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    1. Magic Ring

      by , 03-30-2011 at 07:39 PM
      I am at Lomond View Elementary running from these people that are after a ring of branches that I had with me. This ring of branches is magical. If you say the right phrase and put it in the right position on the ground it will do whatever you want it to. I used it, Incorrectly, but it still worked, to summon a Go Kart and was driving away from the guys that were now in a van. The path I was driving on had a lot of swinging gates on it so I would use the ring to close the gates and make the guys behind me take detours. I ended up losing them and drove around to the back of the school where my friends were waiting for me on the playground. They all seemed disappointed and looked like they though I wasn't going to get away from the guys until they saw me coming down the hill. We ran out into a field that was behind the playground and tried to use the ring to get away. It wasn't working. I tried again and it still wouldn't work. This is the point of the dream that I found out you had to do those special things I mentioned earlier to get the ring to work. The phrase was something involving Click Clack... But I dont' really remember anything else from it. One of the kids with me, who was really fat, knew the secret phrase and took the ring and used it to summon a portal to somewhere else and we all went through.

      I was now at my house and all of the kids were gone. I think my friends were there with me but I don't remember very well if there was anyone else. I heard the garage door opening and I went outside to look and my dad was coming home. I went out there and there was another car behind him that looked like a police car. Two people stepped out. One person in a business suit and another in boxing shorts and a robe. He asked us, "Have you heard of the back door burglar?"

      My dad said, "Well, I heard that a house a few houses down got ripped off but I didn't know that it happened again." The guy told us to watch out for him and took off. I said to my dad, "Man, he looked tired."

      I went out back to check our doors and all of them were in place. I climbed up my deck, which now had a spiral staircase on it and was pretty high off the ground, to check that door and it was good as well. We walked around front and the front door was open except for a glass door. My dad went in first and as soon as he got in there a woman with a baseball bat hit him and took him hostage. I opened the door after him and tried to go inside but there was also a guy in there and they both had guns. I told them to let my dad go and take me instead and they happily obliged. The woman grabbed me and my dad went into his room to grab a gun. I was pushed down some stairs and the guy was at the bottom. He looked at me, raised his gun, and shot me in the head. I started to fall over and then I didn't die. I went to the guy, who had a terrified look on his face, and tried to grab his gun. He shot me again. I still didn't die. At this point I started moaning and went all zombie on the guy and he freaked out and backed into a lay-z-boy chair that was in the room. I grabbed his gun and started to club him in the head with it. The woman had either run off or disappeared at this point. I kept hitting him but nothing was happening until finally his head popped and he died. There was an old woman at the other end of the room I was in and she told me that I should have died but I missed my chance and now I would have a meeting about it. She opened this safe looking door and told me to go through it. I never did.
      Tags: magic, robber, zombie
    2. Toy Street

      by , 03-28-2011 at 07:48 PM
      I was up visiting Mac at Utah State when I tried to turn into a busy parking lot and missed the turn. I kept driving, I was in my Expedition, and came upon another point where I could turn into the parking lot. I turned in there and saw that he was driving his truck away and I had missed the opportunity to say hello. I drove out of the parking lot and turned down what looked to be main street. I ended up on a bike somehow and was no longer driving a car. I rode down into main street and there was some carpeting lining the ground and there were people in blue and white sparkly jumpsuits lined up along the road that intersected the one I was on. I got onto the road and saw that there was to be some kind of winter themed parade going on shortly so I quickly crossed the street and said to myself, "Man, now I'm going to have to find another way around."

      One of the guys dressed in a blue jumpsuit said, "Well, at least you don't have to do flips down the street."

      I got across the street and was now walking with my brothers Drew and Logan. In front of us was a wall that was full of toys like at Wal Mart and behind us was the street that the parade was going to be on. We were checking out these toys when a man came up behind us and started yelling, "They aren't supposed to be back here! Get them!"

