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    06.21.2010 Morning & Before Bed

    by , 06-22-2010 at 03:10 AM (661 Views)
    06.21.2010 (Non-lucid)



    I got rested up from the weekend, didn't try for a lucid, remembered a little bit of one dream.

    I was in a small room with two friends. The area looked like it was childish. It was made up of those foam puzzle pieces. There were green, red, and blue pieces. We were all sitting there, using our cell phones. (This must have been during school because the principal came in wearing a shiny vest) We all quickly hid our cell phones, because they are banned at my school, except for my one friend. He didn't see the principal, and dropped his phone on the floor due to fatigue. I looked at him in a way that told him to get his phone. The principal picked it up, slid it open, and lifted a piece revealing 12 dialing buttons. She gave the phone back to my friend. She looked at me, "Let me see yours." she said. She must have known that I had one because of the buldge in my pocket. I took it out and handed it to her. She slid it open, touched the screen a little bit, and handed it back to me.

    Before Bed

    Just gonna be a normal night tonight. Wake up via alarm, chill for a little, then attempt a WILD.

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