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    1. Vivid dream

      by , 05-17-2011 at 11:21 PM
      Tuesday May 17th 2011.

      This was a very vivid dream that I remembered having today. It ended abruptly but was very interesting. At no point was I lucid.

      The dream began in my college campus, which in retrospect looked nothing like my campus does but I knew it was. There was a football game going on and I don't remember seeing it but knowing it was going on not to far from where I was. It was a special football game, not a national title but it had more significance than just a regular game. I remember that I was with my group of friends, and we were looking for a party to attend to after the game (we knew that there would be lots of large parties around since our college won). I remember traveling through the buildings and campus and seeing other people celebrating, I was with one of my friends and lost track of the others.

      One of my most vivid memories of this dream was when I texted one of my friends who was on the campus if he knew of any parties yet. But the text read exactly "Party > Limeade > Go" (in retrospect this would have been a great way to realize I was in a dream based on the jumbled jargon in the text). The reason I said limeade in the text was because at the time I was thinking of a Cherry Limeade from Sonic while we were traveling the campus. My friend simply replied "What?", and that was the end of the conversation.

      After traveling the campus and seeing a large group of people (I remember seeing a girl who was consistently playing this single drum beat [I don't know if she was using drums or not to do it], I had heard her playing drums all over the campus) me and my friend decided to walk over to the other end. We walked upon a HUGE cathedral (this is a community college mind you, with absolutely nothing resembling something like this in real life) and I wanted to go inside to see how big it was from the inside. There were two doors before you entered the cathedral, one was a normal wooden door, but once you past that you came across and very small glass door. Very small as in, I wasn't even able to fit through it small. I remember getting about half of my body inside of it and looking, it was massive inside and very pretty.

      Knowing we couldn't fit to get in I told my friend we needed to leave, so we did. However trying to fit through the small glass frame caused it to break slightly. I feared that this would be massively expensive to fix, and told my friend to run and get out. I remember we were running to a parking lot and I looked back and saw the first door of the cathedral wide open, I yelled at my friend to close it so that no one would know we were there. He ran back and closed it (I remember watching him run, and hoped no one would see us). We continued to run towards that parking lot and I thought we were going to get my car, but instead we got into his which looked like a bright green Kia Soul (In real life he drives a Grey Kia, but nothing like a soul).

      We drove out onto the road from the parking lot, and were getting out of the campus when a police cruiser in the other lane turned on his lights and whipped around behind us. My friend pulled off a badass driving maneuver and did a sliding park on the other side of the lane, he then backed up until we were into the driveway of what looked like a big campus building. Almost 8 other police cars circled nearby, all with their lights on making me very nervous about what was to come. A police officer got out and told us he would let us talk to their best interrogator (an interesting note, after typing this I realized that at this point it went from twilight to full blown darkness). It was a women and she came up to our car. She began questioning my friend about marijuana use, and even though I continually told him he didn't have to answer anything he dug himself deeper and deeper into a guilty confession (we had taken no drugs prior to this stop, but she was baiting an answer that would sound like it) and my friend eventually confessed to using coke (he has never taken coke in real life ever) and drove off.

      We got into a wild chase with the police and I kept telling him that he had to stop, there was no way he was going to get away. He kept speeding and eventually we got into a down town district. I remember his crazy driving caused traffic to lose control, and I remember a grey hound bus crashing and rolling (I remember his exact words were "Oh why did it have to be a bus"). Two more cars got flipped and crashed and I knew someone had died in this whole mess. Right when one of the cars flipped and rolled I woke up.

      It was extremely vivid. At no point was I lucid, though I wish I had been.