      We took off down this row of toys and eventually the street opened up into a big toy store. We took a left and I saw a wind up helicopter lying on the table in front of me. I grabbed it and wound it up to throw at one of our persuers. I said, "Well, obviously you haven't had a helicopter thrown at you before," and threw the helicopter at him. He got hit in the head but that didn't phase him. The persuers ended up catching us somehow and we were now in this room that looked like an interrogation room that had one door and a large mirror on the other side. There was a table with three chairs around it in the center of the room. I was sitting at one end of the table and there were two men on the other side. My brothers were in separate rooms. I don't really remember much from this part of the dream. My brothers got into the room somehow and we fought off the guys and they got knocked out. Suddenly the window burst open and there were three girls standing out there. The window opened to show another street with the three girls standing there and a truck behind them. Somehow we knew they were here to capture us. I said to them, "You know you can come with us and we'll keep you safe." They looked at me and said, "Well, you did save the queen right?" I said, "Yes, we did." They came with us and we all got onto the truck.

      Me and Logan were on motorcycles and Drew was driving the truck. We were on a reddish brown rock road heading for a canyon and were being chased by a bunch of the guys from before. We went off a jump and hit hard on the ground but we all managed to stay on our motorcycles. We went off a second jump and we didn't fall off again. Then the walls of the canyon began getting closer and Logan hit my motorcycle with his and knocked the girl off. I told my brothers, "Go on without me, I'll get her." They kept going and I turned around to save her. I never got to her.

      We were now in a grocery store and we were shopping around for some stuff so the girls could fit in to normal life. Apparently they weren't from earth or had never been part of regular society. We were looking for clothes when one of the girls went to the front of the store and saw their king. He had come to take them back to where they had come from. She came back and told us this and I said, "We need to use the emergency exit."

      The girl went back to the front of the store and turned into a vampire and began fighting off all the kings men. The other girl opened a chest that was on the ground and began throwing out pieces of armor to me and Logan. Drew had disappeared at some point previous. The armor was leather but when you put it on it fit to your body perfectly. She also threw me a sword that was supposed to attach to the back of my hand but it wouldn't so I just used it regularly. I was fighting a man with two swords and wasn't doing to well. He cut me across the face and I was starting to lose the fight. He brought both of his swords up for a killing blow and I saw a weak point and cut him from his neck down into his stomach. The blade didn't do any actual damage and he brought his sword down flat on top of my head. He said, "Ha! I killed you."

      I responded, "No, I am wielding a shardblade," and he died. We ran back to the emergency exit and went into it. It was a restroom with a door inside that led to somewhere else. Me and the girl went into this door and Logan stayed behind to distract the other guys. At this point I became lucid for a moment because the girls pants were white when we went into the room but when we got out she was wearing red pants. I lost lucidity soon after this. The room we got into was what looked to be another bathroom but the back wall was gone and there was a forest beyond it. Further up on the left wall of the bathroom was another door and we saw a woman go into it and she called for us to follow. We did and we were in what looked like a school to train people like the girls we met. After much following we came to some stairs that led down and I went down them to follow this woman. She was gone and we were now in a grove with a wooden staircase leading down from the ledge we were standing on.

      At this point I woke up.
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    3. Zombies: The Game

