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    Robo's Dreams

    1. Refusal to sign a contract

      by , 04-27-2017 at 03:55 PM (Robo's Dreams)
      I am sitting at a table discussing how bad of an idea bleaching the coral reef is with a dream character. There is a man in a black suit spraying something on the shelves

      Simultaneously, he is also underwater bleaching the coral reef.

      I get upset with him and attempt to slam him into the table, but I can barely budge him. I recognize he is stronger than me and back off a bit. The man in black grins, perhaps seeing an oppurtunity. He pulls out a contract and asks for me to sign it. I think about it for a bit, and tear it into 4 pieces. He seems displeased. I wake up
    2. In which I become a wizard

      by , 04-07-2017 at 06:10 PM (Robo's Dreams)
      Recall start:

      I am in a public restroom. There is a black arcane symbol on the ground. I step on it with one foot and it seems to partially activate, I feel a small surge of power. I step on it with both feet and am transported elsewhere.

      I am now in a castle-like area. I spot a blonde girl with long pigtails some distance past a gate. My curiosity is piqued. I walk up to the gate and slide it open, soundlessly. the gate feels sharp, as if I could cut myself if I was reckless. I don't think to look at my hand for injury. when I look up, she is past another gate of the same make. I follow her silently through many gates, until we eventually come to an old man. he gives her an ornate box containing a dagger, and he gives me a long, smooth staff with a sword handle on one end of it. I continue to follow the woman through a few more gates until we reach a circular area in the path. she turns around. I panic, and even though I'm sure she's already seen me, I duck behind a wall. she says something and I come out. I see a class selection screen. the options are warrior, rouge, and mage. warrior is already selected, with an image of a small, fat warrior holding a sword. I change it to mage, and the image changes to a small, fat, bald mage. I mentally roll my eyes and examine the rest of the page. there are very few options I can change, and eventually the menu closes. I open up a pause menu, which has more options to tinker with, but I wake up shortly after.

      I fall back asleep

      I am in a grocery store learning magic, having little success throwing a fireball. I think to start with real matter and try to transmute it to fire, so I grab a packet of hotdogs and slice the ends of them off with a knife. I hold a tip of one above my head and attempt to fill it with magic fire, I succeed in levitating it out of my hands, so I throw it, hoping it's a fireball, but It's just a tip of hot dog, I throw it at incredible speed into the broad side of an aisle and knock some stuff of the shelves. I try a few more times before I wake up.
    3. Begin again

      by , 08-14-2016 at 09:02 PM (Robo's Dreams)
      In an experimental lab, trying to break out 2 girls. I am lucid and attempt to destroy the lab because I am angry but I don't seem to have any amount of dream control. I hurry to get to the girl further back in the facility because I feel like I'm about to wake up. I climb a bunch of boxes to get to where she is as my lucidity fades. I take a backpack from behind me, but I can't find the shirt I want, I decide its not important. I carry her out of the facility that is trashed from when I was lucid. after we get outside we are pursued by thugs on motorcycles wearing bandana masks that have sharp teeth printed on the fabric. they shot rockets at us as we fled to an underpass. I managed to get on to one of the motorcycles to prolong the chase. I exit the tunnel and have enough of a repose to look in the distance. there is a theme park on a mountain, half of it appears to be a sailing ship.

      This prompted a flashback of me and the girl in this amusement park. there are many people. she gets ahead of me and I lose track of her in the crowd. I make my way to the restaurant we were going to before she got lost.

      flash back to the motorcycle chase, the pursuers had caught up with me again. I stopped time to dodge a rocket that would have hit me, but we were cornered. there was a windowed wall. I threw her through and chased after her, our pursuers shortly behind. we were in the restaurant from earlier. we ran to the kitchen and into an underwater pipeline. it sucked us down and into an out of view area. were were both destroyed.

