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    1. OMEGA Team

      by , 04-10-2018 at 09:19 PM
      I'll try to retell my dream in short way, because otherwise I will need at least a few pages. I started the chronometer and began to induce the WILD. The transaction was short and I find myself in the dream. [B][U]I didn't lose any lucidity in entire time of the WILD.[/U][/B]

      I was in a room that looked like a living room. I looked around and saw a balcony. I went out to him and looked outside, it was evening. Apparently I was on the third floor, and there was another building opposite me, and there was a dark street in the middle, illuminated only by dimly lit lamps. At that moment three black jeeps were coming from the street and stopped in front of the opposite building and eleven masked and heavily armed men came out of them. They enter the building and in this moment I decided to follow them. I jumped from balcony and entered the entrance of the building. They climbed the stairs to the fifth floor, and I moved quietly behind them. They broke one of the doors on the floor and I heard a girl's scream. I hurried and went into the apartment and grabbed one of the men for his back while I was telling them "[I]Hi[/I]".

      The action was played in the living room. Everyone looked at me and said, "[I]who are you[/I]." I told the girl to lay down as I grabbed the uzi from his hand and started shooting at them, using him as a shield. It turned in mexican deadlock. I shot three of them, and they made in holes their friend. As I took the pistol from his holster, I pulled the grenade pin attached to his waist and kicked him as much as I can. He bumped into two of his colleagues as the three of them came through the window and fell on the jeep with large explosion. I shot the one at my right in his right leg and the one next to him in his head. Everything happened so fast. I saw that the one in the opposite corner of the room had a grenade on the waist and shoot it. It exploded as legs and arms flew across the room from him and the one beside him. The room turned into a blood bath. The last one grabbed the girl as a hostage, shouting "[I]Who the fuck are you[/I]," and I replied "[I]the Death Ripper[/I]":evil: and shot him between the eyes. I went to the girl by helping her get up and asked her "[I]Are you okay[/I]" and she said "[I]I think so[/I]." At that moment behind me, I heard how the one who I shot at his feet stood up and said "[I]Die[/I]," but at that moment a SWAT Team blew the door. He tries to shoot at them but they empties their entire clips into him, turning him into a meatball. After them the chief of FBI and two operative agents came in. The girl screamed "[I]Daddy[/I]" and jumped in his arms. He ask her "[I]are you okay[/I]" and she nodded. He looked at me and ask "[I]who are you. Are you one of them[/I]", the girl answered instead of me "[I]he saved me[/I]". He looked at me again and come closer as grabbing my hand and say "[I]thank you for saving my daughter[/I]" and continue "[I]but how you did it[/I]" while looking at dead bodies, "[I]these mans were highly trained assassins[/I]". I said to him "[I]I can use special powers, because I am lucid[/I]", he looked me strangely and added "[I]I see that you have potential. I have an offer for you, do want to hear me out[/I]".

      At this moment medics took away the girl while she waved at me for goodbye in respond to her I smile.(while I call her a girl, she was at least on 22) I said "[I]Ok no problem, I am listening[/I]" and looked at him. He continue "[I]I lead a secret anti-terrorist fast response squad with codename OMEGA. Are you want to join in, your talent can be at great use to us[/I]" and looked at me with sharp eye! I responded "[I]Ok, I am in[/I]", he looked pleased and added "[I]I am glad. Then these two agents will escort you to your new home. They will tell you all details on the way"[/I]. I got in one of these black car of FBI and they drove me to my new residence.(the city they drove through, felt really alive, like I was in the real world).

      My apartment was on fifth floor, it was really big and modern. They explained to me that, the apartment contain special room for storing of weapons, ammunition, and equipment. In the middle of living room there was holoscreen for mission's briefing. They said to rest myself and tomorrow at 8am to be ready for additional orders. They left. I immediately went to check what kind of goodies contained the particular room. It was fitted with a fingerprint and a code that was kindly provided to me. The room was spacious and wide, and the walls were armored. Weapons and equipment were state of the art. There were pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, light machine guns, sniper rifles, grande launcher, even rocket launcher. There were full wall of explosives and grenades like c4,claymore, HE grenades, rockets, smoke grenades, flashbangs, sleep gas grenade. There were also armored vests, uniforms for undercover operations, night vision, thermal vision and many other stuff I didn't recognize. (every thing looked so detailed and perfect like in real world. And on top of that I was able to read every text.) I was totally tired from this adventure and while I was thinking about the beautiful girl, I fall asleep. (the bed was so comfortable).

