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      Thank you!
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      Ah yes. I had to bring it back. lol. I hope I can get back to my old dreaming self soon!
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      Thank you!
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      A (very) belated thank-you for the birthday wishes back in June! I hope you're well.
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      Thank you! ^_^
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      Hi friend ! That is an auspicious dream
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      Thank you NyxCC!
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      Thanks! A belated happy new year to you too! We're going to bust this year out with some lucidity!
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      Hi NyxCC!
      Lately I do not see you much here...
      I hope everything goes well and we hear from you soon!
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      Merry Xmas Ny and all the very best for 2016 too
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    Red & Black

    by NyxCC on 04-25-2019 at 08:50 PM
    22 Apr 2019

    I appear in a dream scene which is just building around me. My awareness is high and as if I am really ready for this. (I have been thinking about having an ld but not much other induction that night, although I did check the task of month in order to have a purpose in case a lucid happens).

    As I look around the shaky environment, I recall the Red & Black clothes task for this month. There is a female DC with whatever original clothes she was wearing. I change them to red, then to black. One's a T-shirt with something in white written on it, the other more like a robe. I realize I can't recall whether we had to change from red to black or vise versa, so I change the color of her clothes multiple times just to be on the safe side. I make a note that this color change wasn't as difficult as I had for some reason expected.

    End of memory
    lucid , task of the month

    29 Mar Street

    by NyxCC on 03-30-2018 at 10:24 PM
    Fragmented sleep with lots of wakes in hrs prior to final wake

    The dream begins in a version of our current home, FA style. I wake up and look out the window seeing the new day begin. Some unusual transportation already on the move.

    Couple of moments later, I find myself walking down the street with much higher awareness. I decide to act out this moment as if it were real life, creating a continuous stream of awareness from the dream to waking and the actual walking on the street much later. I look around, soak in as many details, also looking at DCs passing by. A woman with a red leather jacket stands out. My bf's DC is also accompanying me. We continue our walk down the street to cross when some cars speed towards us. I feel like I need to quickly jump ahead to avoid the impact. The motion seems to destabilize the dream or it could just be the fragmented sleep and the dream soon fades.

    After waking up, I initially forget my dream idea to hold that awareness on my way to work, but recall it later on. As I go out, it's a beautiful cold sunny morning and I take in all the little details around me. With this state of mindfulness, it feels the same way it did when I had the lucid dream walking down the street.
    lucid , dream fragment

    24 Mar 2018 Mini lds

    by NyxCC on 03-25-2018 at 08:20 PM
    I find myself in a room full of DCs and suddenly awareness increases to lucidity. I recall my thoughts from the previous night to try to score more points from the competition. There's a particularly distracting DC in front of me and I weight in the options of going for dream control vs kissing. I decide to go for the latter, explaining to myself I can do dream control a bit later. There are around 8 DCs surrounding us and I begin to feel uncomfortable.

    Not sure what happens, whether a dream end or possibly loss of lucidity. It seems like a little black out but I return to pretty much the same scene, aware again. End of memory. Awake. Back to sleep.

    Another dream episode where I become lucid again, different indoors place, I don't look around too much. Once again a lone DC catches my attention, though this time not as distracting. I have the feeling my memory of the previous dreams is becoming blurred as I didn't write anything down.

    I take time to focus on the DC and save the memory of the previous and current dreams to this moment. I raise my fingers to count three lucid moments for the night.
    The dream ends sometime soon and I do a brief mental review prior to going back to sleep.
    lucid , dream fragment


    by NyxCC on 01-28-2018 at 10:12 PM
    Jan 23

    I find myself in my childhood school yard with high awareness. The scene is quite dark, but I nevertheless take the time to inspect in detail all of the dream characters that surround me. While some of them look quite ugly or even menacing, I live out the realization that all these people are just a reflection of my mind, they are all me. I spend some time happily shouting this and engaging the DCs.

    A bit later, I recall I was planning to do the task of the month (basic ii). A wave of urgency hits me as I remember the month is drawing to end, and also the dream may be over quite soon too. As I walk down the street, I follow the plan in case I found myself outdoors, to look for a mirror on a nearby car.

    The dream scene is quite dark, but I am still able to locate a car and move closer to examine my reflection. The image looks a bit smaller than it would in real life, so I lean even closer. I don't look quite like myself initially. The effect seems more like a dream quality issue - the image is quite distorted, although, as the mirror is slightly curved, one would actually expect it to be.

    After gazing into the reflection for a while, it starts to resemble me more. My hair is a bit wavy though. Overall, the dream reflection is quite happy. I finally get to the task of making my hair longer, although this proves more challenging than expected. I try to will my hair to become longer, but dream control's not quite working. I then decide to take things into my own hands, literally, and gently pull my hair down to stretch it. This seems to do the trick and it increases in length. I enjoy the completion of the task for a brief moment, waking up shortly afterwards.

    Potion of forbidden knowledge

    by NyxCC on 12-28-2017 at 09:38 PM
    28 Dec

    My awareness spikes in the middle of the dream, making me pay more attention to the surroundings. I am certain this is a dream and happy about it.

    It takes a bit to recall my totm intentions and in the meantime I decide to improvize and go bananas with dream control. I start a massive onslaught on the dream environment, initially tking all sorts of objects in sight and later doing impromptu room modifications. It seems to come quite naturally although I am not too sure what precisely am I trying to accomplish. The technique is look straight ahead and modify with thoughts the door and everything behind it, and once changed, bring it back to its original version. <possibly subconsciously trying to integrate a version of the portal from Dr Strange>

    Once I have calmed down a bit, I finally recall I wanted to do task of the month. There was a familiar DC running around so I ask him to bring to me the potion of forbidden knowledge. He gives me a light blue medieval type of bottle and I drink the small amount of liquid it contains. Nothing happens for a while, which leaves me slightly disappointed as I was preparing for some sort of false memory revelation to take place.

    I still feel quite euphoric being in the dream and I recall how you can actually use dreams to improve yourself, including physically <quote below>. At this stage I am very enthusiastic and totally determined to use the dream to influence my appearances and get more muscular. Quite conveniently a mirror appears right ahead, so I look at myself as I try to flex my stomach muscles. As if this isn't enough to get me in good shape, I decide to do some crunches and get on the floor.

    I also imagine myself doing crunches every time I have a lucid dream, as a part of a new fitness routine. I do around 10 crunches with great ease. The movements are really light and pleasant, but this seems to exhaust my concentration and the dream soon ends.

    Quote Originally Posted by Harvard Business Review

    If I dream about doing crunches, will I develop killer abs?

    Yes and no: You wont really get a six-pack just by dreaming, but research shows that envisioning yourself doing exercises can make specific muscles stronger, so you should get a stronger belly than if you didnt dream about crunches. In general, if you want to improve in waking life, dreams are the perfect place to do it. 
    lucid , task of the month