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    saleh salehi zadeh

    1. Building Collapse and Real Earthquake there 75 days later

      by , 12-21-2017 at 10:25 PM
      The Dream:
      I saw a strange dream 75 Days ago.
      I saw I am in my sister's house in Tehran and Neighbor's daughter (6 years old) hugged me and told me come with me. She take me to the balcony. I saw cracks on the balcony and I shouted let leave the building everyone, It's collapsing. After just a moment I found myself and others in down of the building. I the building was in bad status. (Like Collapsing)

      The Real World
      Last Night was 75 day after the dream and I was just in the place (My sister's house) And earthquake happed. fortunately my not forced to leave after that. It was (5.2 Richter).

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