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    1/5/2011 finally caught up.

    by , 01-06-2011 at 01:40 AM (396 Views)
    close to getting WILD, but failed
    Dream 1: I were running with christian merkau through snow (its night) down running down wilke a little further from lous house towards mcdonalds and BK. we were headed for taco bell though. we got to the area with the dry cleaners ( but that wasnt there ) and gas station, christian started to head behind the gas station and then face planted into the snow on the uphill slant, then I thought wait... taco bell isnt near the mcdonalds or bk im headed to. I must be dr......eaming... I woke up.. once again denied by my dream.

    dream 2: in a pub of some sort i played pool never remembered any of the shots and also wanted to impress a chick and I broke the pool stick at one point I think.

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