      by , 11-15-2010 at 05:13 AM
      Level One

      I was on this wall with a bunch of people, thousands in fact, and the zombie apocalypse had just begun. The problem here was that the wall was just one giant square around a two or three inch deep lake. The people in front of us turned around and started pushing and shoving back towards us. Before now, everyone had been moving along at the same speed in the same direction. We saw a zombie coming toward us. He broke through the croud and grabbed onto my friend Cierra. She was fighting with the zombie and I got behind her and threw her off the wall. It wasn't too dangerous or anything, it was like six feet up. My other friends that were now with me were asking me why I had just thrown her off the wall. I let them know that I had assumed that she was bitten and we couldn't trust her anymore because she would be a zombie shortly. I looked down and saw her looking up at us with a sad look on her face and also saw that she wasn't changing into a zombie. I started to lower myself down the wall to her and saw that her teeth had suddenly grown long and she had just taken on a very zombie-esque countenance. I pulled myself back up onto the wall and she grabbed a dog that was down in the lake by her and bit it. Now, it is important to tell you that the wall at this point wasn't six feet high all around. It went up and down so at certain points it would be level with the ground. We were right next to one of these points. Everyone around us had cleared out and it was just me, Aaron, a few random people, the dog, and Cierra. Who I manage to forget about until later in the dream. The dog comes up onto the wall and is making it's way towards us when Aaron says, "It'd probably be usefull to use our force fields now," and I realize that I have a pack of uno cards that if I hold up three at a time they work as a force field. Now as the dog reaches us I promptly forget the worth of the Uno cards and use them to give the dog the meanest paper cut beating of it's lifetime. By the time I'm finished the dog only has one eye and about twenty different tongues. The dog has stopped fighting me and I am now trying to pry it's mouth apart so it can't kill anyone else and then the dream changes dramatacallly. The dream switches to anime style and I am now laying down on a snowpack and I see Cierra at the bottom of it. I told you I had forgotten about her until this point. She reaches up in that all fancy anime style and grabs my legs and pulls me down into the snow pack. I see a large game over sign and two screens pop up in my vision prompting me to buy one of two different items that would have been usefull for that particular level.

      Level Two

      I am now in a hospital with someone else, she's this girl that I don't really know from anywhere except that she's in my dream. We are trying to get up to the top of this building because there's someone up there we have to save. Down on this level there aren't any zombies so we go to the elevator and press the up button. We are now on the third floor and there is this alarm blaring. I ask the girl I'm with what the noise is and she tells me, "It's an alarm. There must be zombies up here!" Well Duh. So we go about looking for this person and I notice that over the railing of this floor, on this floor there is one hallway that leads down further into the hospital, on one side there are doors leading into rooms and on the other side there is a railing and you can see down onto the second level which is the same as the first level but on the other half of the building, Emily Esplin is mopping the floor down there. I ignore her and cdontinue on with my mission to find this person up on this level so we can get out of here. I see a kid I knew from high school, Kieth Barker, and tell him that there are zombies on this level and he has to get off the floor. He tells me that I should come with him and I tell him that I have to kill the zombie that's up here. So, I do what any other sane person would do in this situation, I start to beat up the person I'm with to convince the kid that she is the zombie and he needs to go down to the bottom floor. I take some injuries back because, hey, who would want to be beaten up for absolutely no reason? So, I go over and push him into the elevator and say, "You need to go now!" He says, "I can wait for you, you can come with me." I proceed to push the down button on the elevator so that the door will close because I have more pressing matters at hand. We end up finding this person and Kieth ends up going down the elevator and at this point Emily asks, "What's that noise?" Seriously Emily? Now of all times? You've been up here the longest and now you're just realizing that there is something strange going on? She ends up coming with us so our party becomes a grand total of five. We are on the first floor now and there are thousands of zombies down there. The director of the hospital, who is also one of the people behind the apocalypse, is there and has been bitten. He sends a dog towards us and Emily catches it and starts to pet it when she realizes that it's a zombie dog. My view switches to hers and I proceed to beat the undeath out of the thing and realize that it wasn't a dog but it was the last person alive in the horde of zombies coming to leave with us. Oh Well. We jump in the elevator, which has explosives below it so we can blow up the zombies and end this apocalypse, and push the button to go up. The doors don't close. We push the button again. The doors don't close. We now realize that we're trapped on this elevator and we aren't going to be able to escape. The hospital director says at this point, "You can't exit but all the doors are wide open." My mind goes to a menu screen and I pick the option, "Three Agents Arrest Director," hoping that this one will stop the apocalypse before it happens and I wake up.