      Text appeared in my vision it was unreadable, but I heard a voice say/translate it to, "Begin again" just before I woke up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    4. Island, brief memory of Nomad

      by , 10-19-2015 at 05:07 PM (Robo's Dreams)
      I was on a ship with some characters from Fullmetal Alchemist. Roy Mustang and Risa Hawkeye stand out. The ship was attacked by a giant crab creature and sunk. I come to on a square island. Risa was examining a much smaller version of the crab that attacked us that was on the beach. one of the surviving crew members apparently found it. I took some time and examined it as well.
      hit the next poster!-vlcsnap-2014-01-25-21h38m25s23.jpg
      the creature looked like a version of this insect with very light coloring. it's meat was a very light color and partially transparent and overall the insects shape was much more pointed. there was a metal fork stuck underneath the meat. I assumed the fork was covering a stinger and shouldn't be messed with.

      I was searching for worms in the rain on the square island. the color of the world around me seemed to have faded. there was a raised garden between two buildings that I was searching for worms in so I didn't need to bend over.

      There was a grand mistake, an oversight on my part. with heavy heart, I told the person in front of me I needed to go back in time and try again. I knew the timeline I was in currently would continue and I would move to another timeline. I activated my time power and replayed the previous scenes with the knowledge of how they would turn out. the dialogue changed in these scenes.
      I have a vague memory of seeing Nomad. we are outside near an intersection that I remember well from my hometown. we are just talking about whatever. the conversation briefly turns to relationships. he mentions that winterfae only exists in dreams I get surprised that he said that and it confuses me. my memory of reading his task of the year dream plays. my memory fails after this point.
    5. Kamehameha

      by , 10-13-2015 at 05:46 PM (Robo's Dreams)
      I started drifting to sleep. my bedroom doubled and distorted, my consciousness wavered. for a moment I identified my dream body and plugged my nose with it to anchor me in. The dream distorted heavily with this action. I almost lost it, but I held on and it stabilized. I focused on my breathing until the dream solidified. I leaped out of my bed and turned to face it. Sticking out my right hand and assuming a stance, I started with a stern force behind my voice: "KAA!" nothing seemed to have changed, the dream still felt like real life, so I began shifting perspective slightly: "ME! HAA!" the world around me started tremoring, destabilizing. I tried to stay in the dream as best I could: "ME!" but it was too much. the dream shifted, feeling like a portal rebound. I was presented with a forum I frequent in front of me in the moment before I woke up.
    6. Orbital laser Defense System

      by , 10-12-2015 at 05:03 PM (Robo's Dreams)
      There was an orbital laser defense system presice and powerful enough to cut a person in half from space by shining it in their path. I was a part of a team of soldiers that was tasked with retrieving the body of a person killed by this laser in a populated city. we approached the body and pulled out a body bag. we scared a Chinese man that must have been in his 20s away while we stuffed the halves of the dead man in the bag.

      I wandered off on my own, walking past soldier after soldier on the streets. eventually I came upon a fenced off ramp area. there was a single guard of African origin who was dressed like a modern soldier, holding his gun like the black knight held his sword in Monty Python and the holy grail, downward with both hands on the butt of the rifle. Instinctively I lowered my head, while at the same time attempting to give a friendly nod resulting in a kind of awkward bobbling of my head without making eye contact. (I unfortunately do this a lot in real life while passing people) I had just passed him when he called out to me using a last name I was unfamiliar with, as if he recognized me as someone else. I said no, and stated my first and last name. we talked for a long time, felt like at least 30 minutes about all kinds of things. but eventually the conversation turned to cars and I became bored. I was trying to stay aware of the conversation but I woke up as my mind wandered.
    7. Overlord of the castle

      by , 10-11-2015 at 04:26 PM (Robo's Dreams)
      In a forest, outside of a castle that belonged to me. There was a large group of generic anime girls attempting to siege or otherwise attack the castle. I was assisting a group of my trusted 'subordinates' (companions might be a better term? but that's what I was thinking in the dream) to covertly take them out by tripping them multiple times each. We were essentially buying time for the "Overlord" aspect of myself to lead a goodwill dinner for the nobles of the surrounding area.

