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    1. Dream recall fading

      by , 08-07-2010 at 04:18 PM
      August 6th: failed to recall

      August7th: I drove my brother past frontier park. Then I remember him driving back and almost killing us. It never showed us getting back home. But I was at home in the next part. Our whole street turned into a pool and there was a waterslide randomly standing in the middle of the pool. All I remember is I'm worried about my little brother jumping off the waterslide. My other brother Brett was also in this dream.

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    2. bringing back my dream journal

      by , 08-05-2010 at 04:20 PM
      Ohhh great my original Dream journal got trashed. I cant post on it any more.

      June 2nd 2009: Conditions ate small chocolates 1 hour before hand, attempted: WILD=fail because of a disturbance in my process, dark atmosphere, little backround noise, performed reality checks:repeating 5 times for each one.

      I dreamed that I was at a neighbors house and I was watching over it with my brother, we sat on a green blue couch, and looked at a tv that was turned off. I told my brother to put in mortal kombat into the gamecube. as i said this i walked to the bathroom, then back, didnt look at the TV then walked the other way to a change in scene which was a field i walked on a path to my mom and the persons house we were watching, my house was behind them, My Mom told me that American Idol Awaits you(note: no one in my family watches American Idol.) Then my Dream went on to the next phase, I was in a Gears of War level, a mix of clocktower and Jacinto, and the COG and locust were performing glitches in which they grew wings and levitated after one point I said this is getting annoying "WAKE UP!" I had woke myself up and realized just then that I could have been lucid all that time! but i didnt do anything! Oh well maybe next time

      June 3rd 2009

      conditions: quiet, dark, motivated.

      I attemped a WILD failed because i went to bed late and had messed up my first try. so i fell asleep..... I began in a desert/beach/urban area(hard to describe because of all that surronded me) i technically was lucid i had control of movement but my mind was treating this as if it were real life...so all i did was walk around for a little then I saw my friends car along the side of the road I called him up and started driving into a way more urban/populous area, and later night draped over without me noticing, he called and his mom and him wanted to get back in so i stoped where i started picked them up and hopped into the back seat then soon enough i woke up. im so close to getting my control. just need more concentration/sleep?

      June 8th 2009:

      Conditions: to bed late, tired, WILD attempt (fail decided to get to sleep), few RCs during the day dealing with Shifts RC experiment with all the 0's

      Dream: I was claiming to myself I was at my house all though the house I was at had a squiggle form and was two stories high. I was outside it was raining very hard and there was a computer inside, i ignored that and went towards a computer and table further outside (in the back there is forest) before i move the rain (yes it was raining) starts pouring down harder and i head towards the computer which is off. and soon as i near it, three wolves appear to the left side of the computer and table 2 being normal one being a white wolf with red markings(its my friends avatar) the wolf bites onto both my wrists and plans to take me away, but as soon as that wolf bit I felt no pain... I BECAME LUCID and as i realized what had happened I kicked the wolf with my right foot as hard as I could. and i woke up finishing off the rest of my kick and shouting..... I just had my first lucid nightmare.....interesting

      June 9th 2009:

      conditions: quiet, tired, attempting WILD late at night(gave up)

      Dream: I was at some gathering with friends and family and obama and some of his family were in our group and talking with us. seemed a little normal so i did not become lucid.

      June 12 2009: no attempts

      dreamed i was underground and there was battles going on where i was amongst natives and at the end a godess came down and stopped the fighting immediately.

      August 5 2010: lazy attempt at a WILD.

      I dreamed that I was in a room with my friends josh and lou they were sitting on an L shape couch taking up most the room. we were on what appeared to be a slightly fluffy carpet that was white. there was also a glass and wood counter in front of me. I randomly got a message on my phone and instead of it showing a view from my eyes distance it showed a video I had received but magnified so it was like I was there. The video took place in a ballroom the first noticiable figure was Liz Gorey a girl I dont know really ( I dont even like her) she lifts up her normal grey t-shirt at a moderate speed and flashes the camera. then the camera moves right and shows other DCs I do not find familiar so I look away and go back to where I was with my friends. then out of curiousity at all that just happened I want to see if im dreaming so I look at my phone but the dream begins fading and i eventually wake up.

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