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    1. Cinco De Mayo!

      by , 05-10-2012 at 05:28 PM
      K, so I'm trying to get back into lucid dreaming (3rd time lucky? o.o)

      Anyway, on the fifth of may, I became lucid with what I THINK was a WILD (will explain shortly)

      The night of this lucid, I was at with my dad and some friends. I had smoked about 1 and a half joints by this time. And had been drinking more than I'm used too. I went upstairs and passed out.

      I woke up (I think, I was too drunk or stoned to know, either way, I was aware) In sleep paralysis (or a dream's representation of this) And went, "Wait, I'm in SP" (hmm, now that I think of it, I was awake, so it was a wild) I then closed my eyes, and felt like I zoomed in through a bunch of colours straight into a lucid dream. I flew around, and then didn't remember much because of the drugs and liqour. (I actually had memory loss of the prior night
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    2. Lucid Number 5!

      by , 07-29-2011 at 04:44 PM
      It stated out non lucid, and I was staying with my friend who has an apartment in Vancouver. I was showering there, after my shower I went down the elevator and found myself on the field of my old elementary school. I was talking to a friend from highschool. And when i finished talking to her I said I had to get back to the apartment. And by this time I realised i was at the elementary school, and was like WTF?? And i got really pissed and fell to the ground and started punching it. And then went wait, I must be dreaming. Plugged my nose for reality check, yes lucid, I quickly got up of the ground and just sprinted off onto the road, jumped up and had flight, flew all the way to the post office ans dtopped, and turned down another road. At the end of the road i tired pulling an IPod or IPhone out of my pocket with expectation, but instead got candy wrappers (problem was i hesitated which one). I again tried it when i found two changing screens. The lucid ended with a non lucid false awakening, where i went on DV and told the IRC about it. OldSparta didn't believe me .