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    1. Lucid #1: First lucid dream? (aka. the Schrödingers dream)

      by , 10-02-2015 at 06:01 AM (Pasta time with patches!)
      Still have no idea if this was a lucid or not, but I'll post it anyways.

      For context, earlier in the night I had a nightmare or two. (I forget the details). When I woke up, I remember thinking to myself, 'Yay, nightmares! Nightmares means I'll be more likely to have lucid dreams'. I had just read that natural lucid dreamers tended to have them because of nightmares as a kid. Anyways, I promptly fell back to sleep.

      Then, I dreamt another dream (don't remember this one either, weirdly enough). Supposedly around the end I thought to myself, 'Wait a moment, I'm dreaming.' Or something like that. I didn't perform any RCs (I never got in the habit of doing that), but I thought repeatedly, 'Am I dreaming? Am I actually aware that I'm dreaming? Let me make sure.' and stuff like that.

      Finally convinced that I did all that I could to ensure that I wasn't just dreaming about being aware that I was dreaming, I started to move around in this weirdly grey void. This is weird because I have really good recall, and my past 1000+ dreams have been super vivid visually.

      Tactically, however, it felt really weird. Kind of like I was in a different state. I was super aware of my movement, and so it felt 'dense'. I don't know how to describe it. And it felt like I could easily slip out of this state.

      Anyways, I decided to wake up after a minute or so because it was really weird, new, there didn't look like there was much else I could do, and I wanted to tell people about it. I'm not sure if I actually woke up or had a false awakening, but if I actually woke up I must have thought that it was too awkward to use my phone for some reason. Then I had a few more dreams and woke up in the morning.

      Did I have a lucid dream, or did I just dream about what my mind pictured a lucid dream would feel like? I don't know, but I figured I'd record it as one anyways. If I have another one, I can see if it feels similar. I call it the Schrödingers dream because was it a lucid, was it not? We will never know.

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    2. Secret group dream

      by , 04-28-2015 at 02:33 PM (Pasta time with patches!)
      I was shopping for clothes. I got a hundred and twenty dollars worth of clothes in two stores. Later on, I saw a woman in the mall who had baby huskies from her adult huskies. When we went to a place in a mall hallway to pick them up, they weren't there. The woman by the dogs told us that she wouldn't say which dogs were where, but we could go to the other place to pick them up.

      So I ran across the mall and took a shortcut through a hockey rink, but there were hockey players skating around the part I was going through. Eventually I got noticed, and I think someone gave up shooting or following me and gave me the gun or blade instead. They acted like it was a joke. However when I found a trapdoor with a screw to open it and started opening it, they said, 'Hey!' and someone chased me. I got open the door, shut it somewhat behind me, and found a set of stairs which I awkwardly started to run up. There was someone's dorm bedroom or something at the first flight of stairs, so I thought about going out that way. However this red headed girl was chasing me up the stairs, in the middle of the staircase opening some how, so I pushed her head down so she fell a flight or two.

      I went up a couple more flights and pushed her down again until I got to the top. There there was a group of people. One said something like, 'Amelia. Definitely not on our side' and Amelia shouted up that, 'British tea is better than Russian tea because we make our tea exclusive!' or something like that. Then the woman at the top loft--the leader, said, 'likely on our side' in reference to me.