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    The Realm of the Child

    Ditching Summer School, Being Black and Having a Third Nipple.

    by , 06-24-2012 at 09:48 PM (392 Views)
    This dream was simply just strange. If there is any sort of deep and hidden meaning in it, I sure as hell can't find it.

    Summer School

    I was in summer school at my high school, and though I do remember doing quite well in French, I was taking that over the summer. I hated the class. It was boring, and it had a bad feeling to it, though this classroom was not how I remember my French classroom, but it resembled much closer to my Junior year English classroom, which are somewhat polar to French. Also, the lights were always off. I don't quite remember how much time I had spent in this classroom in my dream, nor do I remember how many students were in the class and if my teacher was canon or not, but I was most certainly detesting every living moment of it, and I don't remember learning a darn thing, either.

    Being Black and Having a Third Nipple

    This still takes place in my French class, though things changed, dramatically. It was time for class to get out, I believe. I for some reason lifted my shirt, and looked down at my white-skinned chest to find that I in fact had something that bared close resemblance to either a pimple or a third nipple, though I assumed it was the latter. I became a black man, a cartoon black man, and I lifted my shirt once again to reveal my now dark-brown colored (and strangely much more muscular) chest to the classroom. They stared in awe at my extra feature that laid right below my left nipple. The teacher mentioned something about me having showed this to her in the past, though I do not see how that could be, seeing as though I had only just discovered this third teat. Still, I walked out of the classroom, and I felt that class was not over yet, and truly, it wasn't.

    Ditching Summer School

    I didn't want to go back into that damned French class, so you know what I did after the variably short break? I didn't. No, I instead went into what I think was a math class of some sort, which in reality would be the last thing I would ever do to escape a class that I hated. Trading for a even worse class and whatnot. This classroom reminded me much more of my middle school history classroom, even though it was in high school. It was a much more fun class though. I had friends in it, the teacher let us goof around, and there was even a TV. Though despite it being a math class, we were doing history, and even French! I worried in the back of my mind what the consequences were for missing my second half of French summer school, though I was even more worried about how badly I was doing in this class. I asked the teacher if this class had a lot of French in it, the classmates laughed and didn't give me an answer.
    It was now sunset outside, and we were heading into what appeared to be a built-in restroom for some reason.

    Welp, not sure what it meant, though it was kind of fun I suppose.

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