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    january 6th, cake and druggies.

    by , 01-07-2011 at 01:13 AM (424 Views)
    january 6: in a motel setting but it appears very wealthy-like (almost feels like a hotel, but I know it's motel) the rooms all combined so there was a bathroom sink on a wall in the center of the room. Pat Frankenthal wanted to have some cake and mentioned it. sure enough I turned around and saw some cake in a pan on the sink of course. the cake was extremely soft, yet chewy but very delicious.

    phase 2: In a car by alex vincents house with a kid and some goofy ass dude. He smokes a giant blunt filled with heroin or something he mentioned. the blunt is about normal sized by his mouth but the width of the end part is slightly smaller than a paint bucket (it was nuts). I got parnoid that cops were going to arrest me for hanging with the junkie, so I ran out of shotgun and ran to where it seemed like a ditch would be; the chrome bars that prevent people from falling were there. So I swung around the edge of the smooth chrome bar (which seemed new) and found myself a crumbly rock formation. I jumped backwards into what appeared to be a lake or ocean. the water was colored faded light blue. I then went for the beach and there were some people there.

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