      The meal in front of me as the overlord that I had the chance to partake of consisted of a crunchy, horn-shaped nugget that tasted like shrimp minus the seafood flavor telling of most seafood, and a fruit a bit larger than a grape that was colored like a mango with a green spiky side that was too tough to bite into, and a orange-yellow side that could be ripped or bitten into to reveal a delicious strawberry colored paste with strawberry-sized seeds sprinkled throughout. the noble next to me was intentionally dropping crumbs on the floor, "for the slaves to pick up." I informed her that there were no such people in my castle. Only loyal, compensated workers, and her actions were very rude to them. she didn't seem to care much.


      the castle was a college and I was taking a class. the professor was dressed up as a hippie for Halloween, except they had two medallions covering their face. when I looked closer, I realized the medalions were mirrors, reflecting the face of whoever looked at them. I don't remember what the lecture was about but I do remember the professor pointing at the board with several sentences written on it along with missing words in the sentences. after the lecture I followed the professor outside where it was snowing heavily, with snow up to the knees where there hadn't been foot traffic. I talked with the professor awkwardly for a few minutes, then we went our separate ways when I woke up.
    8. Me vs the shadow ninjas

      by , 03-19-2015 at 10:09 PM (Robo's Dreams)
      The first thing I remember is being in the passenger seat of a car going through a small town. I knew there were 3 shadowy ninja guys after me and my friends. We were trying to put some distance between us and them, but it wasn't working, as they were keeping up easily. I turned my focus inward and jumped out of my body as a soul reaper (a'la bleach, Ichigo Kurasaki achetype) and climbed through the roof of the car to take on the closest ninja. I saw it to the left of the car, it was wearing a Grey hoodie with a grey wardrobe. I tried to move to take him on, but it was if I was in a slowing field. I could barely move my limbs. I took this to mean the ninjas were using some strange magic on me, I moved with much difficulty to the front of the car, hoping to use it's speed and momentum to break free of the trap, but the effort was too much. When I tried to break free by jumping off the front of the car, I woke up.
    9. The Cavern

      by , 03-18-2015 at 06:40 PM (Robo's Dreams)
      I was in some kind of underground cave. There was no sky but there were obvious signs of people having lived there at one point, buildings, chain-link fences etc. I was walking along a gently upward sloped pathway, along a fence. Every so often there was a gap in the fence and I would try to get through, but I was blocked by some natural formation the first two times, I think a pit on the second one. On the third try a big yellow robot blocked my path. At first I thought it was stronger than me and it would stop me, but I subconsciously split off a part of myself, and assumed a very calculating, observing mind, while my body seemed to split from my consciousness and fight. I knew I couldn't withstand a prolonged fight, so I looked for openings with my mind and dodged its attacks with my detached body. The robot attacked with fire, creating an inferno wherever it struck. I managed to slip through it's defenses between attacks and deactivate it. I didn't enter the fence where I could have, and continued walking upward along the slope and beside the fence. Not long after, I came upon a tunnel leading further upward along the gradient. Almost as soon as I saw it, It exploded into a fiery inferno and begun pouring lava, I was shocked and ran back down the slope. I jumped up on top of some tall plateaus, about the size of a house each that were on the opposite side of the fence, to get to higher ground. I watched as the lava engulfed the area and continued down another tunnel. Shortly after a the branch of the lava exited through the lower tunnel, a massive quantity of water started pouring out of it. I came to the conclusion that the lava had melted an ice wall and allowed the water to flow freely. The water turned the lava to rock over the course of about a minute as I watched from my vantage point, transfixed. I woke up near the end of the process.
    10. Alien invasion, zombies, then lucidity

      by , 07-16-2014 at 10:00 PM (Robo's Dreams)
      Zombies and aliens:

