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    Magic Ring

    by , 03-30-2011 at 07:39 PM (436 Views)
    I am at Lomond View Elementary running from these people that are after a ring of branches that I had with me. This ring of branches is magical. If you say the right phrase and put it in the right position on the ground it will do whatever you want it to. I used it, Incorrectly, but it still worked, to summon a Go Kart and was driving away from the guys that were now in a van. The path I was driving on had a lot of swinging gates on it so I would use the ring to close the gates and make the guys behind me take detours. I ended up losing them and drove around to the back of the school where my friends were waiting for me on the playground. They all seemed disappointed and looked like they though I wasn't going to get away from the guys until they saw me coming down the hill. We ran out into a field that was behind the playground and tried to use the ring to get away. It wasn't working. I tried again and it still wouldn't work. This is the point of the dream that I found out you had to do those special things I mentioned earlier to get the ring to work. The phrase was something involving Click Clack... But I dont' really remember anything else from it. One of the kids with me, who was really fat, knew the secret phrase and took the ring and used it to summon a portal to somewhere else and we all went through.

    I was now at my house and all of the kids were gone. I think my friends were there with me but I don't remember very well if there was anyone else. I heard the garage door opening and I went outside to look and my dad was coming home. I went out there and there was another car behind him that looked like a police car. Two people stepped out. One person in a business suit and another in boxing shorts and a robe. He asked us, "Have you heard of the back door burglar?"

    My dad said, "Well, I heard that a house a few houses down got ripped off but I didn't know that it happened again." The guy told us to watch out for him and took off. I said to my dad, "Man, he looked tired."

    I went out back to check our doors and all of them were in place. I climbed up my deck, which now had a spiral staircase on it and was pretty high off the ground, to check that door and it was good as well. We walked around front and the front door was open except for a glass door. My dad went in first and as soon as he got in there a woman with a baseball bat hit him and took him hostage. I opened the door after him and tried to go inside but there was also a guy in there and they both had guns. I told them to let my dad go and take me instead and they happily obliged. The woman grabbed me and my dad went into his room to grab a gun. I was pushed down some stairs and the guy was at the bottom. He looked at me, raised his gun, and shot me in the head. I started to fall over and then I didn't die. I went to the guy, who had a terrified look on his face, and tried to grab his gun. He shot me again. I still didn't die. At this point I started moaning and went all zombie on the guy and he freaked out and backed into a lay-z-boy chair that was in the room. I grabbed his gun and started to club him in the head with it. The woman had either run off or disappeared at this point. I kept hitting him but nothing was happening until finally his head popped and he died. There was an old woman at the other end of the room I was in and she told me that I should have died but I missed my chance and now I would have a meeting about it. She opened this safe looking door and told me to go through it. I never did.

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    Tags: magic, robber, zombie