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    1. September 16 2010 I got a lot of writing to do.

      by , 10-11-2010 at 10:50 PM
      phase1: (possible semi-lucid)I was at a pool flying about 15 or 20 feet above, stephanie meyer (who is apparently a life guard) and matt cortese are talking to eachother in the pool. I kept pouring buckets of dilluted/dirty water on her while flying in a lounging position as if i were just floating on air. The pool was amidst a forest that surronded circularly then there were Highways past the forest range. there was more to this dream but i forgot.

      phase 2:Then I was in a school (which i've never been to) and i was conversing with a guy then over came four girls 2 were allison e and kate l (from highschool) the girls talked to the other dude but shrugged my prescence off. after they walked away kate l stood there as if she felt sorry that i was ignored.

      phase 3: Then i'm in the same school but its a different phase. Erin Mcloraine needed me to text something and she asked me to text the number 25 so at first i stumble upon the blackberry-esque phone keys then i type 25 and it was underlined then the dream faded.
    2. hooray. out of my 4 day dream recall dry spell

      by , 09-16-2010 at 12:30 AM
      Sept 15: I was at what apparently looked like a carnivores(game) prehistoric-esque setting like this

      (it looked like the land and water/ similar plants similar appearance but not in terms of layout/ elevation) I had gotten into a rut with a flesh eating dinosaur earlier in water and jumped really high over to a minature island (which is like a tiny patch of land amongst some water, about a little ways off from the coast. to my right diagonally there was n shaped cliff. which looked like the halo 3 Last Resort maps cliff except the cliff I saw was more natural as opposed to being built/rubble and the cliff i saw went into a body of water.

      I then saw a Stegosaurus running underwater, although for some odd reason there was no water because i had perfect sight on the stego, but the water was there...(tough to explain).. anyways i pulled out a shotgun that looked like this

      and i shot 4 quick shots at the stegosaurus in the body and the stego went down ( there was no blood in the aftermath). after doing that I saw hunters or a hunter in a jeep a ways away (towards the begining incline of the n shaped cliff but to the left of it from my stance) I then shot a shell at their(his) jeep ( in my mind I assumed this dude was an evil guy out to torture dinosaurs that looked like colonel custard or something) so immidiately I jump away because he is possibly angry. I jumped to the left and got on top of an elevated sandy/hilly path. I was apparently designated to protect an ally jeep so I had to attack the hunters jeep so I thrust myself toward it and I think I hit just under the car door on the right side (of him) and his jeep was tossed about a foot or two into the air and then his jeep dropped towards the water (which was now visible) then before the jeep dropped I saw a shocked luigi icon pop up. apparently luigi was in the jeep and I might have killed him. it's all vague from that point on. to be honest I don't have a clue if luigi was an ally or the hunters, but I dont remember 2 jeeps going by.. hmm
    3. African desert like area?

      by , 09-04-2010 at 05:10 AM
      september 3 :attacked by a giant african bug that was aparrently lethal there was cacti and jack matos (and he looked like his kid version) in the dream. the sky seemed to be at dusk or sunset. the atmosphere was desert like and hilly.

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    4. 2 liters of mountain dew distortion. assassination at the pool. victims of assassination at new pool

      by , 09-03-2010 at 02:16 AM
      September 2nd: I was in an apartment room that was mostly brown (like light brown walls and brown couch) with some other teenage kids that were slightly larger than an average teen (in weight) they appeared to have some metal band t-shirts on that i don't remember. but two of them held mtn dew distortion in 2 liter bottles one of the kids had cargo shorts that were dark blue and he had long, frizzy, brown hair. I asked them where they got it from. and then i thought about how i would get to the store, even though i never been to the neighborhood i was thinking of.

      phase 2: I was at a hotel swimming with a group of people in what appeared to be a normal indoor pool. but the ceiling was at least 20ft up the room felt massive. but at one point it was apparently a girls only swim so I swam to an area of the pool that inclined down and went underground. i followed it slowly and it lead to the boys locker room. there were people obviously changing. I went up to a locker and stared at it for a second. (the room was pinkish and had green lines on the wall) I then walked back and went through the otherside of the locker room and went through a short circular water tunnel. It had lead me to a huge set of ivory stairs and some form of wealthy congregation at the bottom on the stairs headed to the left. I knew it was a wealthy event because of the area and the clothes people wore like dresses and suits. I remember one young woman that had brown hair and she wore a silk silver dress that shined lightly she had a fit figure as well. I decided to head to the Right. on the right there was an incline to another area; there was also a white overpass that had stairs on both sides up high as if it were a bridge to somewhere else in the hotel. I kept walking the incline and as soon as i got up I saw a purple and orange sky which seemed very surreal i then got up and saw an above ground swimming pool that was also in ground because it was cemented in. there was a lounge area with tables and umbrellas and then also a bar. the floor was tiled in a checkered form(not fully but sort of) I think. I stood by a guy I did not know at the pool Then apparently over in the lounge section there was a man in a suit that killed another man by breaking his neck. the dream then transitioned to the next phase

