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    Dream Control

    by , 04-28-2014 at 02:10 PM (213 Views)
    Dedicated this LD to shooting lightning out of my hands, played some Force Unleashed 2 for the inspiration:

    My Dad walks up and tells me he's going to try me in court with my aunt as the prosecutor for waking my sister up. He tries to grab me and take me to the courthouse. Iím trying to tell him I didnít do shit, but when he grabbed me I thought there was no way it could be real. I looked around and thought, ďYeaÖ definitely a dream.Ē As soon as I become lucid my Dad basically becomes a vegetable and I walk out my front door. I take off flying pretty damn fast and my neighborhood disappears and the scene transitions to a city. I start weaving through skyscrapers and try to shoot lightning at these buildings, but it doesnít work. I start screaming lightning and some shoots out of my fingertips, burning holes and shattering this buildingís windows. I keep screaming lightning and as Iím wrecking these windows, lightning is bursting out of some clouds in the distance. I land because I get bored of shooting a little bit out of my fingertips like Darth Sidious. I want to shoot giant waves of it out of my palms, I guess kind of like a DBZ thing. I fly to this alley and look at my right hand and flex. A small blue light materializes and I shot at a random shed. After a few more tries the blast of lightning doesnít increase, and I wake up, stay still, and pull of a DEILD. I enter back in my room, phase out my room wall and drop down outside of my house. I fly up into space and shoot more lightning there. I look back at Earth, temporarily wake up so I remained still and pulled off another DEILD. I started in my room, went out into the upstairs loft and phased through the second story window. I drop like 30 stories and land in a metropolis. Iím standing outside this skyscraper then charge up and shoot more lightning. The blast is still relatively small, so Iím pretty frustrated. Out of nowhere this old man starts talking to me. As I talk back I realize Iím losing lucidity so I walk away from him and start screaming clarity, focus, and more lucidity. I look down a street lined with buildings and start to charge my lightning. This time the blue lights fill the entire palm of my hands. When I shoot it, the lightning fills the entire street and extends out of view. Iím really excited when at least 100 angry DCs start running down this street after me. I try to blast them with a wave of lightning but it has no effect so I take off running. I escape and make a mental note that I need to work on eliminating hostile DCs with lightning, or hopefully other tricks I learn. I woke up for real feeling pretty satisfied for completing a personal goal.
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