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      I'm sorry for not responding to you sooner... DreamViews stopped sending me email notifications and I'd completely forgotten about visitor messages so I was never checking.

      I've never had much luck explaining shared dreaming. The best way I have to meet someone in a dream is to choose a place both of you know well and make it your intent to meet there in a dream. It helps if you know each other or yours and their perceptions of the place may be too far off to confirm it as a shared dream. Dream control and lucidity help, but a non-lucid dream can end up being shared. As for how long my lucid dreams are, they vary greatly. The ones where I'm semi-lucid (I know I can use my dream powers but I never think about it being a dream) are the most stable and last the longest. Sometimes when I get fully lucid the dream slips away sooner.

      Again, I'm sorry for not responding sooner, I had forgotten about visitor messages even since I've been posting dreams. I did not mean to be rude. 😔
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    Horses , ponies, cows they all can talk

    by Nefets on 11-07-2020 at 11:59 AM
    I dreamt about being in a place that is meshed up from multiple universes
    in an abandoned house I found little horses, I petted one of them
    things happened and one of em run away into what was a mesh of an imperial star destroyer
    then on a bus I talked to another on about school education
    it was surreal

    I woke up ... its 11 am , I slept way too much again


    by Nefets on 11-03-2020 at 09:00 AM
    I was floating around , like a camera, it was as if I'm in a documentary, or watching one.
    It's the middle of the desert late at night, I hear Sebiba chants. People meet in the middle of the desert to do blues\ishumar music, tuaregs and people from all over the world, lots of guitars....
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Picking up recall

    by Nefets on 10-26-2020 at 11:00 AM
    My dream recall's been getting better ..this morning I remembered 2 dreams , ones from my first sleep, then the second one that was after I fell back asleep...
    First dream was about a show that documents weird, eccentric people, I was in the show as interviewer... the guy I was interviewing was a cyborg I think, he looked like he's in his 30's ,living in an attic
    asked him ,whats weird about him
    -if I told you , you wouldn't believe it.
    -but what is it ?
    -I live as 3 age groups at the same time

    Then a supposed grandpa enters
    "hello grandpa"
    he looks just like him , the same cyborg features around the eyes , the same face structure... I was like wtf
    we tried to talk to him too, but he was way too eccentric... He had hand prosthetics that broke easely, and he broke them right infront of us just for the sake of it...then went into another room to fix his hands..
    I said " dude should get plastic hands, or something more durable"
    to this he dashed out and said " did you just intentionally kill yourself?" as if suggesting to him to get more durable hands was a deadly mistake...
    he walked towards me , and I was like " OK NO NO SORRY I DIDNT MEAN TO " then he threw a plastic shelf at me or something and went back in ...

    Second dream was about tornadoes
    A "hurricane" was approaching the suburbs I was living in
    I don't remember much
    but when it was arrived , it was an amazing sight, I had a vivid vision, no better way to describe this ,I seen it in 4k , as tornadoes where whirling around the mesocyclone right above me but somehow didnt hit me
    I ran into a restaurant, hide under the counter ,then it came, one tornado struck the place I was in , things, and people were flying around, but it looks like the crew survived, then I continued running towards my home...

    Big freaking snakes

    by Nefets on 10-16-2020 at 12:06 PM
    I dreamt that after a heavy rain, a lot of water was flowing down the hill, among the streets.
    I didnt pay much mind to it, I went to the shop. Then encountered a big fckoff COBRA, but it wasnt any kind of cobra , it was FLYING all over the place. Its morphology was unique:Its lower half was of a light colour , cant tell which, the top, was vibrant red, with the hood stretching all over it's body, acting as a wing to catch wing, while doing this swirly motion mid air , supposedly to maneuver itself. I got really scared, it somehow flew up and charged me , I fell on the ground and covered my face, but nothing happened, it just went away. I ran home like mad while seeing a bunch of these things flying around, told mom, closed windows ,door , I was panicking like mad, then started to see reptillians even, flooding the street , and maybe even lions?
    Someone told me that this event will die off once all the water flows down from the mountains... Nobody was worrying that much about it..but I was furious

    Hassling an old bully, fighting over stepping on grass

    by Nefets on 10-14-2020 at 03:54 PM
    note: there's been a time when I often dreamt of being middle school, which was really bad because it was a really traumatic part of my life. But with time, I had those dreams less and less, sometimes I still do have em rarely. This time was different

    I was again back at middle school as an adult, and the whole class was made of adults(pretty strange). The interior of the building was much larger, instead of 3 floors, there was like 15. Going downstairs was really tiring.
    All I remember, is that now I knew I can play the other way, this girl who bullied me often tried to start some shit... and so I kept coming back at her, hassling her to the point she wanted to kick me , but she kicked into the table by me instead, hurting her leg, she was seething from anger. I went downstairs left the building.
    Then I got into a fight with some guy because he was playing tough guy , and I stepped on the grass infront of the school...
    non-lucid , dream fragment