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    Memorable Dreams

    1. First Real Lucid Dream Ever!

      by , 09-25-2010 at 11:18 PM (function OnLucidDream () {)
      I have had LD's before, but most are short (two minutes dream time or less) and/or fuzzy/blind. This dream started as the latter. I felt my self waking up as I realized I was dreaming. Then in an attempt to save it, I spun around very fast concentrating on my surrounding so I would hopefully not lose lucidity or teleport somewhere else. I ended up teleporting, but not losing lucidity. My vision was now clear. Then, trying to remember my LD goals (Parkour, Skydiving) I turned around and there was a perfect place to practice parkour. After hanging out there with other tracuers, i remembered i had already completed that goal this past june. So i remembered skydiving... but then i forgot. My dream switched to a abstract purple scene. I yelled out ENHANCE LUCIDITY NOW! to make sure i was still in control. There was then a part between this and the end of my dream, but i forgot it. My dream ended when a random Dream Character said to me "When are you going to wake up already?" I remembered i was dreaming. Suddenly, my vision began to deteriorate like fire burning a piece of paper and before I was thrown out of my dream, i punched him and said "Thanks a lot!"
      Sitting up in bed, I smiled and said "cool!"
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