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      I'm sorry for not responding to you sooner... DreamViews stopped sending me email notifications and I'd completely forgotten about visitor messages so I was never checking.

      I've never had much luck explaining shared dreaming. The best way I have to meet someone in a dream is to choose a place both of you know well and make it your intent to meet there in a dream. It helps if you know each other or yours and their perceptions of the place may be too far off to confirm it as a shared dream. Dream control and lucidity help, but a non-lucid dream can end up being shared. As for how long my lucid dreams are, they vary greatly. The ones where I'm semi-lucid (I know I can use my dream powers but I never think about it being a dream) are the most stable and last the longest. Sometimes when I get fully lucid the dream slips away sooner.

      Again, I'm sorry for not responding sooner, I had forgotten about visitor messages even since I've been posting dreams. I did not mean to be rude. 😔
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    Chilling in a swamp

    by Nefets on 07-03-2023 at 10:57 AM
    I got lucid after going back to sleep
    I kind of were subtle about realizing I'm asleep, carefully checked my hands, then just going on, I thought the dream is against me being lucid
    I went out then everything turned into nothing
    then I tried to stabilize because there was nothing infont of me really, just sludges of colour
    I thought then I guess I can try imagine a scene, then it kind of came to me
    now I was in a house, looking out of a window with no glasses
    a swamp formed in front of me, there was.... water was everywhere, calm water, and green trees and a blueish lightish fog not too thick, made me feel like I'm in a closed comforting space
    I heard some birds in the distance
    I just stood there and absorbed the landscape, just chilling, it was really nice

    A s c e n d

    by Nefets on 06-13-2022 at 11:51 AM
    It started with a normal dream of going to work, me and me dad and his friend got off of a train, it was some kind of futuristic train station, we were going to work
    Then went downstairs where the stairs were empty at times
    But I was always lucid somewhat
    When we got down there things were different it was like a scene from my old school life blended in
    That's when I started to dig down into my negative feelings, mostly of how I didn't get a girlfriend in school in high school etc. I started to hear and see alternate stories of the same things, I became my alternate selves, re living their bitterness, or that was my dream memories, and just got deeper and deeper until I accepted death wholly or something similar to that
    And then I was at home , or at least at some kind of level, with no hope and kind of consumed by hopelessness, I went out and the sky was covered in storm clouds, like multiple thick layers of cumulo nimbi only lighted by a light source high up in the sky, it was like a painting, it was beautiful,
    Then I was ready, for the unknown, usually I don't engage with scenes like that in a dream or so that's what I thought, but this time I didn't give a damn
    I knew there was something there, the place represented my mind my whole being I think I'm not sure,

    So then I said hello? Come on take me. My voice was weak but it echoed everywhere.
    And as I embraced the sky I rose up into the sky and started spinning slowly , and my whole body was overcome with this feeling of healing and comfort, and I heard an upbeat kind of ambient music and I started to have some kind of monologue about the death of the suffering, and how I set it off and someone named mark
    The sky cleaned up and it was a warm blue sky and I floated there, marinating in healing energy
    And then I heard my mom's voice, but it wasn't real because she is still sleeping

    side note: my feet need cold water, they heat up a lot and causes me to wake up, but some cold water calms my nerves down like nothing else in the world and then I sleep like a baby
    memorable , side notes , non-lucid

    unknown language??

    by Nefets on 06-01-2022 at 10:39 PM
    Idk if I even dreamt it , or maybe it was a nap dream??
    but anyways, I think I dreamt of one of those language demonstrating youtube videos
    all I remember is that the word for "what" was "aš" and I tought to myself "how strange"
    and left the video

    Possible lucid dream with a discovery about stabilizing

    by Nefets on 05-20-2022 at 04:52 PM
    It all started with me doing something that I knew I couldn't do in real life
    or so the sense of limitlessness was the main hint for me

    So when I came to, I tried my usual routine of trying to stabilize
    I was at home ofc, and it didn't work, the dream started to fall apart, the usual "fog" started to take over
    That's when it randomly came, Instead of tactile I focused on visuals, the colors and the detail around me
    And it all came back
    and for the first time in my dream-life , I left my house
    And it tried to fall apart 2 or 3 times until I got to the streets but I did the same again, and it worked
    after that things got blurry for me for a minute or a half, and somehow I was at a meat factory that was supposedly in the next street
    I met my old friend there, he was working there, and he was younger now, looked totally different than irl, more like when we were in high school
    I was like "man , this is a dream ,this is not real, stop for a moment look at me, this is a dream", he was kinda suprised and a bit annoyed, as if I'm hallucinating or something
    then we went out, I observed the streets , it was night, the sun was about to rise, but the stars were still shining bright, I looked at the cars passing by, it was kind of vivid.
    That's when I woke up, after 4-5 minutes of time I bought with this trick, the fog now took over, and I felt that I have to wake up now.

    note: potential discovery is that focusing on the visuals around you might stabilize dreams or bring it,and yourself back from the waking process
    although I can't tell if that was a full dream or a very late morning hypnagogic session, it was over 10 am so I can't tell if it would work in a mid REM dream the same way
    also somehow I just can't seem to find the ideal time to try lucid dreaming, in teh morning, whether I wake up at 4-5-6 am, I'm just always unable to go back to sleep if I dont completely let go of myself

    Crazy Train dream #n

    by Nefets on 05-16-2022 at 10:49 AM
    I have a very mildly recurring type of dreams
    its always about a train trip to somewhere
    the first ones were ok, nothing really unusual
    I saw some plains, steppes, it was nice

    This time it was different
    I was going to Vienna for some reason, some kind of event idk
    but I didnt book at any hotel , so I thought I'll have to survive on the streets for like few days
    anyways I got on
    it turned into something like a rollercoaster but with trains
    there were jumps and hoops sometimes
    one particular case I remember was that the train went under a bridge
    made a jump the an ollie, the whole train was gliding on the tracks sideways
    then went back to normal
    I was really scared for a moment
    the train conductor didnt even flinch, like if that's a normal part of a train trip
    non-lucid , dream fragment