      I was in an underground bunker for a long time with a few other people, trying to stay as quiet as possible. There were zombies around, but they would only attack if you made a lot of noise. we formed a sort of colony for awhile and eventually established contact with the surface. it turned out the zombies were a sort of shock troop for an alien invasion, and the people on the surface were doing far worse than we were. I traveled to the surface and hijacked a boat from some goblin-like creatures, intending to travel to a city that was under attack. I made it there in time to realize I wouldn't be any help. The aliens were attacking from the air in giant spaceships, pandemonium was breaking out in the city. I just stood there and looked at the sky and the ships, realizing the futility of it all. though I didn't have an official oh shit moment until I saw one particular spaceship that had a gold colored hull, I somehow knew that it had it had a weapon equivalent to a nuke onboard. I decided that the best thing I could do at this point was to detonate the weapon before the rest of the aliens got out of the blast radius. With a heavy heart, I sat down on a street corner, closed my eyes, and focused on the ship. I felt my body desintigrate with the rest of the city as the silent explosion washed it into nothingness.

      Lucid, trying to make another so:

      I was wandering around a park when I did a random reality check. I became lucid, suprising myself as I was genuinely not expecting to be dreaming. I ran up to a picnic table that had a few other people sitting at it and exclaimed that they were dreaming, they didn't seem to believe me. I plugged one girl's nose for her, and she became lucid, but also very sickly. I wasn't sure what happened. I hung out with her for awhile, eventually getting her phone number, It seemed to make sense at the time, but when I wore up it didn't match up with how phone numbers work, (it was my area code-111-111)
    11. Tf2 Big stick deathmatch

      by , 07-13-2014 at 07:29 PM (Robo's Dreams)
      I am playing team fortress 2 as the scout on the king of the hill map called sawmill.

      I was doing just about everything I could to stay alive, I wasn't getting many kills, but I was defending the hill fairly well, though any moment though they could have broken through. I switched to pyro for a short time, trying to air blast them into the buzz saws, but I didn't have much luck. Suddenly, for some inexplicable reason, the sawmill exploded. I saw someone with an intellegence briefcase strapped to their back, I grabbed it and punted it in the general direction of our base, then I grabbed a narrow stick that was about as long as a good sized tree. It had the elasticity of a pool noodle. I went on a rampage, suddenly able to take down all of the opponents on the opposing team with ease, though now they were fighting with sticks and chairs and such. I felt proud of myself when I took down 4 or 5 people that were charging at me in a line, I only got scraped a bit by a chair.
    12. Genaric romantic comedy anime dream

      by , 07-12-2014 at 11:55 AM (Robo's Dreams)
      I am watching an anime unfold. a slightly idealized version of myself is the main character. I somehow get a job at a supermarket for androids. I have two co-workers, a generic female "nice" personality with long blonde hair, and the "bossy" personality type. they are both female (because anime i guess). The first "episode" is of my character getting the job and going through the orientation. this involves several comedic sketches basically attempting to figure out what I would be most useful doing. They eventually settle on me cleaning the floors with a sponge the way you see them clean wooden walkways in anime with a rag.

      The second episode is mostly focusing on the "Bossy" android character who has longer black hair. The "nice" android insists that she's not so bad once she warms up to you. as I get to know the boss throughout the day, I learn her previous "owner" has gone missing, as well as occasionally an unknown person orders guns and weapons on her internet connection using her as a kind of proxy. I tell her in a typical anime encouragement speech that she should contact the police with that information, as there would be no danger to her based off of other information she mentioned a bit earlier. This causes her to charge out of the store, the "nice" personality exclaims that the "bossy" personality is overreacting to what I said to her like she does fairly often and that we have to stop her. She's heading to the united states, her default location. Somehow we all end up in a military helicopter that the "bossy" character is flying, I wake up as I scream in a comic fashion (did not actually wake up screaming lol).
    13. reality check fragment

      by , 07-11-2014 at 06:04 PM (Robo's Dreams)
      I was walking by the red-brick church that I often pass in waking when I decide to do a reality check. I count my fingers and I have the correct number. (From now on I think I'm going to stick with the nose pinch reality check, have had more success with it.)
      dream fragment
    14. Not enough Sleep -_-

      by , 07-10-2014 at 12:27 PM (Robo's Dreams)
      Got too excited and didn't get to sleep until around midnight, so I guess I'm lucky to even remember this. It was incredibly vivid while I was there, but my recall of it degraded it's quality quite a bit :/

