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    Welcome to my Dream Journal!

    by , 05-06-2013 at 02:15 AM (291 Views)
    Welcome DV members. Thank you for checking out my online dream journal. I believe the dream journal is a priceless tool and an awesome function of this forum. Adds another layer of awesomeness to what is the Dream Views forums! I am going to try to put at least 1 entry into this DJ a day, lucid or not, remember or not, just to keep my motivation up. My problem with LD'ing is that I could never keep my motivation up. I'll do good for about a week, then completely forget about LD'ing. That is changing! Lucid dreaming has been an interest of mine for years, and I've been having them for years. It's time for me to really learn about how to have amazing dreams and keep them going for as long as I can. I had my first LD using the Sporadic Awareness guide. It really blew my mind the first time I had a lucid dream after reading all about them on this site. They really are quite the experience to have.

    I am going to try to place the dreams from my dream journal (new journal started on 5/5/13) onto here so I can get some insight on what others think about my dreams, and maybe make some new friends while I'm at it. You may see me around the IRC every once in awhile, so if you see me in there be sure to say hello! I am going to color code my entries and try to provide as much information as possible. Hopefully this will train my mind to retain as much information as I can during my dreams. When I LD, they are usually DILD's or MILD's, I haven't had much experience with any other technique besides WBTB. The type of lucid dream I had will be on the entry as well.

    I really hope you enjoy this journal, and I hope that it evolves into something great over the course of time and frequent LD's!~
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    1. gab's Avatar
      You are so right. DJ not only helps with recall, but provides motivation. And posting on DV is one of the best motivations there is. Keep it up