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    Trapped in Ice

    by , 11-15-2017 at 02:03 PM (169 Views)
    I was covered in armour. The metal petals that made up the suit clinking together in metallic unison. I remember flying or maybe I was thrown. The crunch of icy crystals surrounding me as I sank into the depths of marble crevice. My body began heating up the cold and soon half my body was engulfed in a lukewarm puddle. My comrades grasped at my arms trying dutifully to draw my tired body out of the abyss. We struggled for many hours. Each time becoming more and more helpless. Finally we were able to muster enough strength to lift me halfway out only at the last moment to grasp at the tired clutches as I sank down into the abysmall cave.

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    Tags: cave, dark, ice, metal, water