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    another train ride

    by , 03-16-2018 at 09:51 PM (345 Views)
    i was looking around with dc mom was there with me,
    there was a guys who was reading a book didnt know what kind
    of book he was reading cant remember, that part then we left
    the train and left of it , and when i wanted to go down the train
    there were fixing things and i almost got hit with some metal thing
    and the same for my momand jumed of the to help my mom so
    she can be able to doge the metal , i had to stay down tell my mom cross and some old man.
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    1. 13WAR08T's Avatar
      What did the train look like, did you had an idea where you were going?
      I sometimes dream of train rides where I get off at stations that are either ridiculously far from home or don't exist, and i end up talking to some weird people...