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      I'm sorry for not responding to you sooner... DreamViews stopped sending me email notifications and I'd completely forgotten about visitor messages so I was never checking.

      I've never had much luck explaining shared dreaming. The best way I have to meet someone in a dream is to choose a place both of you know well and make it your intent to meet there in a dream. It helps if you know each other or yours and their perceptions of the place may be too far off to confirm it as a shared dream. Dream control and lucidity help, but a non-lucid dream can end up being shared. As for how long my lucid dreams are, they vary greatly. The ones where I'm semi-lucid (I know I can use my dream powers but I never think about it being a dream) are the most stable and last the longest. Sometimes when I get fully lucid the dream slips away sooner.

      Again, I'm sorry for not responding sooner, I had forgotten about visitor messages even since I've been posting dreams. I did not mean to be rude. 😔
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    Found someone

    by Nefets on 12-02-2019 at 06:23 PM
    I was looking for this girl...but I didn't know where to look for her.
    then at a point , in the dream I was in this village that for some reason felt a bit like those dangerous neighborhoods, and also knew that she lives there
    at a point someone told me that she goes to this psychologist who conducts crazy experiments with her on some rooftop in a warehouse
    me and and some other guy from the village went around ,we didn't know what to do, but then we looked up the places in the village on google , and there was a private detective office
    we went there , and the guys spoke a scandinavian language, which I could mostly understand somehow... We asked whats the address of the psychologist and they quickly found it on the internet ,gave us name , number ,and address too ... So we paid them and went on our way to find out what the hell is going on there.
    We stumbled upon an abandoned looking warehouse, there wasn't really a roof ,it was open to the air , there was a ramp there instead that controlled two panels that seemed to be the roof
    we went up there and we found nothing.... I thought there's no session ,or this place is a fake address....but then I saw a control panel on the ramp ,and pressed it .
    The roofs moved and there were perforations in it, little protrusions or holes on which you can climb up or down. And the two halves of the supposed "roof" could be moved in different ways ,but it was really dangerous , if you were to let go of it , you would've fallen into the lower floor of the warehouse. There were only two stages that you could land on if you jumped ...
    And then it clicked, this is the experiment, the psychologist uses this to challenge the patients in physical challenges and place them in danger in order to harden their mind in critical situations...I could see in some kind of vision that sometimes they even threw off bombs into the deep and watch them explode in the air .
    Then somehow I found myself on the wall, some cartoon characters appeared and fired bombs on me to get me off the wall... I somehow managed to evade most of them and get back on the ramp on the top..
    And then we booked it . I was planning to observe the place from somewhere else ,or come back when they are there .... but then I woke up.

    Relief in chaos

    by Nefets on 11-19-2019 at 11:04 AM
    Me and a few other people wen't supposedly time travelling back into 1900's around the time of ww1, but somehow everything blend together, nothing really made sense, only there in the dream I somehow understood
    I started to hear clair de lune in the background
    the guide\entity told us that this is the final\first day before\after the war and its the day of Saint Valery (idk who that is if its even existing ,interesting though) , that our struggle is over , this is the day of relief
    we gathered around a campfire and celebrated ,everyone laughed or cried or was just glad ,it was like if everyone's got reliefed of their problems
    as if a period of struggle came to an end
    then suddenly I woke up at 3 am to a dog barking outside
    non-lucid , memorable

    Dream Paralysis

    by Nefets on 10-08-2019 at 01:54 PM
    I fell asleep with a bit of tension in my mind . I became lucid at this oddly constructed bus .
    I was sitting there looking out a window and then suddenly I realized that a woman was sitting tightly behind me with her kid.
    I cursed at her with a scottish accent (thank you limmy) then I asked the dream to transport me where I should be
    then I suddenly woke up.

    Or I thought so.
    To my suprise my cousin was standing by my bed watching me menacingly, he was saying something I didn't understand, then my vision gut blurry and all, I was in sleep paralysis so i felt like I could barely move or move my face but i stumbled out of bed partially paralyzed. I knew it was not him, I thought I'm being burglarized by someone who I hallucinated to be my cousin. He then went out and I heard noises like if things are being packed . I tried to stand up and look at him while repeatedly asking who he is...
    Aand then I woke up for real, realizing none of it was real.
    memorable , dream fragment

    August of the lion

    by Nefets on 08-01-2019 at 11:46 AM
    This august began particularly interestingly
    This night I dreamt that lions were walking around in the streets...a lot of them..They were all calm , not shredding people to bits left and right, but people still were scared of course...
    I just went somewhere with mom when suddenly I saw a lion, then from the next street came a bunch of em ....males ,females, little ones
    a big one with a mane even rubbed itself on me like a cat ... I was scared as heck but I kept silent, walking slowly advised the same to mom because "they don't bite you if you don't scare them"
    ,or so I thought..

    Anyways after getting out of there to a different street , after a lot of WTF-ing I woke up

    I tried to reach out , LD

    by Nefets on 12-21-2018 at 10:03 PM
    At morning I was really cozy in bed ,so I thought I'll just attempt a wild and try to find that sweet point of balance between consciousness and relaxation...
    And somehow I found that goldilocks zone of WILD.
    I observed that when I fall asleep it feels like if my eyeballs get under a gentle pressure ,and it feels like I'm focusing into the far horizon of space... and thats when things start to form, and then suddenly I found myself in an empty room.
    The dream was lackey still butI didnt care, I called out for N ...repeated her name a few times , thought of her, and then the dream dissolved and I floated up into this kinda fog, void...and started to see a picture...of a room, a messy one, and a door infront opening to another room...and then something else I don't remember... And then I found myself again in an empty house, I went out and found myself in a suburban neighborhood situationed on the lower part of a hill, mountain.
    It looked nice , but it was made of the same kind of buildings that are in my neighborhood so I realized that I'm still in my dream... and then I woke up