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      I'm sorry for not responding to you sooner... DreamViews stopped sending me email notifications and I'd completely forgotten about visitor messages so I was never checking.

      I've never had much luck explaining shared dreaming. The best way I have to meet someone in a dream is to choose a place both of you know well and make it your intent to meet there in a dream. It helps if you know each other or yours and their perceptions of the place may be too far off to confirm it as a shared dream. Dream control and lucidity help, but a non-lucid dream can end up being shared. As for how long my lucid dreams are, they vary greatly. The ones where I'm semi-lucid (I know I can use my dream powers but I never think about it being a dream) are the most stable and last the longest. Sometimes when I get fully lucid the dream slips away sooner.

      Again, I'm sorry for not responding sooner, I had forgotten about visitor messages even since I've been posting dreams. I did not mean to be rude. 😔
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    𐩤𐤌𐤄𐤃𐤍 𐤃𐤍𐤄𐤐 ߣ𐩨𐤍 𐤃𐩤𐤂𐤏𐩪𐤓 𐤏ߖ𐤄𐤓 ߄ߣ𐤃
    𐤃𐤅 ߖ𐤓𐤄𐤓 𐩨𐤓𐤍𐤍 𐩨𐤐ߖߣ𐩪𐤍 𐤄ߣ𐩪𐩤 ߄𐩤𐤃 𐤓ߣ𐤍𐩨 𐩤ߣ𐤃
    ߖ𐤅𐤃 ߄𐩪𐤃𐤃 ߖ𐤅 𐤍𐤐𐤐ߣ 𐩪ߣ𐩤𐤉𐤅𐤍 𐤏𐤓𐩨𐤍 𐤓ߣ𐤍𐩨 𐤂𐤓𐤍
    𐤂𐤍 𐩨ߖ𐤄ߣ 𐤄𐩤𐩪𐤃𐤃 𐩪߄𐩤 𐤃𐩤𐤉𐤍 ߣ𐩤 ߖ𐤄𐤃 𐤄𐤌ߖ𐤓𐤍

    I'm all about these symbols man
    a dream called 𐠘𐠓𐠎
    Lucid dreams, art, music,
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    Most vivid lucid dream I've ever had

    by Nefets on 02-04-2020 at 08:13 AM
    After a somewhat subconscious,passive initiation of WILD I found myself in a paralysis, in which I didn't realize that I'm already dreaming.
    It wasn't very intense, and I thought this would be the end of it, and I would wake up but despite this I kept waiting.
    There was a bit of pressure in my head ,and the usual loud noise, I started to see through my eyelids.
    Actually I was already in a dream that time I think, since I was lying in the other bed, not the one I lied back in this morning, but I didn't realize that then.
    So I got up and it was kind of vivid but unstable, thought why not, I'll just try to jump through the window. It didn't go well. I thought this will be the end of it ,but I held hands together and concentrated,
    maybe a new dream will start, and that's when it happened.
    I found myself in the middle of a green pasture, nice green hills around, perhaps even mountains. EVERYTHING was vivid and clear, I couldn't believe my eyes, it was all vivid, from my toes , to the horizon, the sun was shining, the plants , everything made sense, there was no random patterns or fuzzyness. Everything was as vivid as this reality. I was amazed but I kept my cool, walked around . THere were some gardeners working.
    I walked towards the nearby forests. The dream switched again. I did the same and waited. and now I was in a night time party scene ,somewhere in a city.
    I kept repeating "clarity" until everything was back to usual. I met some drunk british chav who wanted to fight me for some reason to which I just smashed a bowl on his head, then his taller friend (who was not a chav) came and then the chav knocked him out with some object and said something funny...
    I then went around and came to a room, looked more like a classroom, there was a woman..looked kinda like Meghan Markle but was shorter and had freckles.
    I asked her if she knows that this is a dream...before she could answer the connection was cut , and I woke up

    but damn, everything was so vivid and so real, I've been to another world for a brief time
    I think this "stillness of mind" I've developed in the last few weeks may have contributed
    Also my recall is terrible, even if I just woke up a few minutes ago as I write this , I already forgot a lot

    Updated 02-08-2020 at 09:12 PM by Nefets

    lucid , memorable , side notes

    Dreams are real... kinda ...sometimes ... I think

    by Nefets on 01-19-2020 at 02:40 PM
    I dreamt that I moved into this big mansion , multi leveled house, with questionable (satanist) exterior design...
    And I shared this house with another family too, they were kind and friendly, but I had my own part of the house they had theirs and we shared a living room I think?
    Since I felt like I should have some intimate spaces only I can access, I opened these little rifts into empty space on top of this big house, there was no roof, I just reached into empty space and made a room or two
    later in one of my rooms I found some old drawings from around 2015 when I found out about this anime\manga I used to watch
    and I remembered them ,and I found it cringy that I did draw these fanfic things in the dreams I had around that time , and the nostalgia was so real ,and so vivid
    apparently I used to draw a lot in dreams since I was a natural in dreams
    and these stuff remained, even the memory of it, I can only access them when I dream
    Like old items, but they only exist in a dream
    but somehow they remained...
    in my head

    It was kinda baffling to encounter something I did years ago in a dream....and remember it ...in a dream...