      Bike chain Sticks:

      I am riding my bike along a strip between two towns I am familliar with from waking during the night. I turn off the strip and go around a building. as I round the third bend to turn back onto the strip, my bike chain sticks. I stop and try to repair it. I hear something behind me that makes me jump, as I am focused on my task. I turn around and see a Skinny Japanese guy, maybe a bit younger than me, with longer hair that is a bit messy. He looks like he's waiting for a bus or something, as he's sitting on a bench that's facing the road. I assume he's not dangerous, he just doesn't give off that vibe. I strike up a conversation with him as I try to repair my bike chain, mostly to the tune of, "man you spooked me haha, how ya doin?" Another Japanese guy, a taller, and more pudgy one walks up and hands me a piece of paper, or rather several pieces of paper. at first I think it's asking me to sign up for something, but then I see it's an invitation for "later that evening" according to me. It had an exact date, but I don't remember what it said. Soon afterwords my housemate's alarm goes off (at 3am, seriously -_-) and I wake up.
    15. Zombie horses and vampire bookstore owners

      by , 07-09-2014 at 08:18 PM (Robo's Dreams)
      Zombie horse Holdout:

      Two people, a man and a woman are running from a stampede of zombie horses. They get behind a large boulder to prepare for the final confrontation. The man plants himself on the opposite side of the boulder from the charge, and the woman stands just around the corner from where the horses will pour out. as they round the corner, she starts firing lasers from her fingers, blowing the horses to smithereens as she charges up an her ultimate attack. just before it's ready, a female vampire sneaks up behind her. it's fangs glint and it pounces. however the woman is prepared, she turns and fires off everything she's charged up so far, catching the vampire under the chin in an explosive uppercut beam. the dream ends

      Dark bookstore:

      I am in a bookstore/shop that is in my hometown. I am looking for a book that sounds interesting. as I search the shelves, the lighting gets progressively darker and more sinister. However I don't notice the change. I find a book, but the store owner wants 20 dollars. I think this is a bit much, so I try to negotiate, 15 or 16 dollars? still a bit much in my mind, but I don't want to undercut him too much. then I see a computer. I pick it up and try to look it over in the dark. I see a strange logo that looks like a sigil/rune, but I can't quite make it out in the dark. I try to find some better light, walking towards the entrance as I do so. I start to see it a little bit better, but I ultimately decide it's too dark. The dream shifts

      Tower tales and treats:

      The bookstore becomes a tower, I am wandering an edge high up on the inside of the structure. there is enough room to navigate, but it is a bit cramped, as I could fall quite a ways if I wasn't careful and stopped paying attention. The tower is telling a kind of story. there are objects strewn around the floor I walk on. It involves runes, vampire dust in a big transparent plastic candy cane, an old man who is a veteran of a war, among other things I don't quite remember. at the end of the narrative there is a rickety looking extension that leads to a plate of tasty looking deserts. needless to say, I go straight for them. after I have a couple, I hear someone say there are cupcakes with edible wrappers back where I came from. I make a mad dash for them, almost jostling someone who is trying to make it to the first set of treats. I stuff a chocolate cupcake with a crunch chocolate shell into my mouth. It was delicious.

      Vampire shopkeepers/horse-keepers:

      From a third-person perspective, I observe a "family" of vampires keep a bookstore. They have zombie horses that seem to keep eating each-other's flesh. the vampires keep trying to dissuade the horses from doing so, and fixing up the one's who have their flesh eaten off
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