams. I caught up to Gloria and walked into the school with her. To my surprise, I wasn't in my school and instead was gathered outside in a party with all my friends and some delicious looking food. I sat down at a bench and indulged in a pastry covered with a sweet sauce, and began to talk and eat. I didn't care for the endless green plains that lay to the right of me - the taste of chicken overpowered my craving for adventure. Unfortunately, this didn't last as long as I hoped. We sung happy birthday to someone, and I turned and said to a friend:

      "Hey, isn't this great? Great food, great atmosphere."

      "Yup," she replied, "it's beautiful out too."

      "It would be just awful if some demons or something turned up here, huh?"

      As soon as I had said that, everyone and their mother's eyes locked onto mine. Their faces contorted, revealing fangs, stretching out their ears into points, and reddening their skin. Realizing my voice has a power much more powerful than my thoughts, I shut my eyes quickly, somehow catching a quick, red, saturated glimsp of my sleeping self beginning to awake, and then forced my eyes open shouting, "Stop! There are no demons in this party!" But then it wasn't the same party anymore, and I was somewhere else.

      Now my German class, I discovered that we have been having an ordinary potluck this whole time. The arbitrary chatter in the classroom was overwhelming, and I noticed some people's faces were contorting in a way I have seen somewhere else before. I walked outside to get some fresh air, and noticed I am holding a smoking bomb in my hand. I rushed frantically, and threw the bomb in a panic upwards. I began to run, but the bomb had fallen onto a slanted roof and rolled in my direction; it detonated just short enough not to dismember me, but enough to knock me unconscious.

      I opened my eyes and realized that the bomb was lying there, vibrating ferociously, with no sign of explosion or charred ground except for one thing - my clothes. I stood up and every item I had been wearing blew away as dust in the wind. I stood there completely naked, grasping the bomb in my hand and then throwing it over a fence. I walked into the classroom, but it was no longer a classroom, it had been changed into a construction site. No one seemed to notice me as they pounded away on nails, no matter how much I talked to them. Suddenly overcome by fatigue, I slumped down on a wall and shut my eyes.
    15. What had happened?

      by , 12-27-2011 at 05:27 AM (Alone With my Mind)
      DV keeps bothering me so I decided to drop by and leave a DJ entry. This site is pimped out now 0.o

      I could not figure out for what reason I was behaving like a total freak, but there was one thing I was sure of - everyone was scared. Of me. I heard hushed whispers and staggered footsteps as people turned away. "What are you doing! You know I'm not usually like this!" All this caused was more fear, and I could feel it, surging through the crowd.

      Everything was covered in rust. The benches, the walls, coated with a red-orange crust. The wind blew flaked of it into my face, on my clothes. It smelled of flames, an explosion perhaps, but I didn't know.

      Did I do this?
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