      I was awoken from the alarm clock, it was 6am.([B]For the first time I fall asleep in lucid dream without losing lucidity[/B]) I got up from bed and felt hungry. I went to the kitchen, thinking how detailed everything was. I made a sandwich and coffee, they had a real taste. Everything was very tasty. I thought to watch some TV, but at that moment the hologram screen turned on. Commander show up like holographic image. "[I]special agent with codenamed "Zero," you have new orders. A building is captured by terrorists holding hostages. Terrorists have put explosives all over the building, so be careful. Your mission is to infiltrate the captured building, eliminate all enemy units, and save the hostages.A chopper will await you on top of the building, you have one hour to gear up. Good luck soldier.[/I]" and the connection stop.(finally is time for some action) I go to the armory room and started to gear up. I chose some fancy submachine gun with silencer and laser pointing which can turn in single fire sniper, two HE-grenades,two flashbangs, full body kevlar with helmet and visual tactical support and thermal vision. I got in the elevator and got to the top of the building.

      A black hawk chopper was waiting for me. This was the first time I seen a chopper from this close. I went in and took off. In the helicopter, there were five more soldiers in full combat. One of them looked at me and said, "[I]Welcome to board a rookie,[/I]" and the others laughed. "[I]Today you will just inauguration, so just follow us and do not slow us down. I do not know why the Commander thinks you are so special that you do not get any training first.[/I]" and looked at me, I smile and respond "[I]Today you will see why[/I]". Suddenly, a green light shone into the cockpit, and the pilot said "[I]Go go go you have green light[/I]" while he dropped some ropes. They all grabbed a rope and nodded to me, and I also grabbed. (I got large dose of adrenaline) We all went down to the top of the building next to the captured building.

      We were gonna use pistol ropes and climb on the roof of the target, but in this moment I said to myself, "[I]why I must do this, it's too troublesome, after all I am lucid[/I]". I dropped all my gear on the floor. I changed my eyesight to thermal and localized all the terrorists as I locked on them. I made eight bullets of compressed air in the palm of my hand and fired them at supersonic speeds, striking all the targets with a headshot. All the terrorists fell to the floor, while my comrades looked at me with shocked face and open mouth.:eek: The captain said "[I]confirm all targets[/I]" and one of the soldiers took his binoculars and looked "[I]confirming all targets are down, no wait there was one more terrorist in the toilet. He saw his dead comrades and it's about to detonate the bombs[/I]". "[I]What we had done, shoot him now[/I]" the other said "[I]there is not enough time, we can't do anything about it[/I]". I shouted "[I]it's like I am gonna let you do it bastard[/I]" and make bigger ball of compressed psi energy and I shot her at him. The ball reached him when he press the button and expanded, containing the explosion. I send her in sky "[I]fly[/I]" and release the explosion in the air. All my comrades looked at me with empty faces. I said "[I]Mission complete captain. Are you see now why the commander chose me[/I]", he looked at me and didn't know what to say.

      "[I]But this is just small portion of my power, look what I gonna do now.[/I]" and I stretched out my hand like a 'Jedi' and shouted to the opposite building "[I]Scatter[/I]". The building scattered over hundreds of thousands of pieces without any blast or explosion. The captain looked like frozen and shouted, "[I]What did you do, you would not get away with this just like that,[/I]" the others pointed their guns at me. I said, "[I]Do not worry so much about it, watch now[/I]." and I said loudly "[I]Freeze,[/I]" and all the pieces froze in the mid air, and then I added "[I]Reverse[/I]". All the pieces began to go back and the building returned to its original look. (It was really impressive) They were already totally afraid of me now.

      On the way back in the helicopter was a stony silence and no one wanted to look me in the eyes anymore. They left me on the roof of the building and flew away. I went to my apartment and started removing my battle clothes. I was in sweat all over (I never sweated in dream before, fascinating) and decided to take a shower. When I left the bathroom, someone rang at the the door.(who could be)

      I opened the door "[I]The boss daughter, what are you doing here. Come on in.[/I]" and she came in, [I]"I come here to thank you for saving me the day before and to warn you.[/I]". I said "[I]What for[/I]" and she responded "[I]I eavesdropped my father, after today mission they think you are dangerous and think what to do with you. Maybe you must run[/I]", I added "[I]and what do you think Miss. Am I dangerous[/I]." and she responded "[I]I think, I like you and my name is not Miss but Tanya.[/I]" her face got all red. With red face she asked me to get close, to thank me. I get close "[I]smooch[/I]", but I didn't expect of her to kiss me. "[I]Ah you little devil:twisted:[/I]" my face was red like tomato. I decided to fight back, so I hugged her:hug: and kissed her deep.:ohyahbaby: I said to her "[I]I don't care what they gonna do, because I am Lucid[/I]" and she responded "[I]You always say lucid, lucid, but what is this lucid thing you are talking about[/I]", and I said "[I]It's secret[/I]" while smiling. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bedroom, and we did ecchi stuff all afternoon. :hump:(I didn't know, I can do it so many times in a row ) :evil:

      After she fell asleep, I stayed a little longer in bed. I looked at her, she was facing me, she had a sleepy face. I stroked her hair as if she was a kitty:smitten: and I sniffed her hair, this magic scent was more real than I imagined, which made me blush once more.:oops: Then I thought about what is reality and how this could only be a dream. I stayed for a while, one with the moment. I got up and took her pack of cigarettes she had left on the table (I've heard that a cigarette after sex is great, but I have asthma). I lit one and went to the balcony, outdoors was still bright and blowing a light breeze. Many people and cars were moving down the road, looking like a real breathing world. At this point, a melody "ding dong ding ding" was heard in the sky, and I said, "[I]This is the melody of my alarm clock, it's time to leave this world[/I]". I turned back to see her face for the last time and said, "[I]We can not be together Tanya, I'm sorry, farewell!:damnit:[/I]" and woke up to stop the alarm.

