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    1. Launchgrid

      by , 12-06-2010 at 04:43 PM
      Launchgrid (Non-lucid)


      I'm recalling a lot of dreams lately, just don't feel like writing them down though, because they're either not spectacular enough, or they consist of just fragments. It sucks.
      However, this one was a bit more special,
      Before I fell asleep, I was just running through some of the maps in my head to see which I already know. Most of them: not anywhere near perfect, however Summit and Launch are very close.

      I was in a COD: Black Ops online game (it was very similar to TDM, there were no flags etc). I was using a galil, apparently without any attachments
      (I normally use the red dot scope) The map was for the most part like Launch but for some parts and details it was inspired by Grid. I checked my KD. 5/1. nice. Ran towards the center of Launch, threw a concussion over the embankment, then sprinted over it. Shot one enemy who was stunned and then I was then killed by a stickie (STUCK!)

      I respawned at the center of the map. I checked all sight lines and ran towards some red dots on my map. When I saw 3 enemies approaching, I did a dolphin dive
      (I have been watching some replays lately and noticed that pro's always use the dolphin dive) and shot 2 of them. The other ran around a truck (which was inspired by Grid) but I managed to shoot him in the back.

      I looked at my KD which was now 9/2, I was wondering "Which game mode is this? How did I even enter this game, I can't rem
      ember looking at the server browser or even clicking Ranked Match" I did not even bother thinking about the fact that it could be a dream. There was a dude which had a KD of 70/30, so I made the assumption I joined in later, and just kept playing.

      I missed a major dream sign here while being able to think clear. (crap!)
    2. DJ'ing at Ibiza beach party

      by , 11-30-2010 at 06:06 PM
      DJ'ing at ibiza beach party(DILD)


      Even though it's a normal school day, I set an extra alarm clock on my iPod at 6:00 AM so I could try to have a WBTB/WILD. When I woke up, I first watched a video of Tiesto playing "Conscindo", and then while trying to WILD, incubated the scene as described below:

      DJ'ing at ibiza beach party (successful lucid)
      method: (WBTB)/DILD
      time: 6:15 AM
      incubated scene:
      standing behind a DJ booth on a beach party on Ibiza, crowd in front of me, sea sunset in the background.

      I failed to WILD because of some noises from downstairs, however
      when I eventually fell asleep and entered a regular dream, I still heard the noise,which made me naturally become aware I was dreaming. (first time lucid in 6 months, not a big shock though)

      I memorized the incubated scene and immediately, I was there. The crowd wasn't very clear (I guess it's just too much for my subconscious when the dream isn't that vivid), however I could see it was there, along with my DJ gear and a nice sea sunset at the background. I was playing One from Swedish House Mafia and mixed it into Conscindo, just like Tiesto was playing on the video. Even though the visuals were a bit blurry, the music was surprisingly vivid.

      When it became a bit boring, I figured I'd spawn a girl I know (also thought of that before) to my left. She stood there, and I noticed how beautiful she actually is. I took my microphone and said "That's it for now. I'll see you people tonight!" and then took the girl with me to my crib (lol yeah, I owned a villa on Ibiza). I was stupid enough to close my eyes there so the dream started fading.
      I still prefer WILD lucids because they're by far the most vivid, and I'm able to think more clearly than DILD lucids! I'm going to keep trying!

      It's quite a big accomplishment for me to have a LD on a school day though! First time ever, because normally my recall on school days just sucks.

      DV journals.
      I was at the DV forum index, and there's this column of Dream Journals to the right. There were like hundreds posted today and only a few from yesterday. I checked out a few of them, and thought about how I hated when people didn't bother to add any paragraphs and just didn't care about readability.
      (Yes, I really had a dream about this but I guess it's a good way to make a point)

      Also, I think by the fact that DJ's aren't posted in the forum anymore, people get less comments (which were actually the most encouraging thing to keeping a DJ)

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    3. Armadillo pie

      by , 11-27-2010 at 12:45 PM
      Armadillo pie (Non-lucid)


      It was originally my intention to do a WBTB-WILD, but I fell asleep before entering SP.
      Time: 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

      zelda and the nothing

      the first dream was in top-down view (which is quite strange, actually, since I never play/have played these kind of games.) We had to get past several bosses, which were displayed on a sort of map in a similar way how levels are displayed in Mario Bros. None of the boss battles were shown except for the final boss battle, which took place in a small room, me and my companion against two spiky, yellow creatures about the same size we were, and it was all in top-down view like I said
      It was also funny how all sound was 8-bittish and whenever someone said something, it would appear in the dialog box in the bottom of the screen.
      new experience (have never had 3rd person dreams) but nothing too important


      I was in a comfy, large house together with one male and one female, both friends of mine. It was already late, it was snowing outside, and there was a fireplace burning (I know, how cosy , i suppose we were having hot chocolate too lol) I was laying on the couch, holding an iPad (i don't own one in real life) and swiping through a list of something, probably the twitter app. We were having a meaningless conversation about some kind of youtube video, however I can't seem to recall the details.
      I woke up, with the same people, however this time in a small, old looking basement-kind of room, we were connected by a dream-sharing device just like inception and apparently, we had just shared a lucid dream. The female said to me: "Isn't it cool how you can just test a product in a lucid dream before purchasing it?" I nodded yes, about to buy an iPad.
      (sadly, I don't have the money for it in real life lol)
      this a pretty obvious dream sign I missed, since I never even say a word about lucid dreaming in real life.

      Armadilligator spotting

      I was in a forest, same people as last dream but also accompanied by a guide, we were at the side of a little creek running through the forest. The guide told us there were Armadillo's upstream, but they were too dangerous to approach any closer. I got to see one and it was actually some kind of armadillo-alligator mix. Size of them was even bigger than a regular alligator.
      As I tried to step closer to the creek, the soil became more soft, but not like in real-life. In the dream, it was more like the surface of a trampoline, your feet would just bounce in a little.
      I didn't get the chance to step into the creek.
      If I had been lucid, I would have mounted one of them armadilligators and flied off after having it eat the guide alive.

      Have been off DV for months, this is the first recalled night in a long time and three dreams, sweet
      Gonna get back to LD'ing in no-time.

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