    DILD , Reconnection

    by Nefets on 12-19-2019 at 03:08 PM
    I tried to have a WILD this morning but fell asleep instead, but nevertheless I had a dild upon having a hand rc and realized I'm dreaming, although it was more of a semi lucid state. I knew that I'm dreaming but thats all that I knew, and wasn't really conscious of anything else at this point.
    I was outside infront of my house under a large tree. I started to use the force to move the branches around, I finally succeeded. I regained my connection to the force. I felt this intense vibration in my hands, head and in the air as I stretched my hand out to the large branch of tree , it was something special.
    Then I thought it's time to do something. So I started to go towards the local mall, for some reason that seemed to be a nice place to experiment around.
    On the way out I met with my friend, so we decided to go together there.. First I thought I'd jump on one of the cars to ease our transportation since walking is a bit hectic, especially in a lucid dream.
    the place was vacant, it was winter, snow covered the streets. the sky was almost pink . There was some sorts of barricade of cars there, we started to climb through the debris , then we were ambushed by what I suspected to be a krayt dragon, or some sort of dragon ,it was thin but nevertheless big and caused much panic.
    I reacted quickly I waved hand signs and blew fire onto the dragon, it seemed to have hurt it and it went away...I was like "damn ,even my fire element ability has came back too!"

    After that my lucidity really faded and I lost recall
    side notes , lucid , memorable

    Stuck in the Shadow Realms

    by Nefets on 12-13-2019 at 12:40 PM
    It all started with a brief paralysis I had. I woke up from it so I thought no LD today either, and went to sleep normally.
    The coming dream is hazy for me so I don't remember much. But I know that there was this girl whos presence brought me some kind of peace and for this I started to speculate
    that this girl may be god or a form of a higher force, and that I may learn something important from her , so I tried to get near her to talk to her
    That's when it started
    I found myself at home, figured I woke up , then I went to look out the windows and saw that there are no streets anymore anywhere,
    just endless heaps of trash, and endless amount of trash men picking up stuff. Also there was a mild fog .
    I didn't become lucid yet, but I found it weird that there are no streets. Then I woke up again, I don't know how many times I woke up, but things got more creepy and grotesque and darker.
    And then I ended up in what I call the shadow realm. I kind of became lucid because I realized its morning in real life , but here there was total darkness.
    the lights in teh whole house were flickering , giving a deeper orange faint light with a reddish hue , I felt like theres a dark presence in the dream the whole time but nothing turned up.
    I went to door to check out the street, it was like in real life but all the lights were off ,so it was just total darkness with a little bit of a faint red light coming from the sky, I could barely see anything.
    But I saw that there are shadows 'dancing' all over the street, but none of it attacked me or anything. I quickly closed the door and went back in. I didn't know what to do.
    I said that I guess I'm like Alan Wake , stuck in a dream, never knowing if I actually got out or if it's another dream.
    𐤏𐤄𐩤𐤐 𐤁ߣ𐩤ߖߖ𐤏 𐤓𐤏𐤓 ߡ 𐤓𐤁𐤓 𐤅ߡ 𐩤ߖߖ 𐤂𐩪ߖ ߡ 𐤓𐩪𐤉ߖ𐤄

    I entered the room laid down and tried to wake up
    from there on my recall gets bad again
    I woke up a few times in another instances of my home , once I woke up for real and then slipped back into the shadow realm then at a point I thought I'm done for, and prayed
    and then
    I finally woke up

    It was my first instance of being unable to wake up, it was really weird and scary...

    failed WILD entry in secret writing

    by Nefets on 12-06-2019 at 04:43 PM
    𐤐ܴ𐩴𐩴ܴ𐩪 𐤍𐩤𐤉ܱ𐤍𐩤𐤃 𐤓݈𐩪𐤏𐩧ܱ 𐤓ܱ𐤄ܱ𐤐𐤍ܱ𐤏 𐩪ܷ𐤀𐤍ל
    𐤓 𐤀ܱ𐤐ܱ𐩪ל𐤘𐤃𐤍 ל𐤃 𐩨ܱ𐤏𐤐 𐤅𐩪ܷ𐤐𐤍ܴ𐤏 𐤉ܴ 𐤁ܱ𐩪ܱ𐤏ל𐤅𐤐𐤍 𐤒ܴ𐩪ܷ𐩧𐤐ܴ𐤉𐤍ܴ𐤏
    𐤏𐩤𐤃𐤍ܱ𐤍𐩧𐤍 𐤁𐤃𐤍𐩪ܱ𐩴 𐩴𐩤𐤐𐤃𐤍 𐤓ܱ𐩪𐤃𐤄 𐤅𐩪
    𐤅𐤃 𐤒𐩤𐤐𐤓ܱ 𐤉𐩪𐩴𐤄𐤐𐩪 ל𐤃 𐤓݈𐩪𐤏𐤉𐤄
    𐤅ܴ𐤘 𐤅ܴ𐩴 ל𐤐݈𐤃𐤍ܴ𐤃𐤍