      * note phase 2 and 3 went together sort of
      phase 3: the next phase introduced the people who were wanted by showing their faces the only memorable figure was the girl who had stolen black goggles and had done something else. it showed her (she had brown slightly wavy hair and a nice body. i thought she was hot until later.) wearing black goggles and she had picked her nose randomly. it then switched to her wearing white shades in the sunny daylight, then the sight of vision moved and it paned in on a pool there were the three of the criminals playing a game with inner tubes to get the inner tubes farthest in the amoeba shaped pool. The day was sunny and i stood and observed until pool goers got pissed at the criminals and then a white lawn chair with purple stripes was thrown into the pool. i dove in and went under the chair. apparently one of the bad people in the trio jumped on the chair and i felt the pressure of his weight on my back i didnt wanna die so i fought back but eventually I woke up
    5. basement gathering

      by , 09-01-2010 at 02:42 AM
      August 31: I was in what appeared to be a basement modeled off of ryan widdis' basement. I was hanging with kids a year or two younger than me. it was weird because apparently two kids were gay (its not too weird that they were gay) the only weird thing about it was they started making love (or dry humping) over in the left corner of the basement. me and the other dudes just chilled on a couch and talked about random stuff.

      this may have been my least favorite dream, but I'm glad that August gave me two full lucid dreams, a few semi lucid dreams and my dream recall has gotten a lot better than it was before I got back into dreaming. now i move onto SEPTEMBER! LET THERE BE MANY LUCIDS!!

      ohh wow September 1: N/A Recalled.

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    6. Running. then jumping to death later.

      by , 08-31-2010 at 12:26 AM
      I was out on a neighborhood with a similar setting to the neighborhoods by olive elementary school. as i get a little farther i realize its cloudy so i decided to take shelter from rain in an empty parking garage( i never felt or saw rain beforehand) I ran into matt cortese and Jordan Connor in the parking garage towards the wall. the ground moving that way inclined up slightly. me, matt and jordan then proceeded to search for water in plastic cups. we found many plastic cups that had been filled full, empty, or half way with either clean water, dilluted water or no water.

      The other dream phase involved me driving with my mom and brother in a explorer or SUV that was white. we went by a T intersection road that inclined downwards we took a right and then came to a bridge only one car could cross. the bridge was wooden and moldy and had a big gap at the end. we drove and once we got to the gap i decided i was going to get out and jump the gap. I jumped and as soon as i jumped my progress in movement was stopped at the jumps peak. I then fell into the gap which lead into a dark abyss that contained water. i then woke up feeling like i fell in real life.
    7. Dream party?

      by , 08-25-2010 at 12:23 PM
      August 25: Apparently I was at a birthday first notable figure was Brett his DC couldn't sing for sh!t so my friend Blake who was next to him mocked him. Then I was on the other side and the class reverted to the opposite way. I was still in the back but now by a black case. Two people( man with a mustache that was grey and woman(note: they looked spanish though) who wore purple that were Russian did a song for me(which I jigged to at first). Then Brett told me to smoke what was in the case for the Russians. vijay to my left agreed. So I opened it up and sort of freaked out because the case was filled with equipment. The things I was supposed to smoke looked like firecrackers(that tweaked me out) and there was a grill style fire at the bottom of the case along with equipment above it on some sort of rack. First I screwed up the wick on mistake then I was about light up even though I didn't want to, but then luckily vijays dc knocked the equip in the fire and we had to get it out so the Russians wouldn't kill us... the dream eventually faded after vijay grabbed a few pieces of equipment.

      note: at first there were a bunch of the things i was supposed to smoke in the case, but then after I looked they were no longer there. I guess pressure in the dream made me not realize something was up.

      August 26: N/a recalled

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    8. went lucid but my dream went AWOL.

      by , 08-25-2010 at 09:06 AM
      August 25: I have remembered only slight bits like the first i was running at night with mike ivanov and i saw a guy ahead running with a ponytail that made me suspicious then the scene changed to hanging with zoeller once i ran to his house which was like a housing complex because houses were close together. eventually a car pulled up it was a silver honda or vanish car(im bad with cars) and out came this jock-like kid(douche) who mocked zoeller about his sister and her being hot; then somehow I went to a random garage and talked to mike choi and someone else and then it hit me.. I knew I was asleep so I shouted I am dreaming! Then I tried shooting a fireball but my dream went apeshit. And all this crazy input in my dream prevented my concentration. Like the talking of mike choi and a dc and when I did the fireball motion upwards a train (I saw it through a two foot wide and quite long space in the roof. was above and extremely loud and heavy(it shook my dream vision like crazy) I was literally trippin' around because of the powerful tremor caused by the train that rolled on above me. eventually I woke up. I think mantras may help me well.

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    9. Recall backish

      by , 08-24-2010 at 02:42 PM
      August 24: I was with trouble making teens in a neighborhood near an apartment and park. One kid started to do some tagging. Then I eventually decided to join in as well. Later on I was really Nervous because I thought cops were going to find me because I thought I tagged my name or nickname (if you searched facebook the nickname would be obvious). So I basically freaked out until I think I realized I was dreaming and woke my self up

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    10. recall is still iffy.

      by , 08-19-2010 at 07:43 PM
      August 19:I recalled a few slight things I was hanging with alec and alex vincent at my house, they were discussing music and alec went on a rant on how hip hop sucked then looked at me and said ohh sorry. (I like hip hop, but only underground hip hop)

      fact: *alex vincent doesnt like alec so i dont know why he'd be here at my house in my family room seeing i dont know him too much.

