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    New realms..

    by , 07-03-2013 at 05:09 PM (300 Views)
    (Actually had this dream on 6/28/13.)

    I was playing a game, had to follow a red balloon to pop it, but it was going into unfamiliar territory. Sometime at this point I turned lucid and continued to follow the red balloon. It was drifting off into the forest/woods. I was floating, and had to really concentrate - knew that I was dreaming but wary of it at the same time, as if I knew I could slip back into non-lucidity at any point.

    So as I was going through the woods chasing the balloon, I was being conscious of staying far above the ground, in case wild animals could get me. Then I was thinking, "Why am I chasing this balloon? And why am I afraid of wild animals? I could just fly away." And so, I did. There was an opening in the woods and I used that to just feel free and uninhibited. Just having a very carefree and enjoyable time.

    Then I reached a part where these 'evil' beings lived. They each had a... territory, their own part of land, like each kingdom or something. One that ruled his was a very powerful, magical, phantom type being. He wore a long black hooded robe, floated, and gave off this dark purple-black aura; he was glowing with it. I knew to stay away from him. His place was white though. Like a pretty, pure, innocent castle. Didn't know if he lived there to throw off travelers or what. It seemed like he lived on the clouds. Or a very high mountain. The clouds surrounded the area. It looked so enchanting, I felt compelled to go there, even though I knew it was a bad idea.

    Other kingdoms had their own style. One area was blue, as if it was surrounded by water. Another had a beautiful silvery hue. All were nice, regal looking. But unfortunately I lost lucidity and the dream ended.

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