      Eight hours were passed since I started the stopwatch.

      p.s. And I tried to make it shorter, now my head is spinning:boggle:
    2. Wild gone bad

      by , 04-07-2018 at 03:29 AM
      I tried WILD and succeeded.

      I was in an unknown apartment. There were two windows in the room through which a big city was visible, I decided to go out through the door and down the stairs. I found myself on a lively street with many cars and pedestrians. I immediately remembered the task I had and ran to the first pharmacy I had seen. I went inside and started looking for a cure for my chronic illness, but I did not find what I was looking for. Then the woman who worked there asked me what I was looking for. I explained my condition, and she told me that even if I find what I was looking for would be very difficult to transfer it from this world to mine. :uhm:
      I looked at her strangely, and I wondered if she already knew I was lucid. She tell me to look for someone who knew more than her. I got out of there and started walking up the road when I saw a more strange-looking building around twelve floors and went inside. There was a wide lobby with many doors and stairs. Most doors were marked with "?" and people were waiting outside in line. I tried to enter one of the doors, but each time someone was shouting at me to go in the line. I could not resist and shouted.

      me: I am lucid and I do not have much time, you DC are only in my way!

      Everyone turned and looked at me with shocked expression. Someone shouted.

      dc1: He called us Dream characters, what an insult.
      dc2: How can he insult us this way.
      me: Calm down folks, I did not mean to offend you.
      dc3: He is a Lucid Dreamer!
      dc4: Let's make him pay!!!
      Dc5: Let's beat him to pulp!!
      me: Let us be reasonable and understand each other as normal people.
      dcX: Get him!

      They started to hit me from all directions. While I was defending, I tried to calm them once more, but without result. There were at least thirty. I was angry and cried out to them: bring it on. At this point I started to use super force and speed. It turned into a horrible battle scene. I began to break their arms and legs with all the techniques I could think of. Bricks and tiles were breaking to pieces while I threw them around. They screamed in agony and around me was filled with bodies.

      Someone shouted: more, we need more. Then all doors opened and people streamed forth from everywhere. They also went down from upstairs. There were over a hundred. At this point it turned like a scene from the Matrix Reloaded. (Neo and the agents) I increased my speed to max and literally I send them flying around, hitting the walls and columns of the building. One DC screamed: let's cut him to pieces. They began to arm themselves with swords, axes, machetes and everything that had a blade on it. I broke the hands of the first ones who attacked me with swords and took them. It was just so crazy, a hundred men armed with everything that could turn me into a hundred of pieces, running and screaming toward me from all directions. It is really hard to describe such a thing. I roar and cried out loud "Mugen double style" as I swing my swords, everything turned into a bloody slaughter. Limbs and heads flew in all directions, and the blood splashed like a river.(like Kill Bill) But they continued to come endlessly, and I was beginning to get tired. I was in shallow wounds all over. Then I felt a piercing and sharp pain on my left and I saw that someone had stuck his sword in me. When I looked in that direction to see who he was, I saw his twisted face with distorted smile and wicked eyes. I screamed 'temee' and with one movement, I tear his head off and blood splashed all around, blood, blood everywhere:barf: I jumped back and pulled out the sword from myself, a lot of blood spilled on the floor. I was on one knee, and they were coming for me. Then I got up with the last of my strength and made a shock wave with my foot(ground breaker). From her, the first wave was turned into pieces, it was just repulsive.:barf: Then I screamed:

      me: Kisamaaaa go to hell.

      And make a big blue ball of energy in my hand and crushed it into the ground.

      me: Disappear......:mad:

      Boooom (huge explosion) everyone turned into blood dust and disappeared. FUuuuuuu a bizarre shockwave arise, send me flying backward. I flew through one of the windows and hit a passing car with my back. The car flip over and twisted as it struck the opposite shop and exploded. People fled and screamed around. I was in the middle of the road in small crater that my body created from the impact and could not move.
      me: I think I broke something important.:lol:

      Rain was falling and it was running down my face. At this point, the building began to break and bend over me (the special effects were at the max, as in "transformers" from Michael Bay)
      While I was coughing blood I smile and said

      me: I think I did well enough. I show them who is the master here.

      The building collapsed on me with a CRASH.

      At that moment I woke up. I still had residual adrenaline in my blood. Hell, what kind of dream was that?

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