      August 20: No
      august 21: No
      august 22: No

      August 23: remebered being in a hollywood setting and seeing a batman actor dating someone new. they both wore batman masks around though.

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    11. recall coming back

      by , 08-18-2010 at 09:27 AM
      August 18th: involved two dreams I'll write more about later but here's basics. One phase involved a friend dan vavirnik or a farmer guy riding orange vehicles down highways. The other phase I dreamt I went to lunch with my mom, aunt, lou, savanah Stanley and others. Lou mentioned a girl getting pulled over for itching her vagina. :/ ..then we went home and playboy papers flew out of my bed like a fan was there. I blamed it on my brother...

      key notes: 1.) scenary was like denmark by a family friend. suburban but it still felt foreign, it was also dark out.
      2.) my room was not my room I live in now, but I claimed it to be my room.
      3.) I've never met Savanah so I should have realized something was up.
      4.) this is the 2nd time lou popped up in my dreams this month.
      5.) The character riding the orange vehicles down rural highways was demonstrating driving skills by switching vehicles somehow during his drives.

      lmao this dream was interesting. my recall still needs work.

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    12. recall coming back

      by , 08-18-2010 at 09:27 AM
      August 16th: involved two dreams I'll write more about later but here's basics. One phase involved a friend dan vavirnik or a farmer guy riding orange vehicles down highways. The other phase I dreamt I went to lunch with my mom, aunt, lou, savvanah Stanley and others. Lou mentioned a girl getting pulled over for itching her vagina. :/ ..then we went home and playboy papers flew out of my bed like a fan was there. I blamed it on my brother...
    13. don't. Have a clue how I remembered.

      by , 08-14-2010 at 01:45 PM
      I went to bed really late.

      August14: I was at target with jordan and alex vincent I was looking at videogames it showed the gears pre-purchase and some mk stuff including a movie. I was suspicious because there were no price tags. After that I played with toy light sabers in my dream then my friends came back and we went by a white candy bowl I didn't look at.

      Also in another dream phase I was riding my longboard around apparently but Stephen petro offered me a ride that's all I remember right now

      august 15: N/A recall got to bed late.

      august 16: N/A recall got to bed late.

      august 17: only thing recalled was that I rubbed my eyes and they felt irritated and someone random ( DC ) told me my eyes were really red.

      I really need to get some sleep because the past three nights have been bad for results.

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    14. dream recall returning?

      by , 08-12-2010 at 04:58 PM
      August 12:
      Dream phase 1: I was out in the back of a tall white mansion that had a few upper level patios. I was on lower level ground. The ground had level had a bit of overgrowth over it. The concrete also looked aged.( maybe because it was also slightly dark outside.) there were hedges that formed an L in front of my view( L might be a dream sign) I was in a hot tub that had an appearance of a artsy fountain( made with a sub section for water and it had a statue above) a old middleschool crush of mine Ashley mcgill was also there. Apparently we talked for a little and then I made a move on her and went in for a kiss but as a few seconds passed she got up and said something like I can't do this then she left. The dream phase faded as well.

      Phase2: I was in an apartment complex. I was inside first. It was very cluttered messy and all connected. I remember seein sean mcloraine. I can't remember dialogue but that was majority of the dream. Then the women got mad at one point and demanded "rights" my mom was leading so I followed outside we protested and marched down a street in front that curved around. It had a few trees and it was dark out( dream sign) then the dream soon faded.

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    15. Dream Recall Sucks, But I went Lucid!!

      by , 08-08-2010 at 05:23 PM

      I went through 3 dream phases last night.

      the first 2 sucked and I forgot them anyways.

      the third though was awesome. I was semi-lucid. and it was fun

      August 8: It started out with me and a few other martial arts masters i did not recognise, but we we're set out to go kill some crazy bearded asian dude. so we're on a long forest/beach path walking when all the sudden I decide "hey im going to act like the avatar and have some crazy powers" so I jumped really high over to a temple and land in front of a Bonsai Tree in a large light brown pot. I then proceed to blow a lot of wind out my mouth and make swishing motions with my hands to burn the tree but keep the fire down. I then walked into the temple through an entrance right of the center. I then saw the evil dude hop a table and run away. then i didnt give a crap. I walked out to what became more like a beach. It had a lot of people there the first notable person was andrew quinzio. The sky was heavly clouded by black cloulds with the ocassional lightning burst. I lifted my hands up and said "quinzio watch this" and took lightning strikes into my hand.(note: it didnt work every time). then I saw my brother and his buddy white-boy and some others headed to a building next to the temple. which had the appearance of a movie theater strangely. and once I was inside I saw Ben Columb walk out of what I thought was bathroom and the dream started to fade.

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